In case you want to send catchy collaboration emails to influencers it is very essential to come up with great lines. Over the internet you can find several subject line for collaboration email which will give you a chance to get a step closer to your influencers. By using great lines on your emails, you can convince your influencers to open and go through them. When you email get read by large number of influencers then you automatically gets an upper with respect to your immediate competitor.

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Part 1. Top 20 Collaboration Email Subject You Need to Know

Most importantly, there are 20 most important subject of email for collaboration which will give you a chance to convince influencers through different means. Every other influencer tend to get motivated with different set of profits, thus it gets very essential for you to focus on several subject lines to get more prospective influencers.

These subject lines will help you in focusing on the holistic betterment of the organization. In the long run effective subjects of collaboration email will get you connected to an influencer even on informal terms. This ultimately provides you a winning edge with respect to your immediate competitors.

1. Hello! This is…

Through this email subject for collaboration you get a chance to provide an attractive and brief introduction of your organization to influencers of your choice. This way you can showcase your ideologies and area of interest. Thus, it will give you an opportunity to outreach to prospective influencers.

2. Benefits you will get by guest blogging

You can literally secure an influencer by making them aware about the benefits which they will secure when they work for you. When you try to convince your influencers with this email subject for collaboration then it is very essential to make them aware about the benefits in written. This way they don’t feel as if you will provide them bribe to market your company.

3. Share offering after making a profit

This subject line for collaboration email will give you an opportunity to talk to your influencers directly about the total amount of profit which they will acquire. Thus, you can easily place your side of terms and conditions right away. Influencers will then feel more open to work for you.

4. Would you like to get featured in our event?

Through this subject of email for collaboration you not only get a chance to make a genuine offering to influencers but can also get to learn whether they want to work for you in future or not. If influencers want to be a part of a grand event then it will ultimately increase the product visibility by mentioning their name on the post.

5. Can you provide me a review about the product?

This is an alternative way in which you can directly approach influencers of your choice. By offering free product sample you can easily make a formal relationship with them. This is also considered as an initial phase of conversation since it is more likely that an influencer will respond for the email.

6. Meet our team

Influencers like to learn more about the company for which they are planning to work for. With the help of present email subject for collaboration you get a chance to make them aware about your experienced staff and partners. This way they will get more than motivated to work for you.

7. Invitation for affiliate marketing

At present affiliate marketing is in latest trends, thus you can even ask an influencer directly whether he or she likes to promote your brand and make a hefty profit in return. This email subject for collaboration has a formal language texture where you get a chance to convince prospective influencers right away.

8. Invitation to be our brand ambassador

This formal collaboration email subject will give you a leverage to offer a permanent job to an influencer in your company. This way you can even establish an informal relationship with them which in the long-run will case great deal of benefit to your organization.

9. A chance to showcase your products to wide audience

This is considered as an indirect way to approach an influencer where you, at first try to present your website and products to them. You have to approach an influencer who are good enough and have similar interests as your organization. Thus, they will be more than convinced to work in collaboration with you.

10. A feedback request

This is often termed as a beta testing where you get a chance to ask an influencer to review all of your products. Thus they will even showcase interest if your products are based on the area of their interest. In the long run they can even end up working for your organization by making their followers aware about genuine product of your organization.

11. Invitation for an event

One of this subject line for collaboration email you get a chance even to make informal relationship with your influencers. You are required to make this influencer mail more attractive with the use of trendy templates. This will intrigue influencers and they will attend the event organized by your company.

12. To get products and service before general public

Most of the influencers will love to try your new product or services, you can convince them to work for you with the help of this collaboration email subject line. Making your influencers access to your prototype or product before they are made accessed for the general public will eventually make them vouch for you.

13. Free subscription for products and services

Providing a lucrative subscription proposal to your targeted influencers is considered as one of the best strategy. This subject of email for collaboration will definitely provide you a chance to convince influencers to promote your products or services to their followers.

14. A request for curation

This is considered as one of the trendiest subject of email for collaboration where you get a chance to ask influencers to contribute on your websites. You can make them aware about the benefits which they will get viz. free trials of products and services or getting their article published under their own name.

15. Just a reminder for…

In case one of your influencers didn’t respond the first time then this subject line for collaboration email will help you to outreach to them second time. With this follow up email you can easily make them aware about your initial proposal and if possible you can even add some attraction to it.

16. Provide quotation on our tool

In case you are planning to focus more than one influencer at a time then this collaboration email subject line will provide you great deal of ease. With focusing on multiple influencers at a time you can get large number of customers over the internet. Getting large base on influencers will also give you an opportunity to choose best among them for a task.

17. Register now for upcoming event

These types of emails are provided to large number of influencers so that they can get aware about your organization. You also get a chance to showcase how big the event will be which ultimately increase the curiosity level among prospective influencers. Influencers will then get wooed by your organization and they will start to promote your products.

18. Thank you for wonderful task

An email of appreciation will not only help you to increase confidence in your influencers, but you will also be able to get one step closer to them. Through this subject line for collaboration email you get to make contact with prospective influencers with ease in upcoming future.

19. Don’t miss the upcoming seminar

This is another tactic with which you will be able to increase your influencer base. Influencers prefer to meet new people so that they can increase their contact list. You can help them acquire that opportunity by organizing seminars where you can even promote your products as well as services.

20. Want to be friends on…

This email subject for collaboration will provide you an opportunity to acquire a formal and informal relationship with influencers. Thus, it will be easier for you to contact then next time. You can also ask them to provide a review about your organization over several social media sites which will give you an upper hand.

Part 2. Tips and Tricks about Writing a Good Collaboration Email Subject

The subject section of an email is very important if you want to encourage anyone to work with your company. The subject of your email can either break or make a deal between you and your influencer. This is why it is important to write a good subject for your emails to collaborators in order to increase your reply rate. You can find various tips on writing good subject line for your email as well. The following are some email subject for collaboration tips and tricks that you can use-

1. Keep it simple

One of the most important tips of all is to keep your subject simple. If it has a lot of complex vocabulary, the message may get lost. It is better to use simple words and keep your message as simple as possible to ensure that the message is properly understood by the influencer. You can make the subject a bit interesting by making a hint of an offer for the influencer so that they can get interested in opening it.


  • The message will become a lot more readable if you use simple language.
  • Influencers are mostly busy and they won’t be interested in trying to decode the subject as most will only read subject at first.
  • A simple and concise subject will easily be displayed in the notification, further improving the chances of reply.

2. Show them that it’s urgent

You can also increase the chances of reply by the influencers by making it seem urgent. Every collaboration email subject can take advantage of this trick. When someone receives an email, the subject appears on the screen and if you can manage to make that look urgent the receiver will obviously read it. It is important to make sure that you use the right grammar and don’t over use the urgency effect as they may also ignore it, thinking that it is a spam.


  • These types of subjects create inquisitiveness among people and increase the chances of them opening the email significantly.
  • They are simple and short, which makes them even more accurate.
  • They are simple to write and understand.

3. Insert an offer

There is no shame in getting straight to the point. If you are planning on throwing a good offer to the influencer, you can write about that in the subject. The idea is to throw hints so that you can spark their interest in collaborating with you. Make sure you give subtle hints about a good offer and then mention rest of the details in the main body of the email. If your offer is great, you will certainly get a reply from the influencer.


  • The main benefit of this tip is that it creates interest in the reader.
  • This will allow the reader to get straight to the point without hassle.
  • This shows your professionalism and will certainly make your chances of getting a reply significantly better.

4. Avoid using no reply emails

While the no reply emails are commonly used in this market, you should never send a no reply email if you want to collaborate with an influencer. As a no reply email will just say no-reply in notification, the influencer will most probably think of it as a spam and will ignore it. Even if they read it, a no-reply email doesn’t support direct replies and the influencer will have to take many efforts to reply to you. This simply reduces the chances of a reply as they aren’t mostly free and it shows lack of professionalism.


  • If you do not use no-reply emails, it will enhance your first impression.
  • Avoiding the use of this type of emails will show that you care about the influencer.
  • It will also portray the professionalism of your firm.

5. Personalization tokens

Personalization tokens are a great way to ensure success of your subject line for collaboration email. Personalization tokens like name or locations can improve the impact on the reader significantly. If you have written the name of the reader in the subject, they will relate to it and it will make them feel special. This is a really simple and ingenious way to improve the click through rate of you collaboration emails.


  • This tip will add a personal element for the reader and increase their chances of reading it.
  • They look simple and elegant.
  • As you will already know the name of the influencer, you wont need to search for it and waste your time.

Subject of email for collaboration holds a lot of importance when it comes to response of the influencer. It has been noted that emails with better subjects have more chances of being read and getting reply. It is important to choose a powerful subject so that you can spark the interest of the reader. InflueNex is a great tool for people looking to collaborate with influencers all over the world. It helps users to compare multiple influencers, see their real-time ranking and analytics. It also provides you with contact details of the influencers. You can use it if you want to grow your business via influencer marketing.

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