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Convert Images and Photos into Video with Music

When you transform images to a video, it is usually a slideshow with all the snaps added to a single film. These images are then displayed on the screen one by one with your preferred music playing in the background.
Such a slideshow can be created to demonstrate/reflect some of the memorable incidents/events that took place at a function, party, celebration, etc. When the captured images are displayed in a particular sequence in a slideshow along with soothing background music, the audience can relive those moments, even if they were not physically present at the event.
There are several ways to convert photos to a video with the tools, and here, I will show you how to use the online slidershow maker to create video from images easily.

How to Make Video from Photos with Music in

With the image to video maker, you can convert your photos into a dynamic slideshow video or an engaging video for social media. Even with minimal editing experience, you can create a professional video from still images.

  • upload

    Step 1: Upload your images

    Upload all the photos or videos you want to combine into a video to photos to video maker. You can also paste the link to a .png, .jpg. .mp4 or other supported formats on the web.
    Once uploaded, your media files will appear on the story panel.

  • cut

    Step 2: Create a video from Photos

    Rearrange your photos and videos to create a perfect sequence. Set your preferred visibility type (fit with border or zoom & crop), aspect ratio, and the duration of each image for better composition. Add transition and music to give your photo video a creative edge.

  • download

    Step 3: Download the photo video

    Click MERGE on the bottom to make images to video using the photo to video maker. Once done, click DOWNLOAD from the next page to save the produced file to your local drive, Dropbox, or Google Drive cloud storage.

upload images and video
cut the video clip
download photo video

Why Use Photo to Video Maker Online?

Although you can use any web app or a desktop program to convert photos to video, offers certain advantages not present in any other software, not at least for free.

the quickest video cutter

Simple Drag-and-Drop Interface

Import your images and videos, and publish stunning videos from your photos in a snap. You can convert still pictures into a single video in the blink of an eye.

accurately cut video

Powerful Editing Tools

This photos to video maker allows you to crop the images to fit the aspect ratio, set the desired clip duration for each image, and add transitions.

all round video editor

Multiple Photo and Video Formats supports almost all commonly used image and video formats and therefore, the scope of the type of ingredients that you can import is quite expanded.

cut video in many mainstream formats

Built-in Audio Editing Options

It also has a built-in audio trimmer that can trim the audio you want to add as background music. You can also adjust the volume of the audio with the slider.

easy-to-use YouTube cutter

Aspect Ratio Presets Versatility

You can choose 1:1 for Instagram, 16:9 for YouTube, 9:16 for TikTok, or 5:4 for Facebook, and more for easily sharing content to various social media platforms.

lossless video cutter

Online Photo to Video Maker

Create a video from images with music online for free using just an app – no downloading and installation required!

Explore Benefits of Making Video from Photos

Grow Your Brand Scale on Social Media Easily

With the Slideshow Maker tool, you can easily make photos into a video to grab the attention of your target audience. You can even expand your customer base globally by producing engaging, lucrative, and informative clips out of the images.
Post creation, the photo video can be shared on your social media accounts for increased visibility and awareness among your existing and future clients/customers. You can convert brand and product images to video to promote it on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

Create an Shareable Photo Slideshow

The photos of your products and services speak much about your business. However, if they are presented in a slideshow, all the images look livelier, especially with the background music that you can add using Slideshow Maker.
Furthermore, because the tool can export your videos in several formats, they can be published on various social media websites and shared easily by your associates and sometimes even by your most satisfied customers for word-of-mouth publicity.

Shorten Video for Social Sharing
Shorten Video for Social Sharing

FAQs about Converting Photos to Video Online

  • Yes, you can. Multiple images can be converted to video using the Slideshow Maker tool. In addition, to convert a single image to video, you can use the Editor tool that has. You can visit the and start right away.

  • photos to video creator allows you to export your outputs in some of the most common formats that are recognized across the Internet and on social media portals. A few popular ones include MP4, AVI, MOV, M4V, etc.

  • Even if you are using a free account, there is no restriction on how many images or video clips you can use with the’s Slideshow Maker.

  • Yes, it is free. The best part is that you can even export the videos in up to 1080p resolution without having any watermark on them.

  • The easiest way to get this done is by using Slideshow Maker tool which enables you to import the source images and video clips, and then add your preferred music in the background. You can even use the built-in editor to trim the audio to match the duration of the video that you produce.

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I love this free online slideshow maker! It allows me to combine images and video clips into a new video. And I can set up the duration of the image to fit the background music. What's more, there is no watermark on my exported video.

Lily Larsen
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I'm looking for a simple slideshow maker that can quickly convert my images to a video. And the slideshow maker from is the perfect solution for me.

Haley Galindo
star star star star star

I want to make a video from photos, but some of my photos are vertical, and some of them are horizontal. This slideshow maker allows me to crop the image to fit the aspect ratio. I hope there will be an auto-crop-to-fit option in the future.

Matthew Flack

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