Cats are always doing things that make us want to explode with cuteness or laugh until we cry. The internet is probably the best place for you to get your fix of furry funniness, because cats are basically worshipped online. Here are 4 funny cat videos that we have compiled for you to enjoy. See what crazy things these cats get up to when their owners catch them at just the right time to turn on the recording on their devices.

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Little Kittens Meowing and Talking

What is better than a little kitten meowing? Tiger Productions once again captures the essence of cute in this video. Here you can look forward to moments of NAAAAAW when tiny little fur balls speak for the first time. Users have claimed that this is perfect therapy and that they can't wait for their adult cats to give birth to a little kitten

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Charlie Schmidt’s Keyboard Cat

If you have been on the internet for longer than 10 seconds then you should be familiar with Charlie Schmidt's Keyboard Cat. Even after 9 years it is still one of the most watched YouTube videos in the world. The original Keyboard Cat user has since then created different versions of this cat found on his channel, all of them equally hilarious. This video features a very grumpy and uninterested cat being forced to play the keyboard by his owner. Users re-watched it recently and commented on how funny this nostalgic video still is today, making it a firm favourite amongst users.

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Supercats Episode 1

What may sound like a superhero spoof of kittens, turns out to be a hilarious compilation of our furry friends. This video was uploaded by CATHUB and they seem to pay an online tribute to kitties all over the world. The Supercats video features the amazing powers of cats from chasing lasers non-stop, to running on treadmills to climbing in the tiniest spaces known to man. Users came to the conclusion that cats are incredibly smart, but they remain one of the funniest animal species known to man.

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Funny Cats

The next video was posted by the channel Live Well, Laugh Often, Life's Too Short! and the page is exactly that – a celebration of the funny stuff in life. The video titled Funny Cats features a short 2-minute compilation of some of the oddest cats in human history. Look forward to finding oversized cats, cats that during bath time sessions, and cats hiding in the most impossible places. The users mention in the comments that it remains gold and that they are still watching it even though 10 years have passed.

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