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Converting YouTube to GIF Online

YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform, and GIFs are an excellent way to convey your messages effectively. But, have you ever thought about using these two or converting YouTube videos to GIFs? Sending GIFs has become immensely popular as it makes expressing emotions and feelings towards anything simpler.

More and more people get attracted to trimming YouTube videos' parts to create GIFs from a YouTube video . So, if you have an excellent YouTube video from where you wish to turn a piece into GIF, you can use YouTube GIF maker.

How to Make GIFs from YouTube Video with is a reliable and brilliant YouTube to GIF converter that will help you to make GIFs from YouTube videos with ease. Follow these simple steps to create your GIFs.

  • upload

    Step 1. Upload the YouTube Video

    Click on the YouTube icon shown below the Choose File option to paste the YouTube video URL to load the video in YouTube to GIF Maker.

  • loop duration

    Step 2. Trim YouTube video to Create a GIF

    Set the start time and end time to determine the portion used as a GIF. You can also change the output size, and frame rate before clicking the Create GIF button.

  • download

    Step 3. Download the converted GIF

    After GIF creation process is completed, your GIF will be ready to download. Click the Download button and export the final GIF to the storage.

upload youtube to convert to gif
create gif from YouTube video
download gif created from YouTube

Why Choose to Convert YouTube to GIF?

handy tool online

Easy to use YouTube to GIF maker online YouTube GIF maker has a designed interface that will provide you with simple steps to reach your desired result.

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Customize your GIF easily

To specify the GIF area, you can easily trim the YouTube video by simply interesting the duration on the "Start time" and "End time" scales.

quality result

Add text or image watermark to GIF can insert a watermark by offering the tools of adding text and images. Click on any of these options and write your preferable texts to make them more informative or choose an image from your storage to add GIF as a watermark.

secure acapella maker

No Watermark in Converted GIF

After completing the process of converting videos, there will be no watermark on your GIFs.

available for any device


This process of creating GIFs is the most secure way you have ever enjoyed. You can create and share the created GIFs safely with ease.

various formats support

Cross-platform Compatibility can complete its operations on several systems and devices. This cross-platform compatibility GIFs converter can work on Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, iPhone, Android since you can open it on Web Browser. has the most straightforward and practical steps to convert videos and images into GIFs. It has a fantastic customized option with no watermark facility. This cross-platform YouTube GIF maker allows inserting watermark by texting or adding images safely.  

FAQs about Creating GIF from YouTube Video

  • ?

    What is the best YouTube to GIF Maker?


    In short, if you are expecting an honest answer from us and a highly best recommended YouTube video to GIF converter, the first name that will ever come is will give you the fastest and most effective set of features to accomplish GIF-making tasks.

  • The practical options are limited if you wish to turn YouTube video into GIF on your iPhone. We recommend you the YouTube to GIF maker to create a GIF from YouTube video without any installation.

  • Yes, you can add text to GIF to make it meaningful or funny. A "Text Watermark" on YouTube GIF converter to add text.

  • Yes, you can convert YouTube videos to GIFs without a watermark. A platform like will also offer you the option to add a watermark in text and image if you want.

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