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Convert audio to text online free instantly. This best voice to text converter can save time and energy without sacrificing accuracy. 90+ languages and rich formats supported.


How to Automatically Convert Voice to Text Online Free?

Figuring out how to quickly convert speech, voice recordings or sound to text for podcast, interview, education, meetings, journalism, personal pleasure or any other purpose? Well, you've come to the right place! auto audio transcription tool does the difficult job for you. It's a simple online program that uses AI and deep ML to accurately analyze video or audio sounds and generate transcripts. You only need 3 simple steps to convert speech to text. See how this best audio transcriber works!

  • upload

    Step 1. Upload Your Voice Files to Convert

    Launch speech to text converter to upload your audio or video files to transcribe. You can upload medias from local storage.

  • transcibe

    Step 2. Start Transcribing Audio to Text Online

    The automatic transcription tool will quickly analyze the voice and convert it into text in an instant. (You can make any necessary edits to the resulting transcripts.)

  • download

    Step 3. Download Speech-to-Text File

    Now your audio transcript is ready. Preview and Export the text file in .TXT or .SRT format to your device.

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Standout Features of Audio to Text Transcriber

As for audio-to-text converting, empowers you to transcribe sound with remarkable accuracy and efficiency. After extracting the texts or subtitles from any video or audio files, you can get it auto-synced with your video or perform other editing tasks - delete, duplicate, copy and type, etc. Give it a try!

Online Transcription Tool

Online Speech to Text

With Auto transcript service of this online transcriber, you don't need to install any complicated software transcribing audio recording apps. Simply launch it from browser and transcribe from audio to text free.

High Recognition Accuracy

High Recognition Accuracy uses an advanced AI translator and deep ML to transcribe any audio recordings into quality text. Gives you up to 95% accuracy with few spelling or grammar errors that need proofreading.

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90+ Languages Supported

You can easily transcribe audio file or video files in over 90 languages. It supports English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Indian, and other languages. Many accents are included. (Currently it only supports English, but support for other languages will be available soon!)

support many file types

Accept Various Audio Types supports almost all standard sound formats for importing. You can directly upload video or audio files in formats like MP3, M4A, WAV, MP4, MOV, WebM, AVI, OGG, FLAC, and more.

Multi-Functional Editor

Multi-Functional Editor

This speech recognition software comes with a multitrack timeline to edit audio, video and text accordingly. You can trim, split, cut, add captions, etc.

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Auto Add Video Subtitles

To cover up more regions and users and let them understand what you are saying or presenting in the video you post on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok, convert your speech to different subtitles.

How Can Voice to Text Converter Help You?

Imagine you have to transcribe the audio to text by typing words manually, it could take hours to finish a speech-to-text typing work. But now, you got this Audio to Text Converter for helping you get relief from the time-spending work! It could be used to convert podcasts, speeches, video captions, etc. And the exported text file can be saved in .txt for matching Google Sheets, Microsoft Word, etc.

Convert Online Lectures, Interviews, Speechings or Teachings to Text

Online courses are rising in recent years, people can take lessons all around the world. However, lecturers and tutors may have to deal with students from different countries and regions and let them understand what they are teaching without using their native language.

To solve this problem, a transcription service like is helpful. Teachers can convert audio into the widely spoken languages like English or alternatively, students can make use of smart translation techniques to understand the speech in their native language. In both ways, transcribing sound to text helps to understand the knowledge more efficiently.

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Auto Transcribe YouTube Video Contents to Subtitles & Caption

CC captions is an audio to text service with the language you are speaking. Yet, if you want to reach a wider audience, it is more wiser for you to offer more native language to get more views. Therefore, use to accurately transcribe videos by adding subtitles and captions in different languages. You can even customize and edit the description.

*Tips: Learn how to transcribe YouTube to Text and auto generate subtitles or captions for videos.

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Transcribe Podcasts to Words for Further Explaination

A podcast is an online audio or spoken word that focuses on a specific topic. To grab more audiences, you may want to understand every word in the podcast and create descriptions or posts for each episode. And some of them prefer to read than listen. This is why comes into play; it will create auto-generated transcripts of your podcasts to transcript audio and improve the whole workflow.

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Convert Audio to Text to Help Someone that Is Hard to Type by Hands

Audio to Text Converter is such a gift for people with dyslexia or who are disabled to use conventional input devices for typing words. This technology can help them to express their words with text so that everyone can know it clearly.

voice to text to instead handwriting

FAQs Regarding Sound to Text Converter

  • makes it super simple for you to transcribe from audio to text. Just upload your audio recording files and our AI transcription software will take care of the rest, generating plain text in a matter of seconds. Interestingly, you can record voices using the inbuilt recorder and transcribe it.

  • Once you've finised auto audio transcription audio to text on, you can simply download the plain text or edit it further.

  • Yes, you can add the extracted text tracks to any video without manual operations. Just toggle on the Auto Subtitle button. The transcribed texts will be automatically burned into the video. If you wish to save the subtitles separately, click the Export icon to download the subtitle file in SRT or TXT.

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This online voice to text converter works really well. The accuracy is amazing and it helps me transcribe my videos to English transcript without any hassles. I'm happy.

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I've been a fan of products for a while now and this particular online product impresses me. The transcript from audio is simple, fast, and accurate.

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This online audio to text converter works magic for me. Apart from being 100% accurate, it allows me to edit the generated text which is a big plus. Continue the good work, guys!

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As an online student, I always have to transcribe my lecture videos to understand everything and create notes. Luckily, helps me with that most of the time.

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Everything about this online video editor is spot on. It's 95% accurate and hardly gives me the wrong texts when adding subtitles to my YouTube videos. I highly recommend it!

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