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Questions you may ask before purchasing
Media.io AI portrait generator

Media.io AI Portrait Generator requires computational power to create your personalized art photos. The computational power is expensive, which is why we cannot offer it for free. However, we have made it as affordable as possible for you.
Please follow these guidelines for the best professional headshots:
1.Upload more than 5 recent chest-up close-up photos.
2.Each photo should have a different background and clothes.
3.Use square photos with only your face.
4.Ensure good quality, non-pixelated images (>400px).
5.Provide slightly different facial expressions.
1.DO NOT repeat backgrounds or outfits.
2.Avoid photos with others.
3.Avoid dark, filtered, blurry, or pixelated photos.
4.Avoid covering your face with hats, hands, sunnies, etc.
5.Avoid full-body photos where you don't look like your present self.
6.Avoid old photos where you don't look like your present self.
7.Avoid exaggerated facial expressions or angles you wouldn't want in your portraits.
The AI only knows you from your photos. If you use old photos, you'll look like your older self. The AI will train on things recurring most often, including the most frequently used emotions and light exposure. This also applies to silly faces or not looking at the camera, etc. Remember, input quality equals output quality.
The basic version allows you to generate 50 photos with a single click, while the pro version allows you to generate 100 photos with a single click.
Result photos are automatically deleted after 30 days. Make sure to back them up.
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