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Want to loop your favourite part of any YouTube video? Well, it is easy with Media.io free online video loop tool.

Ideal Way to Loop YouTube Videos Online For Free

Are you also addicted to that one video giving you giggles again and again? If yes, then how about looping videos. We are not referring to enabling the Loop feature in YouTube as it also enables those unwanted ads every time the video is replayed. So, how to do it? Don’t worry; Media.io is here to assist you.

It comes with a free online tool that can help you to easily loop the complete YouTube video, or you can even choose to replay the specific part over and over again. With the help of this online tool, there is no need to install any software on your devices. It is operational via web browsers such as Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Another good thing is that it is operational on every device, whether using iPhone, Android, tablet, laptop or PC.

How to Loop a YouTube Video On Your PC or Mobile?

  • upload

    Step 1. Upload Your YouTube Video

    Start by copying the link of the YouTube video you wish to loop, then come to the browser page and click on the YouTube icon. A box will appear where you need to paste the YouTube video link and tap add to process the request.

  • loop duration

    Step 2. Set up Loop Duration and Numbers of Loop

    By default, this online video looping tool will repeat the entire YouTube video. To loop part of the YouTube video, drag the start and finish indicator for selecting a specific part of the video you wish to loop. Choose the number of loops and adjust the repetition to be as short as 2x and long as 8x. As you increase the loop number, the duration will be automatically increased.

  • download

    Step 3. Export and download the looped YouTube Video

    Once you are gruntled with the results, you need to click on the Export option and sign in to looping as the final step. Your video will be looped, and you can click on the Download button to save your video on your device.

upload youtube video file
set  up youtube video loop duration and times
download looped YouTube video

Why Choose Media.io to Loop YouTube Video?

handy tool online

Easy to use online YouTube video looper

Looping a YouTube video is a cakewalk. Simply paste the video link and upload it to Media.io video loop tool for setting up the duration and loop numbers. You don’t need to own any foregoing experience or editing skills for using it.

ai vocals extractor

Repeat Entire or a Part of YouTube video

Not only the entire video, but you can choose to loop a specific part with the timecode or the slider for easy selection.

quality result

Multiple YouTube loop effects

Media.io provides you with multiple loop numbers in options that will help you to increase the video duration.

secure acapella maker

No watermark

The exported looped videos will not have any watermark. This makes it easy for you to share it on any social media site without any hassle.

available for any device

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Whether you are using Windows, Mac, Android, Chromebook, Linux OS, iPad or iPhone, this video looper works perfectly for all the platforms.

various formats support

More than just a video looper for YouTube

Apart from the YouTube videos, you have the option to upload videos from a local folder, Dropbox or Google Drive. It typically supports the standard formats like AVI, MOV, MP4 etc.

This YouTube video looping tool represented by Media.io is known to be one of the most convenient ways to loop videos online. Also, this tool is free to use and does not leave any watermark enabling easy sharing. Furthermore, you get the option to loop the entire video or select the timecode for a particular look with an option to choose loop effects from different numbers.

FAQs about Looping YouTube Videos

  • ?

    Can I Loop YouTube Video on iPhone and Android?


    Yes, it is possible to loop YouTube videos on Android and iPhone. Open the app and find the video you want to loop, then tap on the three dots in the top-right corner. A pop menu will appear, and choose the Loop option for looping the video on your Android phone or iPhone. 

  • Yes, it is possible to loop the entire YouTube video with the in-built loop feature in the YouTube player on both mobile app or desktop websites. However, if you wish to loop a designated portion of the video, you might try your hands on some tools such as Media.io. These are easy to use and provide the desired results at ease.

  • There are many tools to loop the video, but most of them have a watermark on the looped videos. However, if you do not want a watermark, then you should use Media.io online video loop tool. It is a free tool that does not leave a watermark on the video and makes it easy for you to share on other social media platforms. It is available for web browsers on both mobile devices and desktops. 

  • For starting with video looping on Mac or Windows, you need to visit the video you wish to replay. Then right-click on the top right corner and select the Loop option in the pop menu. 

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I recently came across this tool for looping the videos, and I love it. The features are user-friendly, and it is well-operational on my device. It is a must-to-use tool if you are looking to get the videos looped in the blink of an eye. I highly recommend the tool to everyone!
Lloyd Divan
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I am fond of watching videos online, and some of them are quite addictive. Thus, I wished to watch them on loop, and I got this tool. It worked as a great relief for me because the usage of this tool is quite easy, and I can even use it on my phone also.
Brown Bear
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I have been using this tool for quite a while now, and I must say this tool is a great help. I have loved every feature of this tool, from customised looping to different loop numbers; everything makes my experience good. I will keep using it for the coming time. 
Jedi Harrison
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Video looping was something that I have been doing for years as I am fond of it, but the ads in the starting have always been frustrating. But after I got this tool, everything was so easy. I was able to loop my desired video for the desired length anytime without hassle.
Incan Shah
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I am a video enthusiast, and I have always been looking for ways to enjoy my favourite videos over and over again. Someone recommended the Media.io video looping tool, and I must say this tool was quite amazing. I have been incorporating its use for many years now and recommend it to others.
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