YouTube has a stunning 1.3 billion clients, with 5 billion clips viewership each day. This should not shock anyone as every one of us are in this YouTube slideshows viewership. Knowing how to make a slideshow on YouTube is a pinpoint query. Regardless of whether these are video blogs, instructional exercises, music recordings, computer games, autonomous motion pictures, they would all be able to be transferred in only a couple of minutes by YouTube slideshow makers.

With YouTube slideshow creator's all-around enhanced outputs, your image and slides can have an enormous reach to assist you with accomplishing your advertising destinations. Numerous brands are presenting straightforwardly on YouTube to use numerous advantages managed by these toolkits. Hence, we can say that how to make a slideshow on YouTube is a wise choice to learn today. Here's all you need to gather!

Part 1. Can I make a YouTube slideshow with built-in feature?

Google (YouTube owner) uncovered the choice on two YouTube support pages concerning YouTube slideshow makers. As per the data posted on the pages, the two highlights had been taken out from YouTube on September 20, 2017. Presently, you can't transfer pics straightforwardly with YouTube, yet you can likewise make an all-out slideshow with an entire host of fascinating YouTube slideshow creators.

Sharing your photographs in the form of a YouTube slideshow with family, and companions can be much more energizing than simply making another Facebook photograph collection. Truth be told, you have more, might we venture to say inventive alternatives than this YouTube built-in slideshow creator and a standout amongst others that is directly in front of you is YouTube's slideshow maker.

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Before this, transferring a photograph directly to YouTube was inconceivable. Users initially needed to utilize a different program like a built-in Windows YouTube slideshow maker to make their photos slideshow, at that point, transfer it as a video to YouTube is panicking due to the numerous YouTube slideshow maker limitations.

Part 2. How to make a slideshow on YouTube with an online tool? (the best workaround!)

Still worrying about how to make a slideshow on YouTube? If you simply need some fundamental slideshow for YouTube for private or individual use, you can refer to the Online Uniconverter Slideshow Maker to make a video slideshow for YouTube with your desired functionalities. What you need to do is transfer your photographs, then apply for advances, add music, and so forth. It's straightforward even for a beginner. Without having any prior experience, you can get used to this YouTube slideshow maker in moments.

Back to the theme, how do you make a YouTube video with pictures and music free of charge? To create proficient YouTube slideshows with music, luckily, you can now utilize the UniConverter online video creator free of charge. This YouTube slideshow creator online is exceptionally simple to utilize. It offers fundamental highlights to assist you with making photograph slideshows for YouTube online with no charge or Software establishment on your PC.

How to Create A YouTube Slideshow with Music

Key features of Online UniConverter:

Give your audience a sneak look into your best moments with YouTube slideshow․ You can combine them into fun and vivid slideshows to make them even more memorable. Use the intuitive tools of UniConverter online to create slideshows with text and music within minutes.

  • You can upload all media files with a single click inside this online UniConverter slideshow maker.
  • UniConverter allows you to perform editing to your slideshow right before adding it to the final output file.
  • You can also utilize trim, cut, and remove the unwanted parts from your slideshow media files handily.
  • Online UniConverter also gives you the ability to loop your desired clips with your listed number of times.
  • You can add and save your slideshows with Online UniConverter in a variety of formats applicable for all media files.
  • Online UniConverter also offers its free sign-up package with which you can create plenty of slideshows with a single sign-up to this online slideshow maker.

How to make a YouTube video with pictures and music?

So far, we believe you're super interested in this masterpiece video and YouTube slideshow maker, here we got you covered with its initial steps so you can embark on your first project.

Step 1: Visit and upload media files

To get yourself started, visit the Online UniConverter official website and hit it with the Upload button to load your files. You can also use the drag and drop functionality to upload your files handily.

Step 2: Customize the uploaded files

In the next step, you can organize all your uploaded files in this online YouTube slideshow maker. You can also perform the ordering and re-ordering of your clips in your slideshow videos.

Step 3: Alter the video content

With Wondershare UniConverter, you can give your media files a blow with its easy-to-use editing functionality. Here you can utilize the following features intuitively:

  • Crop: You can use the Zoom and Crop feature inside the Crop options in settings where you can also utilize the built-in Instagram, YouTube, and other social platform dimensions.
  • Trim: In UniConverter, you can opt for the Trim options to cut parts of your audio so you can perform the YouTube slideshow video creation effectively. Also, you can handpick the aspect ratio for YouTube easily.
  • Edit audio: The best part about UniConverter online is that you can utilize its intuitive audio editor to the best extent. As it allows you to cut, adjust and alter the volume of your media files handily.

Step 4: Save and download file

Right after you're done utilizing Online UniConverter editing and mixing super-handy features, now is the time to save your masterpiece right into your desired location. To do that, hit the Download dropdown and choose the reliable option from the list as shown below:

You can also further edit the masterpiece with different functionalities of UniConverter, including video edit, speed, and video converter functions.

Part 3. How to create a slideshow for YouTube with PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is a Microsoft Software that objectives slideshows and presentation features. With this product, you can organize, work together, and set up your thoughts for an ideal introduction. PowerPoint likewise allows clients to change their introduction to recordings which would then be shared globally. With a touch of pro-level expertise and some essential PowerPoint information, you can make your own unique YouTube slideshows in PowerPoint!

You presumably realize PowerPoint is an incredible software that comes built-in. However, did you know you can likewise utilize it to make astounding YouTube slideshows? Here's how you can do it.

Steps to use PowerPoint YouTube slideshow maker:

Step 1: Ready your slides

Before you start utilizing PowerPoint software, make sure your slides are up to the mark and have a pro-level touch because PowerPoint doesn't include any post-production editing functionality.


Hence with that being said, you need to make sure your slides are well-polished before uploading them to the PowerPoint application.

Step 2: Insert media

Inside the PowerPoint application by Microsoft, you need to upload the audio and video files separately to utilize in your slideshows. The complex part of this step is that you need to upload your Audio and Video files separately to use them in your slideshows.


For the Audio part, you need to import your MP3 audio file to each slide consecutively to sync with the Slideshow timing.


For the Video part, you can go to the Insert and select the Pictures option and go for the Online Pictures option to choose the files available online.


Step 3: Add transitions to slideshow

Now in the next step, you can add a variety of Transitions by visiting the Transitions tab and selecting your favorite one from the options.


Here in the transitions adding process, you need to select the time frame manually as PowerPoint doesn't support automatic sync of transitions with the media files in Slideshows.

Step 4: Save your slideshow

Right after you're done creating your slideshow with this application, you need to make sure you save it as a video as PowerPoint usually saves your slides to other formats.


Step 5: Preview slideshows

After you're done saving your slideshow project with PowerPoint, now you can preview it inside this application, and if you find anything missing, then you need to edit the slideshow after opening it from your files again.


In a nutshell, as we've enlisted the numerous YouTube slideshow creator processes, including PowerPoint and other built-in how to make a slideshow on YouTube guides. It won't be a suitable choice to opt for this out-of-the-box online platform Online UniConverter by the monopolistic Wondershare technologies. Summing the complexities under its simplistic approach, UniConverter is perhaps the quality choice even if you're a beginner in this regard.

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