The Restaurant Point of Sale (POS) solution allows the waiter or bartender to process the order electronically and place the order to the kitchen immediately. Vendors may offer software that is compatible with commonly used devices or provide proprietary kiosks, tablets, and other hardware.

Some restaurant POS devices are self-service. Users can place food orders or request extra drinks and beverages without a waiter. These systems can be integrated with websites for offering online reservations or package orders.

In addition to incoming and outgoing transactions, the restaurant POS software system can be integrated with the inventory management system. Numerous restaurants offer POS options, as well as manpower management features.

This can often be achieved through integration with the restaurant management system. Some vendors offer the option of buying a point-of-sale off the restaurant management system and the whole solution. However, most restaurants offer POS vendor software as well as hardware.

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Pricing: A free 15-minute demo is available, and TillPoint offers a 7-day free trial. You can contact him to get the price based on your needs. All packages have full access to all applications and features, 24/7 support, and Tillpoint will work with existing payment systems.

Tillpoint is an award-winning EPOS and business management platform for restaurants. The system includes more than 25 applications that allow you to run a complete business with a complete, centralized, and cost-effective all-in-one solution.



  • Table management
  • Table reservation
  • Gifts and loyalty
  • Offline format with full features and automatic backup and backup.
  • Expandable and easy to use
  • General management, timeline, and time clock.
  • Booking orders
  • Real-time content tracking with inventory management and management.
  • Menu management
  • Kitchen display system
  • Reports for sales, inventory, staff, finance, and more.

Verdict: Tillpoint Restaurant POS is the only solution that lets you do all your business transactions in one place, and it's easy to remove. Tulpoint is a cloud-based platform that provides uninterrupted online and offline services.

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Price: Tours are available in 15 minutes. The first registration will cost $51 per month, and the additional registration will cost $32.7 per month. This package includes 24/7 support and works with existing payment systems.

The Nobly Restaurant POS system is easy to use. It provides security features through personal accounts and secure passwords. This will allow you to set permissions for staff members. Accelerate communication with automatic messaging from your home to the kitchen. This can be combined with reading the card.



  • Table management
  • Real-time content tracker
  • Kitchen display unit
  • Sales and inventory reports.

Verdict: Nobly Pos Restaurant offers a summary of your restaurant for the first time, or you can view each customer's order individually. It has features like mobile reporting, kitchen display unit, and integration with Zero, Assist, and QB.

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Price: Touch Bistro has four pricing plans. Solo (64 per month), Group (58.78 per month), Team (25 per month), and Unlimited (Earnings).

Touch Bistro is a smart solution for the POS restaurant system. It supports processor-free payments with integrated payment processors. You can save a list of ingredients, allergy information, and photos for each menu. With this EPOS system, your staff will be able to answer any menu questions.



  • There are features for desk and desk management.
  • Get a payment processing solution.
  • The restaurant includes inventory management features.
  • It has functionality for menu management and CRM.

Verdict: TouchBistro is a member of the EPOS system. The proposed solution is to form a single or multiple members. The TouchBestro report will help you make decisions, such as bringing in more staff and providing you with more information on what you are looking for.

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Simphony Cloud Restaurant POS

Price: A product tour is available. You can contact the company for pricing information. According to online reviews, it costs Rs 5,000 as a one-time fee.

Simphony is an Oracle Hospitality Management Platform. Back to office functionality in this cloud and mobile platform. It can be used for a variety of foods. The global employee can apply brands, menus, and standards. This will also allow localization.



  • Inventory management
  • Table reservation
  • Report
  • Gifts and loyalty

Verdict: Simphony is a modern, cloud-based POS system. Has real reporting skills and financial analysis skills. With the help of this platform, you can save your menu and price permanently globally.

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Kitchen CUT

Price: Kitchen CUT offers 14 days of the free trial. There are four pricing plans, Basic, Regular, Premium, and Ultimate.

The White Food and Beverage Management System is an online platform for restaurant management. It provides software for kitchen recipes, meals, menu planning, restaurant management, kitchen management, and restaurant POS.



  • This will allow you to add new features to suit your needs.
  • It will provide insight and analysis.
  • Track and GP sales.
  • You can quickly see the performance of the Group.

Verdict: Kitchen CUT is a cloud-based solution with features like POS, billing and receipt, inventory management, kitchen management, menu management, and reports.

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Price: Light Speed offers a free trial. You can contact him for pricing. The most popular LightSpeed plans start at $103.18 a month.

Lightspeed is an EPOS system for full service, fast service, cafes, and hotel restaurants. 24/7 unlimited support, one online or webinars, demos, and videos. There are inventory management, desk orders, staff management, store management, and reports.



  • It works in offline mode with full backup and automatic backup and backup.
  • It provides features for on-site services.
  • Supports all swipes and transfers.
  • It can work on taps and gestures. It also allows you to create a partnership point for your Team.
  • All data and reports are available on the iPad, mobile, and desktop.

Verdict: LightSpeed is a scalable solution that can handle everything from one place to another. Lights Speed provides uninterrupted service with and without the internet.


The restaurant's POS system includes payment terminals, touch screens, and some other software and software. As seen in the best restaurants in POS, Noble and Touch Bistro are great for small businesses.

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