Influencer marketing is trending at the moment. It entails using influencers to market products. Currently, there are numerous influencers to choose from. Instagram influencers are one of them. As the name suggests, these influencers promote brand’s products on Instagram and other social media platforms. There are numerous ways to find Instagram influencers by location. Understanding the below tips simplifies the entire process.

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  1. Part 1: Tips on How to Find Instagram Influencers by Location
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  3. Part 3: Alternative Ways of Finding Instagram Influencers by Location

Part 1: Tips on How to Find Instagram Influencers by Location

Are you looking for ways to find Instagram influencers by location for marketing purpose? Here is a step by step guideline on how to find Instagram influencers by location:

1.1 Directly searching on Instagram

Do you know you can find your desired Instagram influencer through Instagram? Instagram houses a lot of influencers. This social media platform also allows brands to directly converse with the selected influencer through direct message. The use of Instagram eliminates the possibility of manually looking for an Instagram influencer. Simply click on the search icon for profiles.

Enter the keyword on what you are looking for. Afterwards, you will attain your desired results based on the keyword. Click on each profile based on the results that pop out on the screen. Send direct message once you attain your desired Instagram influencer.


1.2 Searching Instagram Influencers on Google

Google is a renowned search engine platform. This platform can help you find Instagram influencers by location. You can edit Google settings to help you attain precise results. Google can you attain relevant and instant results when compared to other search engine platforms. Simply go to Google search settings and edit the location results.

Set the location results you desire to attain. You can also edit the number of results you desire to attain based on each result page. Your results can extend up to 100 searches. Move on and queue in the advanced search query. Here, you can edit results based on location and the website you want to deprive your results from. Go through the presented results and send a direct Instagram message on your selected Instagram influencer.


1.3 Searching on Influencer Marketing Platforms

As we all know, there are numerous influencer marketing platforms you can use to find your desired Instagram influencer. Influencer marketing platforms house different influencers. Therefore, brands or anyone can easily identify an Instagram influencer by location. Here, you are supposed to click on the category your desired Instagram influencers fall under. You will receive the number of followers each influencer has. The location and engagement rate will also pop up. You can further limit your search to cities.

Click on each profile and only reach out if the selected Instagram influencer meets your needs.


1.4 Use an Application with Influencers’ Database

Are you still contemplating on how to find Instagram influencers near you? If yes, consider using any applications that contain influencer’s database. As the name suggests, these database contains a wide range of influencers. Furthermore, most of these tools have enhanced tools which assist you find Instagram influencer by location.

Simply visit your selected influencer database platform. Afterwards, key in a keyword based on the location of Instagram influencer you are looking for. Your selected keyword narrows down the search and delivers results based on the location you want your Instagram influencer to originate from.


Part 2: How to Find Instagram Influencer Manually by Location

Do you want to find Instagram influencer in your area manually? If yes, there are a couple of things worth paying attention to. As we all know, finding Instagram influencer manually is can be strenuous and time consuming if you don’t know where to start from. The below tips will simplify the process of finding your desired Instagram Influencer manually. Check these tips out:

2.1 Identify Your Needs

The first step of manually finding an Instagram influencer commences by identifying your needs. In most circumstances, you should have goals your brand aims at attaining after a specific period. This will help you identify where you brands falls under. There are numerous Instagram influencers in the market to choose from. You goals help determine the kind Instagram influencer to go for. It can be a beginner, intermediary or an experienced influencer. Try your best and set both short term and long term goals.


2.2 Know the Kind of Influencers You Are Looking for

Determine the kind of Instagram influencer to look. It can be either macro or micro influencer. Similarly, you should determine the qualities of Instagram influencer to fall for. This is in terms of the job success rate, number of followers he/she houses to their experience, among others. This stage allows narrows down your search on the influencers to look for. This is an important part of manually finding an Instagram influencer. Therefore, it should be determined before stepping out.


2.3 Look for Engagement

The third step entails looking for engagement with your influencers. This should only after researching about Instagram influencers who met the criterion you have set. You can use various platforms including Instagram to look for the right influencer. Most people have a perception that influencers with huge followers have low engagement percentage. Try your luck and state the reason for reaching out. Don’t be limited to one option. You should have a wide range of options in terms of Instagram influencers. Wait for a response and move on to the next influencer if there is no response.


2.4 Put Interest of Your Chosen Instagram Influencer First

Inquire the conditions of the influencer who has reached out. Let him/her let you know what you should do in order to handle your influencer marketing campaigns. Remember, marketing strategies are different. Therefore, you should highlight your marketing strategies to your selected Instagram influencer. This helps determine if your marketing campaigns are manageable or need a more experienced and skillful influencer.

Don’t limit the freedom of your influencer. Let him/her do his thing provided he delivers what you requested for. Compensation should also be discussed before the task at hand is handled.


Part 3: Alternative Ways of Finding Instagram Influencers by Location

There are other options you can use to find Instagram Influencers by location for your marketing campaigns. These alternative ways are effective and have helped numerous brands and people identify locate the right Instagram by location. Here are these alternative ways you should consider when looking for an Instagram influencer by location.

1. Klear


Klear is one of the tools you can use to look for the right Instagram influencer based on their location. This tool is designed solely for influencer marketing. This platform uses data from various social media platforms to help identify Instagram influencers by location. Klear not only helps brands identify Instagram influencers marketing but also helps market the performance of your marketing campaigns.

This tool also helps monitor the marketing strategies of your fellow competitors. So, how is Klear capable of identifying Instagram influencers by location? Well; thus tool contains sophisticated algorithm that divides influencers into categories. These categories can be further divided into demographic locations.

This tool is also contains filter to simplify the search process. Brands can filter results to a specific location, gender or category, among others.

Key Features of Klear

  • Filter option to narrow down searches. These filters help attain precise searches that will help identify the right Instagram influencer.
  • There is a tool that helps monitor the progress of your fellow competitors.
  • Klear allows brands to follow the progress of their brand.


2. Awario


Awario can help brands identify Instagram influencers by location. Simply visit this tools website and check out various influencers. Here, influencers are divided into categories. Therefore, there is an Instagram influencer who is specialized in your field.

You can find your desired influencer through keyword across social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, among others. Therefore, you should know the keyword to enter in order to find your desired Instagram influencer by location.

That’s not all; Awario also gathers information related to the entered keyword. Afterwards, results will pop up on the screen. Go through the entire list before making any decision. This influencer marketing also allows you to check out how your brand’s marketing campaigns. You also have the privilege of checking out how your competitors’ strategies are working.

Key Features of Awario

  • There is a free trial feature which allows brands to try it out before selecting a plan
  • Here, influencers are divided into categories. Therefore, you can easily identify your Instagram influencers within a short period.
  • There is a tool which allows you to monitor your marketing campaigns once they go live.


3. BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo Suits Instagram influencers with a Twitter account. This tool plays various roles apart from helping identify the right Instagram influencer by location. BuzzSumo also helps monitor the progress of your applied influencer marketing strategies. BuzzSumo has a tool that helps identify top content on your selected niche. Consequently, this tool also highlights the Instagram influencers who created content. Their location will also be highlighted.

Moving on, Buzzsumo has tools which enable it to conduct in depth searches on Twitter. Therefore, you can easily identify your desired Instagram influencer.

Key Features of BuzzSumo

  • There are different packages to choose from. These packages have different price tags. Each package comes with its own packages.
  • BuzzSumo has a tool that enables in depth research on Twitter.
  • This tool is capable of identifying top rated content and their respective influencers.


4. BuzzStream


BuzzStream platform was initially considered a link building tool. However, it has proven it can help brands locate their desired Instagram influencers by location. You simply need to identify the keyword you are going to use in order to find your desired Instagram influencer. Afterwards, results will pop up with details about your desired influencer. It can be their social media platforms, their website and their online performance, among others.

That’s not all; Buzzstream also has filter tool. This tool allows you to further narrow down results until you attain what you are looking for. Buzzstream also allows you to monitor the journey of your selected Instagram influencer. This tool will also analyze your marketing performance. You will be able to know your strengths and weakness as time progresses.

Key Features of BuzzStream

  • Buzzstream contains a filter tool that enables brands to find precise searches based on what they are looking for.
  • You can analyze the performance of your influencer marketing campaigns once they are life. This allows you to evaluate your weakness and strengths.
  • You can follow the progress of your Instagram influencer.


5. Upfluence


Look no further if you are looking for an Instagram influencer on a specific location. Simply visit upfluence and get sorted. This platform houses over one million influencers. These influencers are specialized in different fields. Therefore, you are assured of finding an Instagram influencer near your location. Furthermore, there is an algorithm that helps brands find influencers across various social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, facebook and Twitter.

Upfluence also allows brands to find their desired Instagram influencers based on the selected keywords. These keywords narrow down searches and help attain precise searches. That’s not all; there is a tool that ranks influencers depending on the number of followers they attract. There is also an analytics feature that is effective only on Instagram. Lastly, upfluence also houses an outreach tool that helps send personalized messages.

Key Features of BuzzStream

  • Upfluence has an analytics feature. This feature makes it easy to analyze the performance of marketing campaigns applied on Instagram.
  • This platform can narrow down results based on the queued keyword. Therefore, brands can easily identify an Instagram influencer that meets their needs.
  • There is an outreach tool that allows sending of personalized emails.



Are you still looking for tips on how to find Instagram influencers in your area for various marketing campaigns? If yes, the above guidelines will help you attain your goals.

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