But, before that you need to understand what kinds of questions to ask a blogger or influencer because that is the key for that flame which is going to draw a lot of attention. A good question, influencers will not be so easy to say no to you, which can improve the communication efficiency of the brand. Moreover, good questions can directly or indirectly stimulate sales. So, you need to strategically structure your questions and you can get all the essential details about that in article where you can learn how to interview someone for a blog or a podcast.

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  1. Part 1. Tips & Tricks about Asking Good Questions to Influencers
  2. Part 2. Questions to Ask Influencers in Email

Part 1. Tips & Tricks about Asking Good Questions to Influencers

According to social media experts, interviews of key influencers are the easiest and fastest way to get recognition and creditbitly to your product or content. But still the main part is that you do it the right way because you don’t want this shortcut to leave any negative impact for the future of your content or your talent. You can check a few essential tips and tricks that you can for asking questions to influencers.

Question 1 – What are the objectives on which you work?

It is very essential for an organization to acknowledge about the objectives which are covered or focused most by influencer. This process raises their awareness whether their products will be marketed according to their norms or not. It will be favorable for you to hire influencer if he or she states that they work to increase traffic of a website, drive sales or make the audience aware of the brand. It is very essential that influencer knows the needs of their audience and has information related to the area of your business. This will make them to market your products in a better way.

Question 2 – Do you provide a written agreement?

Before engaging in a partnership with influencer you are requested to ask them whether they provide a duly signed agreement or not. Most of the professional influencers prefer to deal in this manner as they will showcase their loyalty towards your brand. You should also ask them for the term as well as conditions if they try to break the contract in between. Moreover, you are also required to ask them whether they work in accordance with the advertising guidelines or not.

Question 3 – Business personality or books which influence you the most?

By asking this question to influencers, you get to know their working ideologies, this will provide you a better opportunity to judge that whether they will turn out to be fruitful for you or not. Most of the time different business heads have different approaches to achieve their goals. It is very essential that you hire an individual who has working criterion similar to yours so that in the future no conflict is registered which has bad influence on the brand promotional activities. In the long run, this also provides you an opportunity to learn about the type of followers’ influencer have.

Question 4 - What is your daily schedule?

As a brand it is very essential for you to know the daily schedule of your influencer and then match them with your ideologies. This step will make you aware about how hard influencer is ready to work on a daily basis and different types of tasks which he or she handles. You will get an idea if he or she could promote your brand through different media like videos, blog posts, info-graphics etc. Thus, you will also be able to learn the number of audience you will be able to access in a given time period.

Question 5 – What is the criterion to measure the results of your influencer campaign?

Measuring the performance of influencer is very essential since you get an idea whether the campaign will be a fruitful one for you or not. You are required to look for various means to measure the campaign viz. Return of Investment, analytics and social resonance. Analytics basically focuses on the traffic which your site is getting during the brand promotional campaign.

You can also compare how your campaign is performing with respect to the total amount of money been spent. It is also recommended to ask influencers whether they provide genuine data about the total likes and comments on their every post which they place for their product or not.

Question 6 – What type of influencer you are?

Before hiring an influencer, you are required to know whether he or she is a micro or macro- influencer as both of them have a different working criteria. If you are planning to popularize your brand to a global audience then it is essential to go for macro influencers as they have followers from all around the globe. Contrary to this, micro influencers focus on local audience and they are essential if you are planning to introduce your brand to local area. Micro influencers have near about 10,000 local followers who have potential to increase at an exponential rate.

Question 7 – How did you overcome your biggest failure?

Knowing the manner in which your influencer overcomes a failure will give you an opportunity to learn about whether they are persistent at their job or not. Online marketing is not an easy task and it takes a great deal of skill to generate prospective customers. Only those influencers succeed who don’t get disheartened with initial failure and try even harder.

Question 8 – Do you participate in brainstorming sessions?

Though during campaign marketing, you will provide samples to influencers about how they should plan the job but it is necessary that influencers should possess creative and intellectual thinking. You should ask them straight away that whether they provide you ideas about how to complete marketing campaign with innovative ideas or not. You should also ask for a few samples which will give you an idea whether they can think out of the box or not. This is the very step to attract prospective customers during online campaign.

Question 9 – In how much time will you respond back?

Proper follow up is very essential in the world of product marketing and brand promotion. You should learn more about their vetting response time and how easy it is to reach them, more the channels of contact the better. Keeping in touch with an influencer will also provide you an opportunity to make them aware about latest advancements in your products if any. Thus, they can right away inform their followers which increases the chance of sales. You should also take their emergency information, just to play safe.

Question 10 – Is network of trained influencers working for you?

What would be more compelling than to have a team of expert influencers working on your campaign? Thus, you should ask influencer whether they have trained personnel’s or not. Working with a team of influencers will provide you access to several social media platforms which have dominance of people of every other age group. This process will ultimately increase the number of your customers in near future. Most of the times, influencer network also provides non-public data which provides you an upper hand with respect to your immediate competitors.

Part 2. Questions to Ask Influencers in Email

Before you prepare yourself for an interview with key influencers of your industry, it is very important that you have to invite them which you can easily do with an email. Now, this is a tricky part where you have to write an invitation email to such a big and popular influencer which should be convincing enough to get a thumb up in reply. You can pick any of the good questions for your email from these that are discussed below about what to ask influencers. Below are some examples and templates about eamil questions you can choose.

Question 1 – Are you a fan of my brand/content?

This could spark a fire if that influencer is really a fan of your products or contents, so if you are sure about this then you should definitely use this question. Like, if you manufacture some cosmetic products and you have a hint that some key influencer from Instagram or YouTube admires your products then it is must questions to ask a fashion blogger. Not just the influencer would love to be on your page but also your followers will also love this interview.

Question 2 –What are your three favorite tools?

If you create content or product related to software, gadgets or anything related to that then make sure that your influencer is also a celeb from that industry too. However, this question would be the most awaited question, especially for your followers because everyone wants to know that those celeb influencers use which makes them actually a celeb. It will also be very useful for your followers who are aspiring to be influencers of next generation and surely you are going get a huge thankful feedback in the comment section, if you publish its answer on your page.

Question 3 – How engaged your audience is?

If you are going to work with any influencer with huge popularity then you might be aware about the answer to this question but if they are a micro influencer then you can add this question in your email. With this, you will get to know that what kind of fan base or audience they have and what kind of feedback you will be getting if you interviewed them. This will also clear it out that if they are the best influencer for your content or products marketing.

Question 4. Do you work with competitors of your industry?

The interview with an influencer could be a good start for a long term collaboration and for that you need to know that are there any more creators in the market that are already working with your favorite influencer. You can use the question “Do you work with competitors of your industry?” to know if they had or have been currently working with any other influencer. However, this will also be helpful if your influencer has worked with any other who has already promoted your content or product then you can easily drop the option of interviewing them.

Question 5. What kinds of platforms do they use?

Well it is important to know, if you are not aware that how many platforms does your influencer uses because more the platform, more will be the reach to audience. If you have always used one from all the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any other then you are seriously missing out a lot. With your influencers reach on different platforms, you can also create a huge fan base or followers on different social media platforms.

Question 6. Will you be able to report the analytics?

Well, if you want get detailed analytics that what is response of you influencers content and their marketing strategies then you can put up this question. This will be helpful if you are planning to create big projects after this interview because these detailed statistics will let you know what their page insights are at the current time. If there are any errors in the report or anything that you find as a good sign then you can drop the thought of future collaborations.

Question 7. What are your most successful partnerships?

You can consider this question if you are skipping question no. 4 , because this will work the same way but will be of greater use. With this question, you will not only know that with whom they have already collaborated but also about their best partnership. You can do a little research about that and get to know what made that partnership so good and what the response of the audience was. If you find it good enough then you can use it further in your interview with them too.

Question 8. How frequently you work on paid partnerships?

You can consider this question if you are skipping question no. 4 because this will work the same way but will be of greater use. With this question, you will not only know that with whom they have already collaborated but also about their best partnership. You can do a little research about that and get to know what made that partnership so good and what the response of the audience was. If you find it good enough then you can use it further in your interview with them too.

Question 9. What keeps you going when market gets tough on you?

Putting this question will work both the ways as you will not only learn about that if popular influencer like them ever faces any situation like that and if they do then how they deal with it while on the other hand it will work as an emotional interest because influencer will think that you really want to learn from them. This is like impressing them and chances are that you’ll have a better chance to cooperate with the influencers.

Question 10. What is number 1 key of your influencer marketing?

Another way to learn as well as impress the influencer is to ask what the key or secret sauce to their success is. Celebrities and influencers will come up with the best answers that are not just useful for you but if you publish that on your page then your fans are going to love it. However, you might need their consent to publish that.


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