Do you want to watch videos on YouTube in PIP (Picture in picture) mode? Here you will find information by which you can enable this feature on macOS Sierra, iOS 9 devices and computer. You might be thinking how it could be possible as YouTube’s player does not support this feature officially but you can get it done by the following ways.

Part 1. How Picture-in-Picture works in macOS Sierra for watching YouTube videos?

The users can follow the steps given below for using the PIP function in macOS Sierra.

  • Step 1:-The first and foremost thing to do is to launch Safari (the only web browser that supports pip feature) on your Mac running macOS Sierra.
  • Step 2:-The next step is to move to
  • Step 3:-After this, right click on the desired YouTube video to detach it.
  • Step 4:-Now a menu will be appeared on the screen. You need to right click again so that another menu can be revealed.
  • Step 5:--The last step is clicking on the Enter picture-in –picture option. Hence the required video will be detached and you can have fun while watching your desired video in PIP mode.

Part 2. How to enable PIP feature for YouTube videos in iOS 9’s ipad or iphone?

You can watch videos in the iPad or iphone in PIP mode while working with other apps by using a new web app called YouTube PIP. The following steps can help you in watching YouTube videos on iOs 9 devices.

  • Step 1:-The very first step is to look for the video that you want to detach by utilizing the YouTube app.
  • Step 2:-Now tap the share button and select “Copy Link”
  • Step 3:-Open the page of the YouTube PIP app i.e. in Safari browser.
  • Step 4:-After this, you need to paste the link of required YouTube video into URL field then click on “Go”.
  • Step 5:-Your video will be appeared in a box onscreen. Now tap it to start playing and click on the Picture-in-Picture button to initiate PIP mode.

Part 3. How to watch YouTube videos on your PC with PIP feature?

You can watch your favorite YouTube video in PIP mode on your computer while looking for other videos on YouTube within the same tab with the help of a handy chrome extension called YouTube Picture in Picture (beta). It works by following the given steps:-

  • Step 1:-Download and install picture-in-picture from the Chrome web store. There is no need to tap the extension icon.
  • Step 2:-Visit the YouTube to begin using PIP mode.

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