10 Most Helpful Tips & Tricks When Company Contact Me to Promote Product on YouTube

It is natural to be panicked when you get your first call from a brand for influencer marketing campaign. There are a lot of things that you can do while replying to their messages to make a better first impression. Make sure that you do not show any hesitation in asking questions as it will give them the impression that you are dedicated to their campaign. The following are some tips that you should follow while replying to messages from brands for collaboration.

10 Most Helpful Tips & Tricks about Promoting Company Products on YouTube

1. Ask the brands what they expect from you in the campaign

When company contact me to promote product on YouTube, make sure that you ask about what they want you to do exactly. A lot of influencers hesitate to do this as they think it will leave a bad impression but in reality it isn’t so. When you ask these questions it leaves a good impression on the brands as they will think that you are trying to make better content. This is a great way to understand what you will be doing and will give you a proper outline of your final content.

2. Ask them about their goals

When companies reach out to you, they have a set goal in their minds. This goal may be related to the exposure they will be getting from you. Make sure you understand their goals so that you can properly understand what contents you should make so that you can accomplish the goals set by them. This will help you to establish a long term business relationship with them and they will surely hire you for future campaigns. Never hesitate to ask these types of questions as they will help you to make more suitable content and get better response out of it.

3. Inquire about the timeline

One of the first things that you should ask the brands is the time limit under which you will have to upload the video and reach the goals. This is very instrumental and will help you in planning out your schedule for the campaign. If the timeline isn’t suitable to you, clearly mention it to the brand so that a solution can be found. New influencers usually hesitate in doing this as they think the companies will stop contacting them. This isn’t true as brands will understand your issues and will respect you for your honesty.

4. Clearly clarify the monetary aspects

Many influencers think that they shouldn’t ask about the payment and other benefits that they will be getting in return due to the fact that they think that it will portray them as a greedy person. This should be avoided at all cost as if you already know what you will be getting out of it, you can plan your finances related to the video you will be making. If the payment they are offering isn’t suitable make sure you mention this to them clearly.

5. Do a thorough research on the brand

When you receive and email from a company, make sure you do a proper research on their background to understand the audience they are trying to target and how they have treated past influencers. Only reply to them if you find clean records about the company and if they are suitable for your audience. This will also help you in better understand the company which will be helpful when you reply to them. When you have all the information, your reply will also be impactful and professional.

6. Send them samples in reply

Brands usually mention a time in which you will have to reply them within that time. If you have enough time, make sure you reply them with a sample content related to their requirements. This will earn you their respect and will allow them to provide useful insights about the sample so that you can improve the content according to their requirements. This is a great way to start healthy business tie-ups and they will surely appreciate that you took so much efforts to reply to their proposal. All top YouTube influencers always follow this as a rule and it is a contributing factor in their success in the field.

7. Inform them about any issues

If you have any problem, make sure you inform the brands before agreeing. This will clear out things from your side. Suppose you do not have the entire required instrument to record a proper content according to their requirements, it will be great to mention this. Brands often provide support to influencers and you might even get all the required instruments arranged by the brand as a gift. This will establish your goodwill in the influencer marketing community as an honest person and will help you to secure more brand partnership in future.

8. Think Creatively

Brands approach YouTube influencers for their creativity and the fact that they have a lot of influence over their audience. It is important to gather some creative ideas and pitching it to the brands before actually starting to work on it. This is very important as when you send them your ideas before starting the recording and other procedure, they will be able to pitch in some suggestions to make it more interesting. This will allow you to improve the suitability of your content to their requirements and will also drastically improve the quality of the final content.

9. Try to build a relationship

When you start making the content, make sure you do a thorough research on related search terms and trending topics on YouTube that match up with the requirements given by the brand. This will enhance the quality of your content and will make it more interesting for your audience. If you have done proper research, it will help you to gain more popularity on YouTube and will also make the campaign successful for the brand. If the first campaign you do for the brand 9is successful they are more likely to reach out to you for future campaigns and you can also show them some love by giving them free shout outs on your other social media accounts.

10. Understand how the brand is going to use your content

It is important to understand that how the brand will use your content. For example if they are going to attach the links to you videos with blogs or they are going to share it on social media you will need to change the content accordingly so that it is suitable for all of those platforms. Make sure you are properly informed about it so that you can do your research to make it more suitable for the type of audience they are going to appeal to as this is important for your goodwill as well.


Getting offers from brands for influencer marketing on YouTube is dream of every new YouTuber. They work hard day and night to achieve this feat. When company contact me to promote product on youtube, it is common to be nervous. All the YouTubers feel the pressure in their first campaigns but don’t let that stop you. Keep your mind calm and plan out a proper reply for their emails by properly researching about the brand and their past records in influencer campaigns. You can also ask other YouTubers that you may know for tips related to this. You can also use various online templates to give a more impactful and professional reply to the brand.

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