With the advancement in technology, video editing has become simpler and quicker. Merging, cropping, cutting, and several other video editing tasks are no longer the forte of only the professionals. Among the long list of editing functions, video merging is one of the most widely used. To create a single video from multiple clips, video joiners for PC is required. There are several situations when the need for video merging arises, like making a birthday wishing video using clips from multiple people, combining parts of the tutorial videos into a single file, and more. To help you join and merge multiple videos, a good merging tool is required. Know about the best and handy video mergers for PC in the category as below.

Part 1: The most portable video joiner - Wondershare Online UniConverter

If you are looking for a tool that is simple, portable, quick, and at the same time efficient, then Wondershare Online UniConverter will work as the best choice. Earlier known as Media. io, an online tool that works from your browser and supports a wide range of functions including video merging.

Free to use, the tool can be used to add the videos from your system, Google Drive, Dropbox, as well as using the URLs. With a user-friendly interface, the tool also supports basic editing features like changing the sequence of the videos, selecting the target format, and more. The processed video file can be saved to your local system or the cloud storage as needed.

Main features of Wondershare online Uniconverter video cutter and merger for PC

  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Free to use online tool
  • Add local, online, and cloud storage files
  • Change the file sequence as needed
  • Customize the file by choosing the aspect ratio, crossfade, add customized audio
  • Preview the merged video
  • Download and save the merged video to the local system, Dropbox, or Google Drive

Steps to merge video files using Wondershare Online UniConverter

Step 1. Run https://www.media.io/merge-video.html on your system or directly click on the below Choose Files under the Merge video section to browse and import the videos to be combined.


Step 2. At the bottom of the tool interface, the added files will appear, for which you can change the sequence by simply dragging and moving them.

Step 3. At the right-hand side interface under the setting section, changes can be done as needed. If needed, you can choose to keep the video fit with the border or crop it as needed. Choose the Aspect Ratio, and also the Crossfade option is required. Local or cloud storage audio files can also be added.

At the Output Format tab, select the format in which you want the merged video.

Step 4. Finally, tap on the MERGE button for the tool to start combining all the added videos.

Part 2: 10 well-chosen video combiners for PC free download

A wide range of PC programs for joining videos is available. Below we have shortlisted some of the widely used video joiner for PC free download tools.

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Supported System: Windows, Mac, Linux, Microsoft

Avidemux is a free video editing tool capable of performing main editing functions like merging, cutting, encoding, filtering, and more. All the key video formats like AVI, MP4, and others are supported by the program and using the scripting capabilities and the job queue the tasks can be automated. A clean interface makes the software easy and quick to use.



  • Limited format support in comparison to other professional tools
  • The cut feature is confusing
  • This video combiner for PC has no support for batch processing
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Filmora Video Edito

Supported System: Windows and Mac

This PC-based tool comes packed with multiple video editing features Apt for beginners and professionals; the software allows you to crop, merge videos, add special effects, add transitions and perform a host of other functions. Using the tool, you can join videos with separate audio, video files as well as allows adding background music as needed. A clean interface makes the working easy, and all popular formats are supported.



  • The free version has a watermark on the processed videos
  • The advanced features are paid

Supported System: Windows and Mac

This is free to use Windows-based video conversion tool that supports multiple editing features as well. Using the software, you can merge multiple video clips into one simply and quickly. Additionally, you can also cut the videos, crop the not-needed parts, rotate, flip them, and convert them into all major formats. This lightweight tool also allows adding as well as customizing the subtitles for the videos.



  • The free version has limited features
  • Processing speed is slow in comparison to other tools

Supported System: Windows

This is a simple and fast free video merging software available for the Windows system. The interface is user-friendly, and the quality of the video and audio is maintained during the merging process. The software also supports uploading the merged files to YouTube and Vimeo. Bandicut also allows extracting the audio from the video files, remove unnecessary parts, and also split them as needed.



  • The free version has a watermark on the videos
  • Format support is limited
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Supported System: Windows

Using this free tool, you can easily join videos and audio files in all key formats. The tool has an option to include the audio tag information and you can even customize the file by changing the parameters like bitrate, frequency, channels, and more. Using the software, you can even combine the text files and notes.



  • Editing and transition effects are limited
  • Not compatible with Windows 7 and Vista
  • No support for Mac system
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Supported system: Windows

Free to use, this video editing tool can process files up to 1500MB and allows you to perform a host of tasks. You can merge multiple files into a single track without compromising on the original quality. Additionally, the software can be used for converting the files, cutting videos, cropping videos, adding text watermarks, taking snapshots, recording, and more.



  • Files only up to 1500MB can be processed
  • No Mac version

Supported System: Windows and Mac

This is a professional conversion tool that offers support to a wide range of additional features and video merging. The software is available for free download and has a free trial version with limited features and a complete version that you can purchase. Using the software, multiple videos can be merged into a single file and you can also choose the output format and select the aspect ratio as desired. Additional features of the tool include cutting, adding subtitles, cropping, adjusting volume, conversion, and more.



  • To use all the advanced features of the tool, you need to purchase the full program
  • The free version support limited features

Supported System: Windows and Mac

This is a complete video editing kit supporting multiple functions like merging, cutting, compressing, recording, repairing, adding watermark, adding subtitles, and more. Using the software, multiple clips and videos in an array of formats can be merged into a single file. The files are merged without losing the original file quality. You can edit the file parameters, adjust the joining order, and also edit them before joining.



  • The paid version needs to be purchased to use all the features
  • Conversion formats are limited

Supported System: Windows

Using the software, multiple clips in an array of formats like 3GP, MP4, MPG, VOB, WMV, and many others can be merged into a single file. The files can be customized in an array of ways, like by changing their order, adjusting the codec, size, bitrate, framerate, volume, and audio quality. The software is easy to use and is apt even for people who are new to editing.



  • No Mac version

Supported System: Windows

If you are looking for a smooth and simple tool for merging videos, Ultra Video Joiner will be a good choice for your Windows system. The program allows merging multiple videos and clips into a single file, and the format support is also wide. The order of the added videos to be merged can also be changed as needed and you can even choose the target format. The software is also capable of joining the video files to SVCD or VCD image and DVD video files that can be burned to a disc later.



  • No support for Mac systems

Part 3: Can Google Photos combine videos?

Google Photos is a service by Google that allows the user to store their photos and video, organize them and share them. In addition to the main function, other useful features are also supported, including video merging.

One of the FAQs regarding Google Photos is: Can Google Photos combine videos?

And the answer to this question is Yes, Google photos can combine and merge multiple videos. Video videos and images can be merged from the storage in order to create a short movie.

Steps on how Google photos merge videos

Step 1. On your device, launch the Google Photos app.

Step 2. From the bottom of the screen, click on the Assistant tab.

Step 3. At the Create New section, choose the Movie option.


Step 4. Next, click on the New Film option that shows Select photos and videos underneath.


Step 5. You now need to select the videos that you need to merge (a maximum of 50 videos can be selected)

Step 6. Finally, clicking on the Create button will start the process of video merging to create a movie.

Though Google Photos combine videos, the additional features are quite limited. Wondershare Online UniConverter here works as a better alternative with a simple merging process and additional features like choosing the aspect ratio, changing video sequence, cropping option, adding customized audio, and also selecting the output format.


Above, we have discussed 12 ways of merging multiple videos and clips. The free-to-download software can be used depending on the system and feature requirements. Overall, if you are looking for a simple yet effective tool Wondershare Online UniConverter works as the best video merger for PC. It is free, works from the browser, and allows file merging with basic editing options.

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