Transcribe English online converter auto transcribes your English audio to text. Save time and energy without sacrificing accuracy.


Transcribe English Audio to Text

Looking for a trustworthy language transcription service to help fast convert spoken English video or audio recordings to text? Then should be! Empowered by AI technology, it will accurately capture every statement and generate easy-to-read text transcripts, with which you can easily extract keywords or other vital information for later use. The entire process takes a couple of simple clicks. Better yet, you don't need to download and install any softwares!

How to Transcribe English Audio to Text Online?

  • upload

    Step 1. Upload Audio/Video Files or Record Audio from Scratch.

    Launch and then press Upload or From URL to add your English audio or video files to transcribe. It also has a smooth recorder for capturing your sound.

  • transcibe

    Step 2. Transcribe English Audio to Text.

    Add your file to timeline, then head over to Subtitles menu, select English and a specific country. After that, tap Start to begin transcription.

  • download

    Step 3. Edit and Save the Transcript.

    The auto-created English text will magically display on the left pane. Now you can preview and edit further or Export to Text format.

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transcribe English to text
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Top Perks of Auto Transcription Software

Online fast Service

Online, Lighting-Fast

This online speech recognition program runs swiftly on your web browser. Transcribing a long English audio file to text form is a matter of minutes!

High Recognition Accuracy

95% Transcription Accuracy deploys the latest AI and deep ML to accurately detect and turn your English audio into quality written text or words, so that your followers are capable of comprehending your messages easily and clearly.

transcibe multiple english accents

Recognize Distinct English Accents supports in transcribing plenty of different English accents in primarily English countries, like the US, England, Canada, India, Singapore, etc. It also gets you hooked on with other popular languages, like Spanish, French, German, Polish and so forth.

support many file types

Accept Any Audio/Video Types supports all standard video and audio formats. You can directly upload and generate English texts from MP3, M4A, WAV, MP4, MOV, WebM, AVI, OGG, FLAC, etc.

Multi-Functional Editor

Multi-Functional Editor

This English transcriber comes with a multitrack timeline to edit audio, video and text accordingly. You can trim, split, cut, crop, watermark, add captions, apply audio waves, etc. Plus, subtitling videos is made easy.

affordable service

Incredibly Affordable

Free users get up to 30 Minutes to automatically transcribe sound without leaving any watermarks. You can increase that to 180 Minutes for just $2.95 per month. This is one of the best deals you can find in today's marketing.

FAQs - English Audio to Text Converter

  • makes it super simple for you to transcribe English audio to text. Just upload your audio recordings and then opt for English as target language you want it to detect. Then, tap on Start to generate text tracks.

  • lets you easily edit the auto-generated texts. Apart from deleting, copying, and adjusting the playback duration, you can also edit the text to correct minor errors.

  • Big YES! you can add the trancript to your video without leaving the operating area. The process is optional and automatic. Another thing, to save the text file only, simply click on the Download to export the text file in SRT or TXT.

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This online audio to text converter works really well. The accuracy is amazing and it helps me transcribe my videos to English transcript without any hassles. I'm happy.

Oliver George
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I've been a fan of products for a while now and this particular online product impresses me. The auto transcription tool is simple, fast, and accurate.

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This online audio to text converter works magic for me. Apart from being 100% accurate, it allows me to edit the generated text which is a big plus. Continue the good work, guys!

Jeremy Ash
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As an online student, I always have to transcribe my lecture videos to understand everything and create notes. Luckily, helps me save much time.

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Everything about this online video editor is spot on. It's 95% accurate and hardly gives me the wrong texts when adding subtitles to my YouTube videos. I love it!

Javas Stone
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