TikTok is one of the most popular social media applications nowadays and it is used by almost all age groups. This application comes with the artificial intelligence based built-in templates that allow users to create beautiful and impressive videos. This application is downloaded by millions of users worldwide to create short videos and share them on social media with their friends and families. Besides creating videos, now TikTok is also used by brands for doing marketing of their products and services. Brands communicate with the influencers on TikTok who has millions of followers and ask them to promote their products and services. If you are also looking to contact TikTok influencers then you can go through this article to know how to get in contact with tiktop influencers.

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  1. Part 1: How to Contact TikTok Influencers with Easy Steps
  2. Part 2: How to Contact TikTok Influencers with Helpful Tools
  3. Part 3: Tips & Tricks about Contacting TikTok Influencers

Part 1: How to Contact TikTok Influencers with Easy Steps

If you need to find the TikTok influencers manually then this is really very easy. While searching for the influencers on the TikTok manually you need to keep the tips in mind.

  • The first and very important thing is that you must know the username of the influencer with whom you want to connect because the username is a must if you want to contact TikTok influencerrs manually.
  • Another thing is that you must have an account on the TikTok because you'll need to use the account to send message to the TikTok influencer after you find the influencer you're interested in.

How to Contact TikTok Influencers Manually

Step 1. Enter the Name of TikTok Influencer

Once you know the name of influencer and ready with an account, simply login to TikTok on the mobile and then tap on the search bar and then enter the name or id of influencer with whom you want to connect and then tap on the enter button.


Step 2. View Searching Results

After tapping the enter button, you will see several users according to your entered name or username just like the attached screenshot.


Step 3. Start Contacting TikTok Influencer

After finding the influencer in the search results, simply tap on the influencer profile and then you will be redirected to the influencer page. From the profile page of influencer you can now contact with them and make a business relationship. This is how to get in contact with tik tok influencers manually.


Part 2: How to Contact TikTok Influencers with Helpful Tools

1. Upfluence

URL: https://www.upfluence.com/

Upfluence is the most popular and powerful influencer searching platform which has millions of influencer database from mostly all categories. The website has database of over 3 million worldwide influencers. While searching influencers on this website you have option to search influencers according to 10 different matrices including the geographic location, follower etc.


  • Allows you to connect with over 3 million influencers with just few clicks.
  • You can manage your campaigns as well.
  • It also allows you to measure the performance of the influencers.


  • Unable to find the all top influencers from TikTok.
  • The search function is not much user friendly.
  • Plans are very expensive.


2. Fanbytes

URL: https://fanbytes.co.uk/

Fanbytes is another contact TikTok influencers solutions for the businesses. This website is new and launched a few years ago only but now it has become a very big influencer searching website and offers you over 10000 influencer profiles of the TikTok and SnapChat applications. This website mainly focuses on finding the influencers from the TikTok and SnapChat apps only so you can easily connect with the influencers of these apps using Fanbytes.


  • Allows you to find the top influencers of TikTok.
  • Supports managing the campaigns as well.
  • Used by the top brands of the market.


  • There is lack of influencer database.
  • Pricing of the website plans is very costly.
  • The website processing speed is very slow.


3. AspireIQ

URL: https://www.aspireiq.com/

AspireIQ is another option for searching the influencers of the TikTok. This website focuses on making a long term relationship between the clients and influencers. While making any partnership with the influencers the website takes care a lot about the deal between the influencers and client to manage their relationship for long term. It also helps website to trust more about the website services.


  • It supports finding the perfect influencers from the TikTok website.
  • The website is trustworthy.
  • Offers you database of over 2 million worldwide influencers.


  • Good for the big brands only because the price is very high.
  • The website interface is not easy to use.
  • Still the database of the influencers is not much larger.


4. Neoreach

URL: https://neoreach.com/

Neoreach is also a nice contact TikTok influencer website which allows you to find influencers without much effort. This website is used by the most trusted brands to search the influencers for promotions of their brands. The website is most trusted by Amazon, AirBnb, Walmart, Honda and the New York times. This website also offers software which can be installed on the windows computers. You can use the desktop program of the website as well to manage your marketing campaigns.


  • It has over 3 million registered influencers on the website.
  • AI-based website and offer automated searching options.
  • The support of most trusted brands in the market.


  • The pricing is expensive and doesn't friendly to small business.
  • The interface of this website is not user-friendly to the new users.
  • Still the database of the influencers is not much larger.


5. Julius

URL: https://www.juliusworks.com/

Julius Works website also a contact TikTok influencers website which solves you problem about how to get in contact with TikTok influencers with ease. Julius comes with the powerful database of 120000 worldwide influencers. This website allows users to find the influencers from the most popular social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat and TikTok.


  • It has over 120,000 registered influencers.
  • Trusted by hundreds of premium brands.
  • Support several social media platforms.


  • Better for premium brands but the pricing is expensive.
  • The website processing speed is very slow.
  • Still the database of the influencers is not much larger.


6. Influencer

URL: https://influencer.com/

Influencer is the leading influencer platform where you can find influencers of different categories. This website is very popular and everyone can easily. The website is good for both influencers and clients because it gives security of payment of both parties.


  • No joining fee for the influencers and they can earn unlimited money.
  • Payment protection for both parties.
  • Directly connect with brands.


  • Unable to process the results in faster speed.
  • Doesn’t offer competitive prices.


7. Obviously

URL: https://www.obvious.ly/

Obviously is also a very nice global leader of the influencer marketing and provides you a very huge database of the influencers. This website was introduced in the online market in 2014 and now it has about 40000 influencers registered on it. The website has a very good relationship with big brands as well such as coca cola, Google, Cunaro, Clarins etc.


  • Very old website and has a very good reputation over internet.
  • This is uses and trusted by many top brands over Internet.
  • Obviously supports mainly all popular social media platforms.


  • Website interface is not much intuitive.
  • Not much filters to find the right influencers.


8. The Influencer Marketing Factory

URL: https://theinfluencermarketingfactory.com/

The influencer marketing factory as the name of website implies, you can use this website for searching the influencers. The website is able to find influencers from the YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, TikTok and some other platforms. This contact TikTok influencer website is used by Thrive market, Hilton, Southern Cross University and some other major brands.


  • Find the influencers according to your business targeted people.
  • • It also allows you to track the campaign results as well.
  • Helps you to create content for making your campaign successful.


  • There is not much influencer database available.
  • the support of this website doesn't respond in time.
  • Unable to process your requests fast because of the loading speed.


9. Socially Powerful

URL: https://sociallypowerful.com

Socially Powerful website mainly specialized in searching the influencers of the TikTok. The website influencers are specialist in the marketing of TikTok platform. Socially powerful website introduces themselves as a market global leader in the era of influencer marketing. This website actually provides the accurate content to the client which is actually useful for them.


  • Provides influencers database of the other social media platforms.
  • Supports to find TikTok influencers in easy steps.
  • Deliver the quality content.


  • Still it has lack of influencer database.
  • The searching function is powerful but works very slow.
  • Paid pricing is very costly.


10. SocialMedia One

URL: https://socialmediaagency.one/

SocilaMedia One is another platform which offers you database of TikTok and other social media platform influencers databases. This website offers you several tabs for connecting with the different types of social media influencers such as Facebook, YouTube, twitter, Instagram etc. You can directly go to any tab and find the related social media influencer.


  • The interface of website is easiest to use.
  • You can find all types of influencers including TikTok.


  • The influencer database is not large enough.
  • The searching options are not good enough.


Part 3: Tips & Tricks about Contacting TikTok Influencers

Tip #1: Connecting with the Right People

Well, due to the wide popularity of social media influencers nowadays everyone likes to become a successful influencer to earn more money. So, whenever you search for the influencers on any influencer platform you need to make sure that you are connecting with the right person. Some people create accounts on social media sites and get fake leads to become social media influencer. So, you need to make sure to stay away from these influencers.

Tip #2: Contact with the Relationship Email or Message

When you first time connect with the TikTok or any other social media influencers you need to make sure to start with the relationship Email instead of business proposal. Some people directly send the offer mail to the influencer which is really bad. Relationship emails helps influencers to understand your mindset and the will think twice before rejecting your mail and deleting it directly.

Tip #3: Offer free Gifts

When you offer a free sample or gift to then influencers it really works. Influencers like to receive gifts instead of direct partnership offers. It shows that you respect them and the work they are doing. You can also invite them on your brand parties and media events to give them respect. You can ask them to invite your parties as a host or guest which will make them happy and think about joining the party and your brand.

Tip #4: Take care of their Schedule

Influencers mostly received many Emails, phone calls and messages every day. So, think thrice before sending any Email to them. Influencers are also humans and they have several things to do in their daily routine life just like us. Make sure to send Email when you thing that influencer is free because there are chances that they open your Email and read your partnership or relationship offer.

Tip #5: Use Simple Subject Line

Due to the busy schedule of influencers they often open important mails only and the emails with the good subject line. Subject line if the most important part of connecting influencers because it helps influencers to understand the content or Email. If you write good subject there are chances that influencer can open your Email.


These are top influencer searching platforms where you can simply find any TikTok influencer very easily and directly connect with them using the website itself. These sites are really very popular and the best part is that some of these sites mainly focus on the TikTok influencers only so you can get the accurate data what you need.

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