To expand your business, it is important to learn the art of drafting a good collaboration mail. To help you in this,email example documents a.k.a. email templates are available and can be obtained easily with a quick online search. Considering the above, here you will learn what collaboration emails are along with an example of an email address, how to draft those emails, a couple of tips and tricks, and what an email sample or template looks like.

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Part 1: How to Write a Good Collaboration Email

To start with, a good collaboration email is compelling, promising, and is written in a tone that is both humble and reflects a genuine approach for association.

Writing a convincing email is pretty simple with Influenex. That said, before going any further, here are the 5 key features of the portal that can help you grow your business in comparatively less time:

Discover Right YouTuber

With a database of more than 2.5 million YouTubers from different industries and varied specializations, you can easily search for and discover the most appropriate influencer for your brand and business promotions.

Direct Emails

Once you have found the correct YouTuber, you can contact them directly by sending an email. This email may contain your introduction, details about your brand, and the type of association you are looking for.

Batch Emails

Influenex even allows you to shortlist your preferred influencers, and draft and send a single email to all of them (of course with basic variations like the recipients' name, salutations, etc.). This approach saves you a decent amount of time that you would otherwise have to invest in typing a separate mail for each of them.

Built-In Templates

Influenex has a plethora of built-in email templates for all purposes and scenarios. These email writing samples can come in handy while preparing error-free proposals for the influencers for a long-term business association.

Custom Templates

In case you want to take more control over the text to draft a collaboration email, Influenex allows you to type the content from the start, and then save it as a custom template for future use. This eliminates the need of re-writing the emails every time you want to approach a YouTuber for association.

You can learn how to write a promising collaboration email in Influenex by following the steps given below:

Step 1. Initiate Email Draft

Sign in to your Influenex account, ensure that Discovery > Influencer Search is selected in the navigation bar in the left, search for an influencer using the search bar present on the right, and click the Email icon available next to the YouTuber's name you wish to approach.


Step 2. Draft an Email

Ensure that the Send to field is populated with the email address of the influencer you want to collaborate with (notice that the email ID has the name of the influencer followed by an @ sign that is again followed by the domain name of the email service provider. E.g., enter a descriptive subject line in the Email Subject field, and use the formatting tools to type a well-formatted, compelling message in the message box at the center.


Step 3. Send the Email

Click Send from under the message box to send the email to the YouTuber. Optionally, you can also click Save as template from the bottom-left area below the message box to save this email example as a template for future uses.


In addition to learning how to use Influenex's interface to prepare an email, it is equally imperative to understand the formal email format to draft a mail for the YouTubers. A good collaboration email consists of three major parts that include:

1. The Introduction

This part works as the header of an email where the sender briefly introduces about himself/herself along with the details of the organization they own or represent. Make sure that the introduction is not too lengthy as the recipient may lose interest.

2. The Pitch

This part contains the real 'meat-n-potatoes' of the email. In this section, you explain the reason for reaching out to the YouTuber, and how both the parties may get benefitted if the influencer agrees to collaborate. While writing the pitch, be sure to use correct terminology, and always leave a door open for the recipient to add inputs or request for more information if need be.

3. Check the Tune

Once you have drafted the email, review all the content and check if the tone of the text is convincing and not confusing, is humble, is to the point, and explains the purpose well.

Part 2. Best Collaboration Email Templates

When talking about the templates, some of the best association email sample formats include:

An introductory email template that can be used to reach out to an influencer for collaboration.


These are some email writing examples that can be used to draft a convincing email for the YouTubers.


A follow-up mail is sent to the influencer who has not responded to your introductory email requesting their opinion about business collaboration. A follow-up mail works as a reminder in case the recipient has skipped or forgot to reply to your first mail.


Part 3. What Is Collaboration Email

In simple words, a collaboration mail is text written in a formal email format and contains a business proposition for the recipient keeping the monetary gains for both the parties in mind. A collaboration email clearly mentions the name of the sender or their organization, what type of business association the company or an individual is looking forward to, and how the recipient with all their specialization and expertise can be fruitful for both entities.

As they say, first impression is the last impression', your first email to offer collaboration must be impressive, and has enough room for the YouTuber to get back to you for further negotiations.


A good email example consists of all the ingredients that an impressive and persuasive collaboration email should and must have. Since sometime it becomes challenging for the beginners or non-native business owners to draft an email using correct language and formatting, Influenex provides a platform where they can use existing templates, or can create their custom ones for future uses.

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