Midjourney Upscaler

Create highly quality printable images on Midjourney upscaler with a single click. Harness the power of AI to reduce noise, enhance details, and upscale your generated artwork to the optimal resolutions like 4K or even 8K! No any complicated apps required.

MJ image upscaler
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Midjourney is an independent AI-based research lab for creating high-quality images without sweating it out. It’s similar to OpenAI’s DALL-E, where you’ll enter the prompts or image descriptions, and the AI will do the rest of the dirty work. It can generate up to 25 different versions of a single image description, producing high resolutions of 1024 x 1024 pixels.

However, to maximize your photo resolution for larger, clearer prints or to showcase your work before sharing it with clients, you may benefit from using a user-friendly upscaler like Media.io. This online free platform provides multiple upscaling options for your generated images. You can easily enlarge the photo size by 2X, 4X, 8X, or customize the scaling factor. In addition to upscaling, it boasts a range of AI-powered photo editing tools to refine your Midjourney images to perfection. You can remove blurriness, unwanted objects, change the background, enhance colors, and much more. All you need to do is upload your artistic photos directly from your browser and witness how Media.io swiftly transforms them into stunning masterpieces.

Upgrade the quality or resolution of your Midjourney images effortlessly with the help of Media.io, and take advantage of its user-friendly features to enhance your artistic creations today!

How to Enlarge a Midjourney Image for Prints?

  • upload image

    Step 1. Upload Your Midjourney Photo.

    After creating and downloading a photo from Midjourney, drag and drop it on Media.io Image Upscaler. You can upscale JPG, PNG, or BMP photos up to 10MB for free.

  • AI upscale MJ image

    Step 2. Select or Customize the Upscaling Rate.

    After successfully loading up the Midjourney photo, select the upscaling rate as 2x, 4x, or 8x. You can get more customizable rates by dragging the slider.

  • download

    Step 3. Upscale the Midjourney Image.

    Tap the Upscale button to start upscaling and enlarging the Midjourney photo. Then, you can proceed to download the image if satisfied with the comparison or choose a new upscaling rate.

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Why Choose Media.io to Upscale Midjourney Photos

AI image upscaler

Auto Upscale & Enhance MJ Images

With Media.io, you can create Midjourney high resolution photos without prior knowledge. It’s an AI-based image upscaler, meaning you only need to load up the picture, select a few settings, and wait for the outcome.

enlarge MJ images without losing quality

Deliver Crystal-Clear Quality

Midjourney upscaler will give you the most explicit Midjourney images for printing. It does so by removing any smooth edges on your photos to eradicate blur and increase the sharpness and resolution. You can upscale your Midjourney photos by up to 8x the original resolution.

support multi photo formats

Multiple Image Formats Supports

The handy image upscaler supports multiple digital photo formats. You can upload and download your Midjourney photos in PNG, BMP, JPG, and JPEG. The maximum image file size is 10MB, enough to upload any printable Midjourney image.

powerful photo editor

Limitless Photo Editing Capabilities

To make your AI photos stand out, Media.io has other retouching capabilities like removing defects, changing backgrounds, generating anime or caricature-style photos, and more. For example, you can use the image sharpener tool to remove unnecessary blurriness, fix pixelated images and make them look sharper. Exploit these features!

FAQs of Midjourney Upscaling

  • Although you can command Midjourney V5 to create HD photos, you may need a higher resolution to get the best prints. Thankfully, you can easily upscale Midjourney images by 8x the original resolution online using Media.io Image Upscaler. It’s quick and straightforward to use. Just enter the rates and begin the Midjourney upscaling process.

  • Initially, Midjourney would allow users to create 512 x 512 pixel photos. However, the Midjourney version 5, introduced in March 2023, increased the default image resolution to 1024 x 1024 pixels. This means you now have more room to enlarge your photos, making them ideal for larger and clearer prints. Remember that the service also has in-built upscaling services.

  • Creating a high-quality AI photo on Midjourney is quick and easy. Follow these steps:
    • First, create a Discord account because you’ll need it to create Midjourney photos.
    • Open Midjourney online and then tap the “Join the Beta” button.
    • Head to your Discord account and accept an invitation from Midjourney.
    • After linking the two accounts successfully, open https://discord.gg/midjourney.
    • Select a newcomer room on Midjourney and type /image before entering the image prompts.
    • Lastly, specify the aspect ratio before clicking “Enter” to create the photo. That’s it!

Elevate Your AI Art Images to New Heights of Distinction.
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