Ads are big when it comes to marketing, and step one is finding the right people to advertise your product — and for that, you’re going to need to be able to contact them too! Thankfully, there are a couple of ways that you can contact YouTubers without getting lost in the wave of comments and messages that they get on a daily basis from their own audience, and we’re going to be introducing you to a couple of those methods down below.

Part 1. Most Efficient Way to Contact YouTubers

First, we’re going to be going in depth in what we believe is the most efficient way to find and contact YouTubers. For this, we have It’s a social media search engine that you can use in order to discover some of the best influencers relevant to your niche market. It works pretty much like you’d expect a search engine to work. You can type down relevant keywords and use the tag managing options to browse through all the connectable YouTubers that they have in their archives. It’s easy, quick, and great for quickly finding and contacting Youtubers for your brand!

How to Contact YouTubers with

Step 1. Enter Keywords

The first and most prominent feature is the search toolbar. Here, you can input keywords and even channel names (if you already have channels to contact in mind.) All that is needed for this is to type out the relevant tags for your search and click the Search (magnifying icon) button!


Step 2. Advance Tag Search

If you’re looking to find rather than specifically contact, then InflueNex also offers a great tag system that you can use in order to narrow down the list of YouTubers that suits your market needs. For example:

  • Category: The Category tab is for what general niche market the YouTuber belongs to.
  • Country: The Country tab is for where the YouTuber is based off on (be it the United States, Brazil, India, etc.)

It’s all pretty straightforward, and all you need to do is select a tab and scroll through the available options until you find the one that best matches the qualities that you’re looking for when it comes to the YouTube influencer that you want to market to. Then, like before, click the Search button.


Step 3. Select YouTuber

Once you’ve filled in the search bar or selected the relevant tags in the advanced menu, you can then scroll through a whole list of YouTubers that operate within the parameters that you’ve selected. On this results page, you can see the YouTuber’s InflueNex score, their subscriber count, their current overall views and the number of videos that they have up on their channel. Now you can select a YouTuber that interests you, in order to get more information.


Step 4. Analytics Dashboard

You’ll be sent to an Analytics Dashboard where you can see all the relevant details related to the channel in question, but the most relevant option here is the Send Invite button on the top right-hand side of the screen. Select Send Invite in order to contact the YouTuber!


Step 5. Fill Email

As you can see, you can email the YouTuber directly on the InflueNex platform by filling in the parameters that they have provided. On here, you can:

  • Include the name of the product/service you’re selling,
  • Paste the relevant product/service URL,
  • Introduce the name of your company and the subject of the email,
  • And finally, write an invitation to the YouTuber in question.

All that you have to do after filling in the form is to select the Send button!


Part 2. Other Ways to Contact Youtubers

For this next portion, we’re going to be going through some of the other ways you can contact YouTubers. Of course, not all of these will work for you — depending on the YouTuber that you want to reach out to some of them might not have one or the other. However, these were the most common ways that brands would reach out to YouTuber influencers before search engines like InflueNex became popular.

1. Business Email

The first and most recommended way to contact a YouTuber outside of InflueNex is through their business email. Most YouTubers have this, some don’t, but most of them do! All you need to do to find it is go to the About page on a YouTuber’s channel and scroll down until you get to the ‘details’ section (although some YouTubers also have it on the ‘description’ section.) Either way, for this method, you can contact the YouTuber directly from a business email and, hopefully, get a response from them once they’ve thought to check it.


2. Social Media DM

Another method, even though it is not as recommended as the previous, is to interact with the influencer through social media. This is not always possible — some influencers have private messages locked or disabled because it has a tendency of clogging up from fans and spammers alike. However, if you do find a YouTuber influencer with still-open DMs, then it’s an easy way of getting into contact with them (even if they do not reply as quickly as you would have liked.)


3. Social Media (Facebook) Communities

Another way is to join communities that the influencer is active in. For example, there is a community on Facebook called TubeRitual that anyone can join where lots of YouTubers are active. In this case, it might be possible for you to connect with them through there! Some YouTubers also have their own pages and communities that you might be able to contact them through as well. Again, this is not always the most recommended option, but it is there, and it might help in finding other influencers that function on the same niche market.


4. Linked In

This is more of a specialized thing, but depending on the YouTube influencer that you want to reach out too, you might be able to find them through websites like Linked In. Which, as you probably already know, is a place that is great when it comes to connecting with other brands and career-oriented people. Linked In, specifically, is a great platform because it is a lot more professional than most of the available social media options out there (some of which might be too personal or too clogged by audience interaction, that you might never be able to get your message across.)



That’s it for our quick run-through on all the helpful methods available right now when it comes to contacting a YouTuber. Once again, we’d like to reiterate that when it comes down to it, the one that we’d most recommend and the method that we think is most efficient is the InflueNex method. Through InflueNex, you will not only be able to better grasp the current standing of the YouTuber’s channel, but you can also directly contact them for possible collaborations or sponsorships that might benefit the service or product that you’re offering for your business! It’s certainly one of the best marketing tools available right now, and it’s pretty easy to use too!

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