GIF is an animated image that is used all over the internet on sites, blogs, and social media platforms. In several situations, you might need to resize GIF files to match up with the site requirements, save space, make them easy to share through emails and other reasons. If you are looking for solutions to resize GIF files, we have picked the best GIF resizer here.

Part 1. Best Way to Resize GIF Online and Free Without Losing Quality

To resize GIF image for free and in a simple manner, one of the best available programs is Wondershare Online UniConverter. Without any need for software download or installation, the program works from the browser and is compatible with Windows and Mac. In addition to GIF, images in BMP, JPG, and PNG format can also be resized using the tool. At a time, Online UniConverter allows adding 5 files with a maximum size of 5MB each. The added GIF images can be resized by specifying the size or by selecting the percentage. You can save the processed GIF files to your local system and the option to save them to Dropbox is also available.


Steps on how to resize a GIF using Online UniConverter

Step 1: Run the Image Resize and load the GIF files by simply hitting the + button.

Step 2: Choose the size of the GIF file required by specifying the height and the width. Resize percentage in comparison to the original file can also be selected.

Step 3: Finally, hit on the Start button for the program to start resizing your files.

Part 2. Other Ways to Resize Animated GIF Image Online

There is no dearth of GIF resizer online tools and to help you choose, we have shortlisted the ones which are widely preferred by the users.

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To resize animated GIF, this is one of the popular tools available. Local as well online file using the URL can be added to the program interface. Once the file is added and uploaded the process of resizing is very simple where you just need to move the slider to select the resizing percentage. You can download the resized file or open it one a new page.

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This animated GIF resizer can be used from your browser and is free to use. Files to be resized can be added from the local system as well as cloud storage. There are two options to process the file, using the size or by the percentage. You can choose not to enlarge the image is the size is smaller and also maintain the aspect ratio. The processed image can be quickly downloaded from the program.

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Using Kapwing you can resize large GIF by adding them from your computer or sites like GIPHY and others. Once the file is added, you can choose the custom size option to select the desired height and width. You can even choose to lock the proportions. An array of additional functions are also supported like expanding padding, choosing the background color, aspect ratio, layers, and others.

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The online tool helps you to resize GIF from your system or add them from Picasa and Flickr as well. To resize GIF file size, you can select the custom width and also the quality. The program also has an option to add an effect and rotate the image. The resized animation can be saved to the computer or can be directly shared with the social media network.

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To resize your GIF files simply, this is a good tool to consider. Besides GIF, several other formats like PNG, JPG, BMP, WebP, and others can be processed using the program. The maximum allowed file size to be resized is 35MB. After the file is added and uploaded you can select the custom size or choose to resize by percentage. You can also choose the resizing method and the aspect ratio. Additionally, you can also crop, rotate, optimize, and perform a host of other editing functions.

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Another name in the list of popular tools to resize GIF size is GIF maker. With a simple interface, the program is quick where you just need to add the GIF file and select the desired dimensions in terms of width and height pixels. There is also an option to retain the aspect ratio of the file. The resized GIF is available for download from the program interface.

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The simple and intuitive interface of this program makes it a popular tool to resize GIF animations. The added file can be resized by specifying the exact dimension or using the percentage to scale the file size. To maintain the aspect ratio of the file, you can choose to scale the dimensions proportionally. You can even edit the frame, crop, add text, and add effects to the image using the program.


To help you resize GIF image online, above listed are the top programs. Though any of the above tools can be used depending on your requirements, if you are looking for batch processing we suggest Wondershare Online UniConverter.

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