Pranks are always hilarious to watch, but when they prey on the fear of another, then the hilarity increases tenfold. Some people take it too far when they try and scare others, but these clips are bound to make you laugh out loud when you are watching them. Here are the top 4 funniest scary pranks on YouTube:

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Best of Elevator Pranks

Elevators are the best places for pranks because there is no way out. Add fear as an element and you have a winner. This is a classic compilation of elevator scares and it has over 14 million views. Get ready for giggles!

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Ultimate Funny Scared Reactions

With over 5.4 million views, you can bet that this video will bring you a dose of good laughter. Classic scare pranks bring classic scare reactions and they never get old. They even feature the sudden scary-face flash on the computer screen, much to a young boy’s horror.

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Funny Halloween Scare Prank

This clips shows you exactly how to create the best Halloween scare prank. With over 1.1 million views, you can follow the simple guidelines into planning an effective scare and revel in laughter at the other person’s reactions.

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Real Ghost Scary Prank

This prank has received over 800,000 views and it proves to be a scary one. It features the antics of someone dressed up as the girl from The Ring and she takes to the streets in the evening to scare the wits out of drivers who stop for her.

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