Early 2015, a retailer called Lord & Taylor decided to promote a dress by hiring 50 different influencers from Instagram to wear it and post it on their Instagram feed. The dress sold out very quickly and it had the added bonus of introducing their brand to those customers — which opened avenues for more potential sales. That’s how much an impact an Instagram marketing campaign can be, and you can do the exact same thing by learning how to write an Instagram collaboration email.

In this article
  1. Part 1: How to Write an Instagram Collaboration Email
  2. Part 2: 5 Most Helpful Instagram Collaboration Email Templates

Part 1. How to Write an Instagram Collaboration Email

Writing a collaboration email to invite an Instagram influencer for a marketing campaign is not as difficult as you may believe. If you want to pull a Lord & Taylor, you can even use the same email template for all the influencers that you invite. With the help of InflueNex, the all-in-one influencer marketing platform, you can send a bunch of collaboration emails all at once without having to do much work. Learn how to do just that by following the tutorial below.

How to Write an Instagram Collaboration Email

Step 1. Introduce Yourself and Your Product

Step one of writing your own Instagram collaboration email is the introduction. On this section, you’re going to spend time giving all the information (your name, company name, product name, etc.) that the influencer will need to know to understand who they are talking to.


Step 2. Throw a Pitch

The next part of the email is the ‘pitch.’ This is the offer that you’re going to make to get the influencer to work with you. That can be monetary compensation, a feature, free samples, an affiliate code, promise of an ongoing/symbiotic relationship, etc.


Step 3. Save Your Email as Template

And, that’s it! Once you have those two things done, you’re good to go. All you need to do now is save your template (which you can do very easily with a tool like InflueNex) and adjust it to fit the influencers that you’re going to be contacting.


Part 2. 5 Most Helpful Instagram Collaboration Email Templates

If you’re not quite ready to write your own Instagram collaboration email, then you can always try out some of the email templates that we will be introducing below. You’ll notice that each email template will have the features that we introduced in the tutorial above, enough to make them all practically the same, but somehow still different. These were chosen specifically in order to provide a very broad look at all the different collaboration invitations out there and the benefits of each.

1. The Basic Template

The ‘basic’ template is the most ‘all-purpose’ use of all the templates we’re going to be introducing today. For this, no strict expectations have been set for either party. It’s the email to use if you’re looking for something that will start an ongoing relationship with another influencer that you can create a symbiotic business relationship with.


  • Perfect for influencer x influencer collaborations.
  • No strict expectations set, just an invitation to an ongoing collaborative relationship.
  • Respectful and professional language that suits most purposes.

Source: https://www.leadfuze.com/influencer-marketing-examples/

2. The Beta Test Template

The beta test email template, as you can probably tell from the name, is a request for beta-testing. Beta-testing, if you didn’t already know, is a process of trying out and reviewing a product (before it has been launched) in order to check if there are any improvements that can be made to better the product or service. With the template below, you’re inviting an influencer over with the offer for unlimited use of your new product for at least a year, and the opportunity to shape the product to whatever they may want to make of it.


  • Offers unlimited use of the service for over a year.
  • Allows you to make improvements on your service with the review of someone with enough influence and experience on the subject matter.
  • Makes for great review content once the product has launched.

Source: https://ninjaoutreach.com/influencer-outreach-email-templates/

3. The FREE Sample Template

This next sample is very similar to the previous. Except, rather than providing access to a service for a limited time, you’re offering to ship out an actual product for the influencer to try out and perhaps giveaway to some of the people that follow them. This type of collaboration email is very common in Instagram collaborations, as it gives the influencer content to post and a reason to post it (giveaway for the product in question.)


  • The giveaway will attract more audience engagement.
  • It will also imply that the influencer holds a positive opinion for your product.
  • The template is very easy to use, and perfect for Instagram marketing.

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/253287

4. The Sneak Peek Template

Instagram influencers like to be in the know, and a lot of micro-influencers, specifically, would be more than willing to talk about niche-relevant news that their audience may want to know about. That is what you’re promising with the template below. There’s no expectations set upon the influencer here, just an offer for insider information that they may not be able to get anywhere else.


  • No benefits and no expectations set on the influencer.
  • All you’re offering is information — no product, no monetary compensation, etc.
  • It will allow you to promote your product/service before it’s even come out.

Source: https://www.leadfuze.com/influencer-marketing-examples/

5. The ‘Follow-Up” Template

This template has a very specific use — it’s the template that’s used when you’ve already sent one and you get no reply from it. This happens all too often in the marketing world. Influencers are busy after all — outside of managing their social media, they’re constantly being invited to events, workshops, etc. So, there’s reason to believe that they have just honestly missed your initial invitation. This follow-up template is meant to mediate that, and perhaps make it so that the influencer is forced to put your pitch at a higher-priority (especially if you mention a deadline — which was done in the sample below.)


  • Multi-purpose template, no expectations.
  • Most of the communication is reserved for a later call/meeting.
  • Displays persistence in a very respectful way.

Source: https://mention.com/blog/influencer-outreach-templates/


There are hundreds of millions of people visiting Instagram each month. It’s a market that you would be a fool not to dip your toes in, and that’s never been made any easier with the rise in popularity of influencer marketing. Lord & Taylor’s success is just one of the many examples why you should start now — which means that you better get to sending those Instagram collaboration emails, whether they’re written by you personally or borrowed from some of the tried-and-tested templates we showed-off above.

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