Google is here with its new Pixel Buds 2020 that is surely going to give a tough competition to the Apple AirPods. Completely different in looks from the AirPods, the Google Pixel Buds 2020 aims to offer an enhanced wireless audio experience to the users. The first generation of the Pixel Buds was launched in the year 2017 but they could not get the user’s attention as they were expensive, has a quirky design with a wire between them. To offer a better and true wireless experience, Google is out with its latest second generation of Google Pixel Buds 2. Check the complete Google Pixel Buds review in the following parts.

Part 1. Google Pixel Buds 2020: Price and Availability

The Google Pixel Buds Gen 2 were announced in October 2019 and are now available for purchase since April 2020. The buds can be purchased from the official Google Store for $179.

You can also get this Google wireless headphones from other retailers, check the Google Pixel Buds price below:

  • Buy Google Pixel Buds 2 at Walmart
  • Buy Google Pixel Buds 2 at Ebay
  • Buy Google Pixel Buds 2 at Target

Part 2. Google Pixel Buds 2020: Case and Earbuds


The buds of the Google Pixel Buds 2020 are small and sleek in design with subtle “G” branding. Though they are not as comfortable as the original Pixel Buds they are quite decent and do not put a lot of pressure on your ears. The design is that of a traditional earbud with rubberized tips that help them going properly into the ears for holding them properly. You do not have to worry about the buds falling down as there are little wingtips that sticks out from the top offering additional security.

The buds come packed in an attractive looking heavy matte case which is egg-shaped. The lid of the case is quite good and has quite loud click and clunk noise when it is opened and closed. Though the case is small it packs in enough battery that can recharge the buds for about 3-4 times more that is about a total of 19 hours. There is also an option for wireless charging. The case can be charged using the Qi pads and other compatible devices. The Google Pixel Buds 2020 is sweat ( water) resistant so that you can take them for a walk in the run and for the run as well.

Part 3. Google Pixel Buds 2020: Sound


The custom-designed 12mm dynamic speaker driver of the buds is capable of offering good sound delivery with considerable bass. There is no support for EQ and sound profile settings which might be an issue with the audiophile-inclined users. There is no support for active noise cancellation but the speakers come with Adaptive Sound that can automatically adjust the level of the volume according to the surrounding sounds. The quality of the call going to the other direction is also quite decent.

The beamforming microphones and the accelerometer of the buds are capable of sensing the movements of the jaw for adjusting the inputs and capable of delivering clear sound even in noisy conditions.. There is also a spatial vent for spatial awareness and the in-ear reduction of the pressure.

Part 4. Google Pixel Buds 2020: Software


The Google Pixel Buds 2020 features Fast Pair technology that works with any Android smartphone running on 6.0 and later versions. You can also pair the device with Bluetooth 4.0 + Android or iOS devices. The pairing of the buds is simple and quick and the app lets you check the battery status of each of the buds and also make some settings. Though the touch controls of the buds are calibrated quire well, there is no option for customizing them. The Hey Google voice commands work well with these new buds owing to the wonderful mics they have.

If you have the Google Translate app installed on your phone , the Google Buds will hear the spoken words and will allow translation in several languages. Thus, it can be said that these works as google translating earbuds.

Part 5. Google Pixel Buds 2020 vs Apple Airpods vs Apple Airpods Pro

Features Google Pixel Buds 2020 Apple AirPods Apple AirPods Pro
Wireless Charging Yes Yes Yes
Water resistance IPX 4 IPX 4 IPX 4
Buds Battery Life 5 hours 5 hours 4.5 hours
Battery life with case 19 hours More than 24 hours More than 24 hours
Charging connector USB-C Lightning Lightning
Active Noise cancellation No No Yes
Price $179 $199 $249


Google Pixel Buds 2020 is a decent paid or wireless earbuds that can be connected to Android as well as iOS devices. If you are using Google Assistance extensively then it is just apt for you. The buds case is an important consideration and with Google Pixel Buds you will not be disappointed with its attractive and solid looking case that is engineered quite well ans supports multiple wireless charging of the buds. The sound and the battery life of the buds are also good. Lack of active noise cancellation and no option for customizing the touch gestures can be an area of concern for a few.

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