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YouTube has become an excellent source of educational and entertainment materials. Here, you can find how-to tutorials for gaming, cooking, fixing computer issues, fitness, health, and many more. Therefore, if you have some exemplary skills that you want to share, go ahead and record a YouTube video for your online followers.
But that's easier said than done because you must first find the perfect software to record YouTube with high quality.
One such program is YouTube Recorder Online. It allows you to capture a YouTube video without any hassle. It's simple, free to use, and captures your computer screen or webcam video with HD quality. Then, after recording, supports quick edits like trimming, adding watermarks, applying auto subtitles, etc.
You should give it a try!

How to Easily Record a Video from YouTube?

  • open

    Step 1. Launch Online YouTube Recorder.

    First and foremost, open the YouTube video that you wish to record and then tap the Record YouTube Now button to launch the YouTube recorder.

  • choose

    Step 2. Choose the Recording Mode.

    Screen Recording will be selected by default under the Recording Mode area. You can also capture your webcam by choosing Camera Recording. That aside, select the microphone for capturing voice overlays and then tap Start Recording.

  • set

    Step 3. Set the Capture Window and Area.

    On the pop-up window, click the Chrome Tab button and select the YouTube video you opened in the first step above. You should see the tab with a YouTube icon.

  • record

    Step 4. Record the YouTube video.

    After that, click Share, and will record your YouTube video tab. If satisfied, tap Stop, and this YouTube screen recorder will automatically save your recorded YouTube video in WebM format. You can also tap Edit to retouch your video by trimming, adding shapes, applying background music, etc.

open youtube video webpage and
choose screen recording mode
choose a record area
record and edit youtube video

Why You Take Free YouTube Recorder for a Spin?

online youtube recorder

Completely Online YouTube Recorder

With YouTube Recorder, you don't need to install any unnecessary installers or plugins on desktop to take up your previous storage space. Just visit the website and start recording.

record sound from youtube

Record YouTube with Audio

This YouTube recording software lets you capture YouTube videos with all audio, including system sounds. You can even apply voice narrations using the internal or external mic.

customizable area to record

Customize a Record Area Free Online YouTube Recorder can record a YouTube video in three modes. You can capture the whole screen, specific window, and a particular browser tab. Furthermore, you're given option to define the area more precisely after recording.

high quality recording

Record Screen Losslessly

With, you'll enjoy high-quality video outputs in Full HD 1080P. And yes, that's free and without watermarks!

allow editing the recorded youtube file

Edit the Recorded Video Further YouTube Recorder Online is more than just a screen recorder. You can edit the recorded video by trimming, splitting, splicing, cropping, resizing, adding subtitles, eye-catchy animated texts, etc. Best all-in-one YouTube Editor.

record youtube to mp3

Record YouTube to MP3

Wish to convert the recorded YouTube video to MP3? Simple! Upload the video on the YouTube Converter and choose MP3. Other supported audio formats include WAV, M4A, M4R, OGG, FLAC, etc.

Record YouTube for Educational & Personal Purposes

Enjoy the Recorded Video Offline

This one is more personal than educational. As you may already know, YouTube doesn't allow viewers to directly download YouTube video for offline viewing. The best it offers is to save the video for offline playback on the platform. Therefore, by recording the YouTube video, you'll save the clip to your local storage without breaking any YouTube rules.

playback youtube video offline

Record YouTube for Future Learning References.

As said at the beginning, YouTube is an excellent source of educational materials. Besides the usual how-to tutorials, you'll get educational content like coding, math, DIYs, and so on. So, if you want to understand a specific subject taught at school, take advantage of the highly qualified YouTube tutors. You don't need to pay a dime for the knowledge.  

record youtube learning materials

Share Your Captured Moments with Friends/Family.

You might come across a nice YouTube video that you'd like to share with your friends, classmates, family, or anyone else. Instead of sharing with them a mere YouTube video link on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other messaging apps, record the video and share the clip. This easy method can compel them to watch as opening a YouTube link on a browser can be time-consuming.

share entertaining contents from youtube

FAQs Regarding Recording YouTube Video/Audio

  • Capturing a YouTube video online is as easy as a-b-c-d. Follow these easy steps:
    Step 1. Launch Online YouTube Recorder and then tap the Record button to launch the screen recording software for YouTube.
    Step 2. Chose Screen Recording as the recording mode and then select a mic for adding voice commentary. Then tap Start Recording.
    Step 3. On the pop-up window, tap Chrome Tab and select your YouTube video.
    Step 4. Lastly, click Share to begin capturing the video. There is that!

  • Yes. You can record a YouTube live stream using with fantastic HD quality. Just follow the same steps we used when recording regular YouTube videos.

  • Recording YouTube to MP3 is another simple task with Record and download your YouTube video as mentioned and then follow these steps:
    Step 1. Launch Online YouTube Converter and then tap Choose Files to browse and upload your recorded video clip. You can add as many videos as you wish.
    Step 2. Choose MP3 as the target format, then click the Settings icon to change the codec, bitrate, sample rate, and other video settings.
    Step 3. Tap Convert to transcode the YouTube video to MP3 audio.

  • With so many screen recorders for YouTube, finding the right one can be a challenge. But with, you have an all-in-one tool to record a YouTube video on Mac or Windows. In addition to the cross-platform compatibility, is beginner-friendly, meaning you don't need prior video recording knowledge to use it. Furthermore, it comprises multiple basic and advanced video editing tools like trimming, splitting, adding image overlays, cropping, auto transcribing audio to text, etc.

star star star star star

This could be the best software to record YouTube videos on computer by a country mile. I've used it for a couple of weeks after a recommendation from a close friend, and I love what I see. It's simple, smooth, and the video quality is excellent. Recommended!!

Brandon Paul
star star star star star

This screen recorder works just as advertised. Nothing complicated about it at all. I love that I can capture specific browser tabs in good quality.

Samantha Lyne
star star star star star

Excellent app to record everything on my Mac screen. I occasionally use it to record cool facecam videos before retouching with the inbuilt editor. A powerful feature-rich tool, to say the least!

star star star star star

I love pretty much everything about this video recorder for YouTube videos. However, I wish the screen recording tool would be smoother on my browser. But other than that, it's excellent!

Bradley Luis
star star star star star

An impressive online screen recording software. I can record sound from YouTube and turn it into text using its auto-subtitle tool. Well speed up my workflow. Fully deserves 5 full stars!!!

Kristen R
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