Influencer marketing is one of the latest marketing strategies brands should consider. It has helped brands attain their marketing strategies and take their business to the next level. Influencer marketing theory requires influencer to lure his/her followers to purchase a specific brand’s products. There are influencer marketing theories brands should understand before executing any marketing strategy. These theories help brands understand what they are getting into when they choose this marketing strategy.

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  3. Part 3: How to Find an Influencer to Practice Influencer Marketing Theories

Part 1: Top 10 Influencer Marketing Theories

Numerous influencer marketing theory exist, trying to explain this marketing strategies. Researchers are curious on factors which compel consumers to purchase products after being encouraged by influencers. The aim of influencer marketing is to try and convert as much audience as possible. Here are the ten theories which try and explain influencer marketing:

1. The Cooperative Principle

Influencers share a cooperative principle when they interact with their followers. Therefore, they tend to paraphrase their content so that their audience can comfortably understand the message being relayed. The Cooperative principle helps influencers efficiently convince their followers purchase products for the brand they are representing.

2. Amplification Hypothesis

Amplification hypothesis explains that influencers, who are certain about what they are talking about, attract their audience. Consumers tend to believe influencers who know what they are talking about. Amplification hypothesis encourages influencers to have their facts right if they want to influence most of their followers.

3. The Conversion Theory

Scarcity principle explains that people love what they cannot have for a long period. This theory states that consumers desire what is scarce or limited in number. Brands whose products are scarce are likely to benefit more. Brands can increase desire for their products by making it scarce.

4. Scarcity Principle

A lot of influencer marketing strategies are applied on both Facebook and YouTube. These 2 platforms attract billions of users every day. Furthermore, these platforms are open to anyone, regardless of his/her age group. Therefore, brands should consider these two social media platforms in their influencer marketing campaigns.

5. The Social Influence Theory

Two-thirds of social media users seek opinion from influencers, friends and families members before purchasing any product. This was seen as an opportunity by marketers to entice social media users to purchase a specific brand’s products through influencers. Therefore, influencers should have a positive with their audience before embarking on any influencer marketing strategy.

6. Attitude Change Approach

Fashion and beauty brands are currently using influencers to market their products. People tend to imitate what their idols look like or wear. Brands which don’t adopt influencer marketing have a hard time with their marketing strategies. Fashion and beauty brands should go for influencers who will assist them make profit. Influencers with positive attitude about a product are likely to convince their audience to purchase the product at hand.

7. Ultimate Terms

All influencer marketing strategies aim at improving brands sales. Well; this theory explains that some words are powerful than others. These phrases can persuade and influence and audience to try out a specific product. Such phrases range from value, contribution and progress, among others.

Therefore, influencers should include such phrases in their marketing content. These phrases will lure more people to invest in a particular brand’s products.

8. Priming

A large fraction of online users find ads irritating. As a result, they block them. This can be frustrating for brands that rely solely on ads. Well; influencer marketing entails using influencers. Therefore, a person will simply click on the influencer they are following and check out their content.

9. The Reciprocity Norm

Influencers have the power to ask favors from their audience. Generally, humans feel obliged on favors. It can be either asking more than what was requested or asking something else. Influencers can take advantage of the reciprocity norm to encourage their followers to purchase products from a specific brand.

10. Sleeper effect

Persuasive messages lose their authority as time progresses. However, the sleeper effect theory narrates messages with low persuasive tones gain recognition as time progresses. Therefore, brands whose marketing techniques take long to gain recognition should be patient.

Part 2: How to Take Advantage of the Influencer Marketing theories

Each influencer marketing theory aims at presenting different views about this leading marketing strategy. Therefore, brands should take advantage of these theories to enhance their marketing strategies and deliver perfect results. This is one of the ways brands can outshine their competitors in terms of marketing strategies. Here are tips and tricks on how to take advantage of the above influencer marketing theories:

1. Tip for Cooperative Principle

The cooperative principle theory is relevant in any marketing strategy. This theory encourages influencers to paraphrase content in a way their audience can understand the message being relayed. Therefore, influencers should research about the audience they are addressing. This puts them connect with the targeted audience.


2. Trick for Amplification Hypothesis

This theory encourages influencers to have their facts right. In this marketing strategy, influencers determine if their followers will try out the brands at hand products or not. Consumers tend to bond more with influencers who are certain about what they are saying when compared to those who don’t know they are saying.


3. Tips for Conversion Theory

This theory explains that a small fraction of the targeted audience can influence the rest to try out specific products. Therefore, brands with numerous targeted audiences should focus their attention on the influential audience. The influential audience will encourage or lure the rest to try out other products.


4. Tip for Scarcity Principle

The scarcity principle can help brands increase their sales. This theory encourages brands to limit some offers. Such offers entice people to purchase them before they run out of stock. Brands should frequently apply this strategy if they want their targeted audience to be thirsty for their products.


5. Tips for Social Influence Theory

As we all know, influencer marketing uses an influencer to reach out to potential consumers. Therefore, brands should invest in the right influencer. The right influencer can change the behavioral pattern of the targeted audience. This behavioral pattern is linked to the consumption of the product at hand.

6. Tips for Attitude Change Approach

Consumers pay close attention on the attitude of the selected influencer as he/she markets a brand. Therefore, influencers should develop a positive attitude that will entice their audience to try out particular products.

7. Tips for Ultimate Terms

This tip encourages influencers to use some terms to lure their audience to purchase specific products. Such phrases range from progress, contribution and value, among others. These phrases should be used in all influencer marketing platforms.

8. Tips for Priming

It is essential that the targeted audience understands what brands are relying through influencers. Therefore, brands should come up with efficient priming techniques that will make their content acceptable.

9. Tips for Reciprocity Norm

All selected influencers are powerful. They normally have strong online followers across various social media platforms. Therefore, influencers should use their capability to come up with ask for favor from their audience. The favor should be linked to the brand they are marketing.

10. Sleeper Effect

Marketing content trend and slowly fade away. Therefore, brands should consider both persuasive and low persuasive content. Low persuasive content will trend as time progresses. This ensures a brand’s content is always trending.

Part 3: How to Find an Influencer to Practice Influencer Marketing Theories

Each influencer marketing theory listed above requires the help of influencer to execute. There are numerous influencers in the market to choose from. Therefore, you should be careful in this process. Start off by identifying your needs. This is in terms of what you want to attain at the end of the marketing campaign. You should also identify the category your brand or product falls under.

Influencers are divided into categories. Clicking on the right category increases the possibility of securing the right influencer. Initiate contact once you find the right influencer. Afterwards, discuss with him/her your marketing plans.

InflueNex is one of the leading influencer marketing platforms. InflueNex helps brands to practice their influencer marketing theories with ease. This marketing platform is an expert of influencer marketing, and it helps you to fidn the right influencer for your influencer marketing business. The following guide will show you how to use InflueNex in detail.

How to Use InflueNex to Find Right Influencers for Your Business

Step 1. Create an Account on InflueNex

the very first step is creating an account on You'll only need to click the Create an Account at the upper right corner of the homepage, and then fill in the form to create account. If you already have one, you can click the Log In button to use the platform directly.


Step 2. Make Up Your Search Settings

Now you can type the keywords of the influencer for the search, or you can use the advanced filters to make your search more accurate. There're 8 filters in total, and you can use one or more filters to narrow down the searching area.


Step 3. View Matched Searching Results

Click the Search button at the right side of the searching column to start searching for the influencers. InflueNex displays all the matched searching results below the searching column. you can take a brief look at the basic information of the influencer.


Step 4. Learn about Details of the Influencer

Cliock the name of the influencer to view the detailed information of him/her. InflueNex offers all the statistics about the influencer, including engagement, estimating price range, channel performance, and more.


Step 5. Get Connected with Influencers

If you want to have a closer connection with the influencer, you can click the Send Invitation button at the right side of the influencer's name to send a collaboration email to the influencers.


Step 6. Track Effects of Your Campaign Video

When you've established the cooperation with influencers, you can track effects of your video. You can click the Tracking words in the drop-down menu of Key Features. Then you'll be navigated to the tracking page, and you should click the Add Campaign Video button at the upper right corner of this page. Fill in the blanks in the pop-up form, and then you can track the effects of your campain video easily.



It is evident Influencer marketing can help brands attain their marketing goals. InflueNex is the tool that can help you kick off your influencer marketing campaigns. So, what are you waiting for? Click on and get started today. Take your brand to the next level and efficiently compete with your fellow competitors.

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