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Easily record streaming video with audio from any website and enjoy the captured videos with quality preserved. 100% free to use!

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Online Video Recorder

There are numerous reasons to get an online video recorder like Most movie-watching and music-streaming platforms like YouTube, Hulu, Tubi, Netflix, Spotify, and Apple Music don't support local downloads for future playback. Also, you may need to record a specific video scene and share it with your friends or convert it to GIF. The reasons are just too many.
Luckily, is the easiest way to record HD-quality videos online. To be specific, you can record high-quality Full HD 1080p videos on your desktop without installing any software. It captures videos in various modes, including Picture-in-Picture effect videos. And above all, features a robust editor to retouch your video with cool texts, watermarks, auto-generated subtitles, killer background music, and more. It deserves a try!

How to Perfectly Record Streaming Video Online?

  • choose recording mode

    Step 1. Select Recording Mode.

    Open Screen Recorder and choose the recording mode to record the stream on your PC. For example, you can record Screen & Camera, Screen Only, Camera Only, or Audio Only. So, let's assume you choose the Screen Only mode.

  • record

    Step 2. Start Recording the Video.

    Now play the video on your browser tab before clicking Start Recording on You'll see a pop-up window. Here, click the Chrome Tab button and then tap the streaming video to begin capturing.

  • download

    Step 3. Download the Recorded Streaming Video.

    If satisfied, tap Stop to download the video or edit it further on the program's inbuilt editor. And there you go!

choose video recording mode
start recording streaming video
download the live recording

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Why Should You Choose to
Capture Streaming Video?

totally online

Record streaming video online is a 100% online service that doesn't require any software installation to capture a streaming video. Just fire up the program and record your video.

Audio-video recorder

Audio-video recorder lets you record the streaming video with all the system sounds and microphone commentary. In addition, you can record standalone audio, webcam, and screen with a Picture-in-Picture effect.

all round video editor

Versatile Inbuilt Video Editor

After capturing the video, this online stream recorder lets you retouch it by trimming, adding annotations, AI-generated subtitles, applying effects, adding background music, and so much more.

cut video in many mainstream formats

Download Streaming in HD

Whether you are a free or paid user, Screen Recorder lets you download the recorded video in HD 720p or 1080p. You might also want to check out the YouTube Converter, which converts YouTube recordings to all popular formats.

Convert recordings to any format

Convert recordings to any format

After recording the WebM video, use Video Converter to convert it into various formats. You can convert the recorded stream to MP4, MOV, VOB, MTS, MP3, M4A, FLAC, AIFF, etc.

No watermark, spam, or ads

No Watermark & Spam & Ads

Mouse free account is devoid of annoying watermarks and ads. Also, this online screen recorder with audio won't spam your browser with unnecessary marketing messages.

Valuable Benefits from Recording Video & Audio
on the Web

Record Live Streams for Future Reference

Is your company always hosting virtual meetings on apps like Zoom and Skype? Then you definitely need an online video recorder like Skype. Recording a live online video lets you keep a soft copy of what transpired and share it with your workmates. Also, recording a live video is the best way to keep records of your online training sessions, lectures, and more. You don't need to forget anything anymore, do you?

Record Live Streams
Save Your Favorite Streaming Contents

Save Your Favorite Streaming Contents

You must have noticed that DVDs, CDs, and tapes are quickly becoming extinct. That's because most people prefer watching movies and TV shows online on platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, Hulu, Tubi, Spotify, and more. So, instead of investing in an expensive and complicated video and music recorder, use This software records everything, from movies and TV shows to music and sporting events.

Grow Your Social Media Fanbase

An online screen recorder can come in handy if you're a social media influencer. Here is an example; most people would love to watch an entertaining boxing or Champions League match, but they don't have the time to do so. Or, you can keep your followers with videos about the trendiest products in the market, celebrity news, and more. is avaiable to record an explainer video with a Picture-in-Picture effect.

Grow Your Social Media Fanbase

FAQs of Recording Streaming Video

  • Recording a YouTube live stream is a cakewalk with
    Launch the program and then choose the recording mode.
    Next, open the live YouTube video and then tap Start Recording to select the specific Chrome Tab.
    Finally, tap Share to begin recording the video.

  • You can easily record your computer screen and microphone narrations using In fact, this program also lets you add a webcam overlay to your video. Simply set Screen & Camera as the recording mode, then select your webcam and microphone. Here is a quick guide.

  • Not all video recorders can record a video with a fast-forward effect. But with, you can record HD-quality live streams and then use the Speed Video function to add a motion effect. Just upload the video and drag the motion slider to speed up or slow down the recorded video.

  • Use Audio Recorder to quickly and easily record streaming music online from platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, and more. Then after recording, you can trim, add sound waveform, apply subtitles, etc.

  • Yes, no law prevents you from recording a live streaming video. However, you can only do that for personal use or future reference. The thing is that most video streaming platforms will flag down your recorded video if you don't have a copyright license. So, be careful!

star star star star star is the best streaming video recorder by a country mile. It lets me quickly capture Netflix videos on my laptop for playback on my home DVD player. At least it keeps my old DVD player engaged these days.
Peter D
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This screen recorder keeps improving, and I love it. I can easily record songs from Spotify and Apple Music, making it one of my most-used apps. And it's free!
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I LOVE that comes with multiple recording modes to exploit. I've tried numerous screen recorders, but most of them simply price me out of the deal. is simple, effective, and affordable.
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A super cool recorder. I can easily record what's happening on my computer screen and even record webcam overlays if needed. And the best part is that I can edit the video after recording it.
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The best beginner-friendly video recorder. I occasionally use it to record and save videos on YouTube. It's a beautiful idea with excellent execution.
Ankit P
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Free Online Video Recorder & Editor.

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