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Google Nest Audio Speaker Released: Best Companion for Your Pixel Phone

The brand new Google Nest Audio Smart Speaker is out. It’s cheaper, louder, and with better overall sound quality. So, this article unpacks it all, including its release date, price, new features, and

Posted byLam Chow|2023-05-06 11:31:45
Google Pixel 4 XL Review: Everything You Need to Know

In this review article, we want to revisit the Google Pixel 4 XL and talk about the good and the bad stuff of this phablet. We will cover it all, including its release date, price, features, specs, ca

Posted byLam Chow|2023-05-06 11:31:43
How to Use Google Translate: Tips and Tricks

Google Translate comes in handy when you are travelling to a new location or a country or communicating with a person who speaks a foreign language. It supports image translation, text translation, ha

Posted byLam Chow|2023-05-06 11:31:42
Google Map 2020 Updates: What's New?

The helpful Google Map app just celebrated its 15th anniversary this year with some powerful upgrades. This article takes a look!

Posted byLam Chow|2023-05-06 11:31:40
Google Pixel 5 Review: Everything You Need to Know

Google Pixel 5 is finally here. So, this review guide introduces you to all the tiny details about this Google 5G phone, including its release date, price, features, specs, camera, and many more.

Posted byLam Chow|2023-05-06 11:31:39
Google Pixel 5 vs. Samsung S20 Comparison - Which Phone Wins?

Both the Samsung S20 and the Google Pixel 5 are high-end smartphones. So, this article takes a more in-depth look at the better flagship device, incluing their prices, specs, features, cameras, and so

Posted byLam Chow|2023-05-06 11:31:37
Google Pixel 4a 5G Review: Everything You Need to Know

The Google Pixel 4a 5G is finally here looking way better than the Pixel 4a. So this article will discuss the key facts about this new Google 5g phone, including its release dats, price, features, spe

Posted byLam Chow|2023-05-06 11:31:35
Google Gmail Tips and Tricks

Gmail are used everywhere- for professional communication, personal communication, sending documents, sending images, and much more. Working with mails is an indispensable part of the lives and thus i

Posted byLam Chow|2023-05-06 11:31:34
Hey Google: A Complete Guide for Google Assistant

Just say Hey Google and get a wide range of tasks done with your voice command. Google Assistant is actually like your assistant which helps you do almost all important tasks on your smartphone and

Posted byLam Chow|2023-05-06 11:31:32
Google Pixel Buds 2020 Review: Google's Competent AirPods Alternative

Google is out with their new pair of Google Pixel Buds 2 with a true wireless experience and a host of exciting features. So, if you are planning to get your hands on these, know the features, price a

Posted byLam Chow|2023-05-06 11:31:31
Google Home App: Tips and Tricks

Manage and control a wide range of smart devices and home appliances using the Google Home App. Learn all about the app and the tips and tricks to make it interesting.

Posted byLam Chow|2023-05-06 11:31:29
How to Use Google Map Tips and Tricks

Google Maps is much more than navigating from one place to another. Make the most of your Google Maps knowing some amazing features. The tips and the tricks of the maps will let you have an enhanced e

Posted byLam Chow|2023-05-06 11:31:27
How to Download and Install the Google Play Store

Looking to play some interesting games, do online shopping, check for latest news or any other tasks, Google Play Store is a powerhouse for all app requirements. Know everything about Google Play Stor

Posted byLam Chow|2023-05-06 11:31:26
Google Chromecast (2020) Released: Works with the Apps You Love

The new Google Chromecast with Google TV promises to be fast and more intuitive. So, this article breaks it down for you.

Posted byLam Chow|2023-05-06 11:31:24