Frequently Asked Questions About

1. Is Free?

Yes! is free to get started. You can try every tool for free.

If you are a creator using video editor, you may notice a watermark if you use the free plan. However, other tools don’t have a watermark.

Converting or downloading copyrighted YouTube content violates YouTube's terms of service. Therefore, we suggest you check whether the content is copyrighted or not.

If your file is too large, it will take more time to upload it. If you can’t upload videos from Google Drive, we suggest you check the security and privacy setting of Google Drive and make sure is trusted by it.

Since a large number of users are using at the same time, this will make our server overloaded. Therefore, I suggest you export your projects again after 2 hours. Don't worry about your files because all of them would have been saved automatically on the workspace.

Usually, the video and audio compressor have 98% accuracy.

Yes, we offered a Lite Plan due to the high volume of customer requests. See the plan details as follows:
1 hour - billed $4.99/year
3 hours – billed $9.99/year
10 hours – billed $25.99/year
20 hours – billed $40.99/year
50 hours - billed $99.99/year
You can buy the separate plan directly after the free trial is over.

If you bought extra hours without the monthly or yearly subscription plan, there is still a watermark after exporting videos.

No worries. You could refresh the page or login your Wondershare account again because sometimes there are caches on


If your processed file can't be opened, firstly please ensure you have used the right software to open your file. If it still has the problem, please report the issue to our support team at with the file attached.

You can use the original download link to get the file in 24 hours after the procession.

You specify where you want to download your file to on your computer, please check the default download location of your browser.

Yes, because this service is provided through a web browser interface. It is supported on those browsers which run on Mac and Linux.

If you want to leave a message, you can write to the email box at directly.