Free POS does exist, though you'll still have to buy the hardware, whether that's is a full register/scanner/printer combo or just a desktop computer or tablet.

Below, I've gathered a list of free POS software tools:

In this collection, you will find some open-source options, some free versions (not only in the POS world but also in the software world) and freemium products. Most of these solutions are locally installed and provided alphabetically.

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Square POS

Square POS is the most popular free POS software option. An interface that allows customers to spend months without analytics and sales management, customer inventory and management features, integration with various e-commerce and bookkeeping platforms, billing capabilities, options for delivering digital receipts and robust data security. Will take Which is easy to use.

Customers who sign up for Square POS will receive a free card reader to receive mobile payments. Can be installed on their smart device.

However, 2.6% deposit 0.10 for all exchanged transactions from Square, 3.5% deposit 0.15 for all exchange transactions and 0.10 deposit 2.9% for all online transactions, and the most for free options Be expensive If you are looking for a POS system with hours and whistles, use Square, but know that there are cheaper options.

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If you are just starting out, Imonggo is a great choice as it offers free pose software for users in one place. Through this project, you will be able to provide up to 1000 products, sales analysis, digital signals, employee and customer management, as well as mobile phone connectivity and offline sales.

Your free cash flow plan does not include extensive integration features, offline access, or the option to accept credit card payments. In addition, sponges limit your transactions to 1000 per month. If you want more than you want, you need to register a premium version, which is $ 30 per month. Fortunately, you can try the 30-day Imonggo without the risk of having the right POS software for your business.

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Loyverse, which stands for Loyalty Universe, is a free mobile POS software. However, you can manage multiple store locations, collect digital receipts, operate overseas, and receive credit card payments (depending on your business) by integrating with Ventu credit card processors. Transaction rates vary. Lovers also offer the option to launch inventory, employee and customer management, sales analysis and loyalty programs.

The main disadvantage of Liverus is that it does not include any software other than Vantio. It also has employee management features and inventory that will pay you extra. Users can try Louvres for up to 14 days without risk.

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Another useful free POS software is Linga, designed specifically for the catering business. This cloud-based software is on a note for a user and can handle up to 25 items.

Linga's features include the ability to process credit cards, manage employees, analyze sales, send digital receipts and perform offline transactions. It can also accept payments in 30 different currencies and can be translated into more than 30 languages. Linga offers other useful features for the restaurant, such as splitting payments, moving tables, adding gifts, applying for discounts, receiving coupons and refunds.

Linga is another framework product, with three levels of recording each year. Records from $19.99 per year to $89.99 per year.

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The point of sale of this POS software is that it can be used on a variety of other devices and integrated with a variety of POS hardware, which is appropriate if you switch to another POS system. Become Other features include the ability to work offline, send digital receipts, connect to other accounting software, implement discount and loyalty programs, and perform some customer management and inventory tasks.

However, this only works on a record, and you will have to pay a monthly fee for sales services, e-commerce integration and employee management functions.

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Vend is a great choice for small businesses, as it supports records, 10 products and 1,000 monthly subscribers. VendPOS software is cloud-based and offers the following features: Zero for the customer, employee and inventory management, sales analysis, digital receipt delivery and bookkeeping and bookkeeping services with Shopify, Square and PayPal Ability to integrate.

Vend's free POS software great for small business owners who can only sell on occasions, such as the weekly farmer's market. Vend also offers a 30-day free trial to see how the software works for your business. The price of Vend POS software starts from $69 PER month.

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UniCenta was founded as a hobby project in 2010, but with 100 million downloads in 150 countries, it is the most widely used open-source POS software. A long list of features offered by UNICEF includes inventory, employee and customer management, detailed sales analysis and barcode scanning.

Unicenta also provides customized interfaces for restaurants and retailers, and the ability to work in multiple languages and accept different currencies.

Since UNICEF is open source, new features have been added. It also works with most POS hardware. If you love UNICEF, there are paid plans that offer more functionality.

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Another option is open source POS software. The software was developed for system upgrades at Danny's New York Ventura restaurant in 2008 and has been downloaded more than 122,000 times.

Floreant can perform a number of basic POS tasks such as inventory and employee management, sales reports and mobile access. Food services also have many features such as table and menu management, tip adjustments, kitchen printer connections and bar creations. When Floreant is free, it costs money to install the system and provide support.



Free software doesn't mean you have to compromise on quality or features. While many of these products do not have the powerful features that you can find in POS tools, they are a great starting point for starting a new business or trying out a new system.

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