According to statistics, the total number of gamers globally stands at 1.8 billion, with PC leading the way with over 1.2 billion players. With these stats in mind, it’s evident that most PC gamers would like to be part of the most popular gaming category, shooting games. So if you’re still searching for the best shooting games for PC and gaming laptops, keep reading this insightful post.

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Counter Strike 1.6

Released: 2012 | Developer: Valve | Genre: First-Person Shooter

Counter-Strike: Source is a beautiful first-person shooter game that was developed by Turtle Rock Studios and Valve. This game was released in 2004 for Windows but is now available on Mac and Linux as well. Here, a team of counter-terrorists will try to dismantle a terrorist group in a series of rounds. On each round, you’ll win by either eliminating the enemy of meeting the objectives, like rescuing hostages or detonating a bomb.

Your ultimate success in this survival shooter game, however, is to rack up more rounds than the enemy. Also, it’s vital to note that once you’re killed, there is no respawning till the next round. In addition to that, shooting while moving decreases accuracy, whereas continuous shooting produces severe recoil. Overall, Counter-Strike: Source is a must-have for any PC user.

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7 Days to Die

Released: 2016 | Developer: The Fun Pimps | Genre: Survival Horror

Seven Kills is a new open-world zombie horror survival game developed by The Fun Pimps Entertainment. The game integrates multiple elements such as FPS, survival horror, tower defense, and RPG. It also integrates some aspects of other games, making it a mixed work with different experiences in the same game.

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Alien Shooter 2

Released: 2007 | Developer: Sigma Team | Genre: Top-Down Shooter

Lone Gunners also translates Lone Gunners and Alien Gunners. Developed by the Sigma Team and released by CDV in September 2006, it is a PC platform shooting game that uses a rare 45 ° top-down shooting mode. Each work continues the dark and bloody style of the picture, making the player feel depressed. After a long wait, Sigma-team finally released Guns Gunner 2. After experiencing the excitement of the game, you will think that this long wait is still worth it.

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Left 4 Dead 2

Released: 2009 | Developer: Valve | Genre: First-person Shooter, Survival Horror

Survival Road 2 tells the surviving journey of four survivors in the south, they will travel from Port Savannah, Georgia to New Orlando, Louisiana. The game contains new zombies, new melee weapons, new anti-zombie weapons, and chainsaw.

In Survival 2, there are 4 survivor characters for players to choose. There are a black high school football coach, young guy, mechanical car mechanic Ellis, a white suit that looks like Sven, but is actually a gambler and liar Nick, and the only female survivor, Rochelle, who loves music and is also a junior production assistant for local television news programs. Players can choose one of the characters to play.

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Far Cry 2

Released: 2008 | Developer: Ubisoft Montreal | Genre: First-Person Shooter

Far Cry 2 has an ultra-high degree of freedom in the game system. The entire world of the game reaches 50 square kilometers. Players can freely ride in it, and the ending of the game is also open. The game background is set on the new African wilderness. The game environment can be dynamically changed. Players can experience the changes of the four seasons, such as the deadwood and the wildfire, the spring breeze blowing, and the spring. In the game, the player has to walk between the two major power groups. Whoever is the enemy or friend depends on the difference between the task selected by the player and his own words and deeds.

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Delta Force: Xtreme

Released: 2005 | Developer: NovaLogic | Genre: First-Person Shooter

Delta Force 7 revives the classic Delta game. As a member of the Delta Elite Force, please be prepared to throw yourself into over 60 crazy single-player and multiplayer FPS missions. The game was launched in 2005. The latest official announcements include a generation of games with enhanced graphics, new maps, improved game features, STAT tracking system, and more.

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Sniper Elite

Released: 2017 | Developer: Rebellion Developments | Genre: Tactical Shooter

The story of Sniper Elite takes place after the Second World in Berlin, Germany. The forces of the German Nazis have gradually begun to decline. To grasp the manufacturing technology of the atomic bomb as soon as possible, Stalin specially dispatched the Soviet secret service to steal the confidential information of German research on the nuclear bomb. To stop this operation, the United States specially sent snipers disguised as Germans and sneaked into Germany to prevent the Soviet Union from obtaining the confidential information of the atomic bomb. In this way, countries secretly acted for their benefit.

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Released: 2019 | Developer: Peter Cleary | Genre: Action, Indie

XenoRaptor is a flying shooting game with a space war theme. Players will fight their enemies in a spaceship in the game. Enemies in the game will have different skills. You need to fully understand them to be able to cope with them correctly. You can also seduce them to shoot at each other by skill to complete the task efficiently.


Did I miss out on your favorite PC game? Let me know! In my opinion, these are the most-loved shooting games for PC that are sure to get your adrenaline running high. As usual, you can thank me later!

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