If you love challenges, then you will enjoy watching the following list of the top 6 most popular YouTube challenges:

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The Disney Challenge

In this challenge, two people listen to a series of Disney songs and they have between seven and ten seconds to guess the name of the song as well as the movie origin. The following are the most popular Disney YouTube challenges-:

Huge Eggs Surprise Toy Challenge

In this challenge, Ryan from Ryan ToysReview finds Easter Eggs from a bounce house. He has to go from one corner of the house to another in order to find all the eggs in the shortest possible time.

Elsa Vs Maleficent Real Life Disney Princess Movie + Chocolate Fountain

In this YouTube challenge, the two kids have to reveal different food stuffs from ten different surprise eggs then dip the revealed food stuffs in the chocolate fountain and eat it. The winner is the one who manages to eat the most of the food stuff from the surprise eggs.

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Baby Food Challenge

With this challenge, you get a variety of baby food from the local stores, try out each of them and film your reaction.

Gross Wet Head Challenge

This water roulette game is one of the most exciting YouTube challenges you will ever watch. It features various rounds with different fluids placed in the water head and the kids pull out the rods in turn until the water comes out from one of the rods. That marks the end of the first round.

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Try Not to Laugh Challenge

With this kind of YouTube challenge, you are expected not to laugh, despite funny sounds you listen to or the funny things happening around you. Some examples include-:

Try Not to Laugh Challenge compilation

This is a compilation of funny kid’s vines. It has all sorts of funny kid’s videos that will be tempting not to laugh at.

Try Not to Laugh – funny kids fail compilations

The video illustrates various funny kids fail compilations which are very hilarious and you will most certainly laugh at them.

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7 Second Challenge

In such YouTube challenges, you are expected to complete certain tasks within 7 seconds, and he who completes most tasks becomes the winner. Examples include-:

7 Second Challenge with Jacob Sartorius and Mark Thomas

In this video, the three kids play in their house and each has to find an item located in various parts of the house within seven seconds.

7 SECOND CHALLENGE with Jennifer Lawrence Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth

This also follow the same trend as the other 7 second YouTube challenges where the participants have to complete different tasks in just 7 seconds.

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The Whisper Challenge

In this YouTube challenge, the objective is to read someone’s lips and try to figure out what they are saying while at the same time you have headphones with loud blaring music one. Examples include-:

The Whisper Challenge with Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie and Jimmy takes turn at guessing random phrases and names while having noise cancelling headphones on.

The Whisper Challenge with Kristen Stewart

Again Kristen Stewart and Jimmy take turns at guessing random phrases and names while putting on noise cancelling headphones.

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Boyfriend Does My Make Up Challenge

This is one of the YouTube challenges where the boyfriend has to do her girlfriend’s makeup. Boys are not so good with makeup and such challenges usually end up in very hilarious videos. Examples include-:

Boyfriend Does My Makeup | Zoella

Zoella lets her boyfriend do her makeup and she commends her for doing a great work after previous terrible past attempts.

Boyfriend Does My Makeup | NikkieTutorials

This one is from Nikkie Tutorials channels showing the boyfriend doing the makeup and Nikkie admits that the dude did a great job.

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