In today’s world it is very prospective if you own an online business as you get a chance to earn in multiple currencies and do not even have to care about inventory. Though it is very lucrative proposal but in case you are a novice then you might want to learn how to contact YouTubers to review your product. To tell you the truth there are several tools over the internet which will aid you in getting one step closer to YouTubers of your choice. Most of these platforms are very easy to use and you will get large range of YouTube influencers who will review your product.

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  1. Part 1: What's the Easiest Way to Contact YouTuber to Review Your Product?
  2. Part 2: Tips & Tricks about Contacting Youtuber to Review Your Product
  3. Part 3: 5 Helpful Templates for Contacting YouTubers to Review Your Product

Part 1. What's the Easiest Way to Contact YouTuber to Review Your Product?

One of the most impressive ways to contact YouTubers is with the help of InflueNex. The GUI feature of this tool is user interactive thus even if you are a beginner and want to learn how to contact YouTube for channel review you can use it effectively. On InflueNex you can bookmark prospective influencers which you can consult in the future without much of search. Moreover, this online tool also provide you an advantage to contact several YouTubers at once, thus you do not have to type similar messages over again.

Key Features

  • You will be offered 2 million of influencers to choose from.
  • InflueNex provide you an opportunity to get several email templates with which you can write professional email.
  • You can even do analysis for the performance of the YouTuber of your choice and see if they are competent or not.
  • Through InflueNex you can even see the profile picture of the collaborator of your choice.
  • You do not have to download any additional software on your computer while you use the service of InflueNex.

How to use InflueNex to contact YouTubers with detailed guide

Step 1: Type keywords

At the initial stage you have to type the name of the YouTuber or his/ her channel name inside of the search bar.


Step 2: Tag search with advanced filters

In second step you can go for tag search here you get a chance to click the filter as well as choose from several sub-categories. This will give you an aid in finding the appropriate influencer.


Step 3: Select a YouTuber

Now all you to do is to click on a YouTuber of your choice then you get a chance to go through his or her statistics viz. total number of posts, views, subscriptions etc.


Step 4: Fill in the email form

In the last step, you need to fill out email form, moreover you will get several templates which provide a professional look to your collaboration email mail, and then click on send invite button.


Part 2. Tips & Tricks about Contacting Youtuber to Review Your Product

When you are learning how to contact YouTubers to review your product then it is very essential to consider different strategies and tips to influence a YouTuber. These tricks will not only help you attract large number of YouTubers but you will also be able to make a long term relationship with them. Thus, you will find it very easy to contact the second time. Most of these tricks are easy to understand and apply while contacting YouTube collaborators for your business promotional activities.

10 helpful tips and tricks about contacting YouTubers to review your product

1. Compelling subject line

First things first, when you are contacting YouTuber for the very first time then it is very essential that you write email with compelling subject line. This will influence the collaborators to open and read the proposal which you have offered to them. It is also considered as one step closer to attract preferred YouTube influencer. With crisp and to the point subject line you will be able to make YouTubers aware about the reason of your contact and remunerations which you will offer in return.


2. Use of correct fonts

In case you want to learn about how to contact YouTubers to review your product then it is very essential to write the message in a professional format. For this you can choose from Tahoma, Verdana etc. fonts. This will give a formal and well formatted look to your message. Moreover, these fonts are accepted all over the world and when your preferred influencer will open them then they will be able to read the message as it was typed by you in the first place.

3. Crisp message

It is very essential to write down message which is to the point. When you write lengthy message and beat around the bush then there is a possibility that YouTubers might lose their interest. As a result they may mark you either as spam or send all of your messages in archives. Writing crisp message will give you a chance to impress your influencers and you will also be able to save much of your time.

4. Correct information

You should write correct information about your company and also have to include working contact information viz. telephone number, email, fax etc. This will give formal look to the message, moreover your collaborators will find it easy to send their revert mails back to you. Writing wrong contact information will create suspicion in the minds of your collaborators and they might not work you in the first place.


5. Use of bullet points

This is another technique with the help of which your email will look more professional and convincing to a YouTube collaborator. Writing a lengthy mail in long paragraphs is a big no since it is time consuming and lack luster. Moreover, when you write a collaborative email to a YouTuber then you get a chance to highlight main points like remuneration, gifting free samples etc. Thus, it will give it appealing look and your chosen YouTubers will be more than willing to work for you.

6. Addressing your collaborators

It is very essential that you address your collaborators with their first name; this will make your email look more amiable. Writing names of your collaborator will give them an idea that you treat them more than just an asset that you are looking for a long term formal relationship. Thus, they will vouch for you and in return you will be able to get large number of online customers for your organization.

7. Clear to understand mail

When you are contacting an influencer then make sure that you are choosing words which are easy for them to understand. Writing technical and corporate jargons in between considered as a turn down since most of the collaborators do not have any idea about them. On the contrary when you use simple language then they will be able to understand it and if possible will consult you further for any queries. This will take you one step further to establish good relation with YouTube influencers.

8. Use of subheadings

Writing a collaboration email with the proper use of separate sub headings will give you additional point in approaching YouTubers. Through this technique you will be able to divide the mail on several sections. Moreover, it will provide additional ease to YouTube collaborators to go through the area which interests them the most.

9. Be specific about the offering

It never hurt to talk about business right away, more even collaborators will appreciate your gesture as they will get in written about the specific rewards which they get for the services during collaboration. If it is possible then make sure to write names of collaborators who have worked with you in the past. Thus you will further earn credibility of YouTube collaborators.

10. Start your emails with great lines

Who doesn’t like to read professional email with great offering, lucrative incentive and great deal of other opportunities? Thus, when you are writing an email to YouTube collaborators then add several attractions at the top. This will keep your reader engaged and they will go through it at least for once. It eventually increase the chances that influencers might collaborate with you to advertise your company’s products.

Part 3. 5 Helpful Templates for Contacting YouTubers to Review Your Product

If you are wondering how to contact YouTubers to review your product then it can be undertaken with the help of different types of email templates. These templates give you an opportunity to contact and take effective follow up of your chosen influencers when in need. Moreover your emails will also get a formal look with the help of which it will be very easy for you to attract more and more influencers.

5 templates for contacting YouTubers to promote your product

1. Intro template

Through the help of this template it is very easy for you to introduce your organization to influencers for the very first time. Through the help of intro template your chosen YouTuber will be able to consider the ideology and working methods of your company. Introduction template also provides you aid in showcasing the achievements of your organization and capable staff members. This will influence expert collaborator to advertise your products. You can also make your collaborator aware about the business prospects in a formal manner.


2. Template for event invitation

Influencers love to go to events as they get more exposure which eventually fetches them more followers over the internet. Thus this template is considered pretty tempting since you get to convince influencer that if he or she will collaborate with you then you will provide them free pass and discount to their followers to attend party. Through this template you also get an opportunity to provide them list of other top influencers who are attending the party.


3. Get featured template

In this template you can clearly make all of your YouTube collaborators that you will feature them on your website or channel. Thus they will find the proposal really tempting and will agree to advertise your products. The template even gives you an opportunity to formally talk about job role which you need your collaborator to undertake. You can even ask for their views about the product of your company. This is also considered as to the point template where you straight away talk about the business proposal thus it saves much of your time.


4. Email template for free product review

What would be more tempting way to approach YouTuber influencer and make them aware that you trust their opinion? This will eventually make you learn about the shortcomings in the features of your products before it gets launched for the general public. Through this process you can even influence a YouTube collaborator to do brainstorming for your product and give his or her views how to make it better. You can provide a preview of your product to selected influencers which will help you to gain their confidence.


5. Brand ambassador template

It is another template which helps you to convince an expert YouTuber to collaborate with your organization for long time duration. When you make influencer, ambassador of your organization and offer him or her some percentage of earning then it will eventually lurk many more to be a part for your company. Thus you get a chance to work with several collaborators which will increase the rate of return and profit of your organization. This is a type of collaboration email template which is hard to negate and your collaborator will accept the offer right away.



Over the internet there are several ways with the help of which you can easily make a contact with collaborators over the YouTube. Among all tools and methods InflueNex is considered as an effective means since it gives you an opportunity to access large number of collaborators as per your choice. The online tool is very easy to use due to its intuitive UX and UI features. InflueNex gives you an opportunity to track analysis of your chosen collaborators and you can even bookmark YouTubers so that you can approach them easily in the future.

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