It's easier to find a better backup solution than you think. Many companies want to offer online backups or best free backup software - and they may be quite surprised.

The problem with all these services is that they don't have to be properly backed up, but synchronized. That is, when you delete files from your device or online, everything is deleted from each device.

If you make a mistake and don't understand the time, God will help you. Real backup means that data is stored indefinitely regardless of where the data is.

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EaseUS Todo Backup

EaseUS Todo free backup software can back up individual files and/or folders to or from a local drive or network folder and save them to a free cloud storage service. In addition to special content, EaseUS Todo Backup can back up any disk, partition, or system drive.

When you create a backup schedule or when it's done, you can run additional increments, differences, or backups in the same data.

Unable to read backup from Explorer, so you should use EaseUS Backup to view data. Specifically, it looks like Windows Explorer, and you can double-click to open it in Aces Todo Backup, which is easy to use but requires the program to be installed to run. A backup timeline is displayed to make it easier to select a specific time to restore the file.

You can browse your backup in three ways: by looking for a file or extension in the backup file, by maintaining the original folder structure in TriView, or by typing/backing up the image/video to the backup file. You can restore all folders and/or files to their original location or a custom folder.

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AOMEI Backupper Standard

Four back-ups have four types of backups: disk backup, partition backup, file/folder backup, and system backup. With Omei Backup, you can copy partitions or disks throughout Draw. Regardless, all created data is stored in a single file, which can be stored in local or external drives and shared network folders.

AOMEI Backupper Standard supports password encryption, sets custom compression levels, receives email notifications when backups are completed, backs up custom-sized tracks (such as CDs and DVDs) Goes, and chooses between full backups (used copies) and unused sites or backups of sectors Smart (backup space used).

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Cobian Backup

Cobian can provide backup files, drives and folders from the following locations: local disk, FTP server, network sharing, external drive or manual location. Target or target someone else's work for source and backup.

Complete, partial, or additional backups can be used with Cobian backups. It also helps you to automatically remove empty folders from your backup and use copy shadow copy.

You can configure Cobian Backup to encrypt and/or compress individual archives for each file, make a simple copy without any archives, or save all source locations in a file. If you write backups, you also have the option to manage small partitions, which is useful when you use files on a CD.

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FileFort Backup

FileFort Backup lets you back up files to BKZ files, your own extracted files, zip files, or general backup files that copy the files to their destination.

The wizard guides you through the backup process to help you decide which files to create and where to go. You can back up different folders and / or individual files to external drives, CDs / DVDs / Blu-ray, network folders, or other folders on the same drive as the source file.

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BackUp Maker

Backup Maker can back up individual files and / or folders directly to disk, local or external hard drive, FTP server, or network folder. Easy options allow you to choose common files and locations for backup, such as Internet browser bookmarks, music and videos. Data can be backed up or inserted into a non-specific folder or file name using the filter option in the wild template.

Backup with Backup Maker can be limited to running on certain days of the week or month when you log in or out, scheduled to open every few minutes, and even just USB devices are installed.

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DriveImage XML

Drive Image XML can back up system drives or drives attached to two files that can be stored in a network folder, local disk, or external drive.

When creating small XML files to provide descriptive information about the backup, DAT files are created that contain the actual data in the drive. Before backing up, you can also choose to back up unused space, compress files, and / or back up in smaller sections. If you divide it into pieces, you can't decide on the quantity of the piece.

You can restore a backup image to your hard drive (same size or larger) or find a backup using Drive Image XML. You can extract individual files, find backups and even start some files directly without restoring them all.

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COMODO Backup has many features of free backup programs. It can back up registry files, files and folders, email accounts, custom registry entries, instant message chats, browser data, partitions, or a drive system such as a disk. Data can be supported by sending email to a local drive or external CD / DVD, network folders, FTP server, or any other.

A variety of backup files are supported, such as creating a CBU, zip or ISO file, performing two-way or unilateral synchronization, using the common copy function, or a newly created CBU file to create. Depending on the type of backup file used with Komodo Backup, you can specify whether the file will be extended to a smaller, compressed and / or password protected segment.

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Redo Backup

Backup does not support backing up individual files and folders. However, the program supports all hard drives running simultaneously on bootable devices such as disks. You can use a backup to back up your drive to your internal hard drive, external USB device, FTP server, or shared network folder.

Redo Backup does not read backup files as normal files do. To recover data, you will need to reuse the program and select the drive for which you want to recover the file. This will be written in full on the target drive with auxiliary data.



We strongly recommend that you back up your data for free or for a fee, at least not to deal with theft, malware or ransomware and natural disasters, so that users do not make mistakes. Even if you work online, quickly restore local backups.

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