The flagship and the classic EarPods from Apple are been successful in delivering quality sound and music for years and have been still doing the same. Just that with the availability of the Apple AirPods, the users now have a choice. The Apple EarPods are the classic wired headphone from Apple while the AirPods are the wireless ones and this is the major difference between the two in addition to a few others. So, if you are planning to buy an Apple earpods, the article will be of great help to let you know about both the devices, their features, and comparison.

Part 1. EarPods vs AirPods: Price & Availability

Both the Apple EarPods as well as AirPods can be purchased from the Apple official site. You can even check Amazon, other sites, and resellers for any discount or AirPods sale if available. The official pricing is as follows:

  • Apple EarPods Price: $30
  • Apple AirPods Price - $160

Part 2. EarPods vs AirPods: Sound Quality


The implementation of both the EarPods and AirPods audio drivers is the same and thus the overall audio quality and Apple earpods sound and Apple AirPods sound is similar but in terms of bass, the AirPods deliver a better one. So, if you love rock, hip-hop and other such music the AirPods will be a better choice.

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Part 3: EarPods vs AirPods: Wireless


The class EarPods are wired earbuds while the AirPods offer wireless connectivity. So, if you have been struggling with the wires of the EarPods and looking for free movement then the new AirPods will just be right for you.

Apparently, EarPods need no power or charging and they work as a headphone jack or a lightning port in the case of the iPhone 7. The AirPods on the other hand features wireless charging that is done through the sleek case that packs the earbuds itself. The AirPods support Qi-based wireless charging that allows quick and hassle-free charging. The charging of an AirPod allows you to enjoy the music for about 5 hours.

Part 4. EarPods vs AirPods: Design


The design of both the EarPods and the AirPods is very similar leaving aside the wireless part. The AirPods look like the EarPods without the cables and with a stem hanging at the ears. The AirPods come in a sleek white-colored two compartments case that also works as its charger. The case is easy to carry on the go. The classic EarPods offer additional functionality through the controllers present on the cord. Talking in terms of comfort, both the devices are more or less the same as they come with plastic earbuds without any ear tips.

Part 5. EarPods vs AirPods: Siri


The music can be played and controlled on the Earbuds using the physical controls and there is no support for the Siri functionality. The AirPods on the other hand support the Siri function that you can instantly activate by double-tapping on the AirPods. Siri can be used to play and control the music as well as can ask questions and also make calls.


The AirPods are good for users who find it difficult to manage the wired earbuds and looking for a truly wireless experience. The Siri functionality, new H1chip, wireless charging, and better bass are some of the additional features that go in the favour of these wireless devices. On the flip side, you need to check if you want to spend five times more for AirPods which is mostly the wireless version of the class EarPods.

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