The list is a never-ending online platform that is readily available in the market for utility if we are to assess the extent to which online video editing tools are available. These platforms usually differ due to the features and quality of features they provide to their users. This article shall focus on the platforms that deliver the features to add audio to video and discuss the feasibility of these features that would help develop a comparative study among the many add audio to video online features within these video editing platforms. Several alternatives providing the service to add audio to video free online shall be stated in detail.

Part 1. How to Add Audio to Video with Clideo

Individuals who want to post meaningful video content onto different social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram require integration of music onto the video. This leads to the need for a video editing tool containing maximum editing features to help develop a professionally-centered video that allows users to add audio to a video easily. For keeping users away from downloading editing tools, Clideo is such an online platform that provides a massive variety in video editing and frees the need to download video editing tools for performing tasks equivalent to add audio to a video.

Clideo ( is an all-purpose editor that provides accessibility in editing, trimming, and looping the video according to the music soundtrack that is being added into the video. It covers all the aspects of a downloaded video editing tool and adds audio to video online within a secure environment. It accepts all video formats to add audio to a video and provides an output in the desired format. It is undoubtedly a very convenient tool to use when talking about features to add audio to a video. There are a few elementary steps that are required to be followed when adding a soundtrack into a video.


Step 1: Uploading the Video Content

The content that is to be added into for editing needs to be accessed from the device's directory, or a URL of the specific video should be shared if available online.

Step 2: Adding the Soundtrack

At first, the user needs to insert the soundtrack by tracking it online. It is then followed by the editing procedure, which includes the trimming and looping of the video according to the soundtrack that makes it catchy and understandable.

Step 3: Download the Video

The user can download or preview the video over the completion of the task and the purchase of a certain package.

Clideo is available in a pro version with an offer of lifetime-access by paying $99 for once. In monthly rates, it is available for $9 only and is yearly available at $6/month.

Part 2. Top 5 Alternatives to Clideo

There are several alternatives to add audio to a video online. These platforms are simplistic designs that fulfill the need for adding audio to video with the required features and counter the unnecessary payment subscriptions.

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This platform is one of the most straightforward and readily available editing tools for adding MP3 music onto an MP4 video file. It covers the need to add audio to a video free with the acceptance of MP3 files up to 100 MB in size. It also removes the uploaded files automatically after a few hours.

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Online Converter

Online Converter is another readily available video editing tool that fulfills the task to add audio to a video free in a few steps. It requires a simple insertion of a few details, including volume and position of the audio that executes the task without any difficulty. Users who have to fulfill easy tasks can utilize such platforms.

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It is an online SaaS platform that came into existence as a media converter. It was updated into a very great tool with the addition of many other features, such as the tasks to add audio to a video free. It provides a very professional-looking result, as per the requirement of the user. It also removes the data of the user to keep privacy at the top.

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Voice2V is a diverse platform to add audio to a video free with various compound editing features like in the extensive downloadable video editing tools. It provides extensive inclusion of editing features compared to other online editing tools available in the market.

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Online UniConverter

Online UniConverter comes in the top-most list to add audio to a video free online when we talk about a collection of video editing features and accessibility. Being a full-fledge all-purpose editor, it covers all the aspects of a professional video editing tool when it comes to adding audio to video free online. This is a much secure platform where it feels the need to keep the user privacy to the maximum. Furthermore, the platform accepts all kinds of video formats to add audio to video-free online and can execute the editing procedure with any video format as an output. This platform, regardless of its various editing features, is a very useful and easy-to-use software that any beginner can easily utilize without any associated difficulties. To understand how to add audio to a video free online, users need to follow the following steps:

  • Uploading the Content: Easily access the device's directory or the URL of the video to get it edited with Online UniConverter.
  • Soundtrack Editing: The soundtrack needs to be uploaded first. It should then be followed by the editing and updating of the video.
  • Download the Video: Users can easily download or preview the video after its rendering.


This article has detailed various alternatives to add audio to a video free. Several aspects have been discussed and taken into consideration while discussing the dynamics of how to add audio to video online.

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