ASMR is a synonym for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It refers to a euphoric experience which is usually characterized by a tingling or a static-like sensation on the skin which starts on the scalp then heads down to the back of the neck and the upper spine, leading to great relaxation. Below are the best 6 ASMR videos on YouTube you can always use if you needed some deep relaxation-:

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Eating a LIVING MERMAID!! ASMR eating sounds

The video is about ASMR sounds which come from eating a live mermaid. The video was uploaded to the Kluna Tik channel and has over 20 million views, 20,000 likes and 8,000 dislikes. Most users comment that they enjoyed the ASMR sounds creating by eating the live mermaid, while others were perplexed how someone can actually eat a live mermaid, but the video is not real and there is a disclaimer to that at the beginning of the video.

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Charlie bit my finger!! – Kluna Tik Dinner #17 | ASMR eating sounds 

The video shows a Venus Flytrap plant bite the fingers of the user. There is, however, a disclaimer that it is not true. With regards to ASMR, the video contains ASMR sounds such as drinking, chewing, eating, slurping, and swallowing without any talking. The video was published to the Klena Tik channel and has been viewed over 8, 940,324 times, liked over 13,600 times and disliked over 5,500 times. From the comments, there are lots of mixed reactions toward the videos, with others seeming to have missed the point that it was not a real video.

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Simple Pleasures~ ASMR Soft Spoken Personal Attention

This is chill and simple video showing some relaxing hand movement with wooden brush sounds, hair brushing, a smell of some essential oils, as well as the experience of visuals and sounds from a humming steaming oil diffuser. The video was uploaded to the Gentlewhispering channels and has gained over six million views, liked over 41,000 times and disliked over 2,000 times. From the comments, the majority is trying the technique and is very satisfied with the results they are getting from it.

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Eating living baby CHICKS for EASTER

This is another fake video about eating living baby chicks for Easter. The intention is to demonstrate ASMR sounds of swallowing, eating, drinking, chewing and slurping without any words. The video was uploaded to the Kluna Tik channel and it has received over 6, 094, 883 views, 7,033 likes and 2, 992 dislikes. From the comments, many seem to agree with the video, but some are not well pleased with the concept of using live chicks.

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YouTubers Reaction to ASMR

In this video, reactions of various YouTubers to ASMR are shown. Most of the YouTubers are actually thrilled as they are exposed to different ASMR sounds. The video was uploaded to the Fine Brothers Entertainment YouTube channel and it has over 5.5 million views, liked over 90,000 times and disliked over 15, 700 times.

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Kluna eating carnivorous PLANTS! R.I.P. Charlie

Again in this video, Kluna, the channel owner is eating carnivorous plants with the main aim of demonstrating the ASMR sounds of eating, chewing, swallowing, slurping and drinking without talking. The video definitely is not a real one and was just for demonstration purposes. It was uploaded to the Kluna Tik channel and it has a total of 5, 896, 479 views, 9, 676 likes and 2, 502 dislikes. Most guys are amazed if not surprised with the things happening in the video, such as eating the carnivorous plants.

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