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Generate subtitles and captions for YouTube videos automatically. Download the caption file as .srt and upload it to YouTube effortlessly.

Auto Subtitle Generator for YouTube
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Generate Subtitles and Captions for YouTube Videos

As per the World Health Organization, more than 5% of the World's population is experiencing some hearing disability. On the other hand, there are around 7000+ languages in this World, and not everyone knows every language. Thus, the content you're making for your YouTube is restricted to a limited population— and with that comes the need for subtitles!

Recognition, engagement, and popularity— that's all a YouTuber would want! Adding subtitles to your YouTube videos will make them accessible to a wider audience, such as the deaf, people from other cultures, or those who have a hard time understanding your accent. Moreover, subtitled videos have more watch time than ones without them— due to being more convenient to watch anywhere, anytime.

How to Automatically Generate Subtitles and Captions for YouTube?

With, you can generate and add subtitles to a video using the automated process. Simply upload the video or paste the YouTube video URL and let create and add subtitles for you in 89 different languages. You can also make further edits and export the subtitles in the SRT file.

  • upload

    Step 1: Upload the YouTube Video

    Open the Video Editor and click on Upload Media to import the YouTube video from your device.
    If you want to generate subtitles for an already uploaded YouTube video, click on From URL button to import it.

  • auto-subtitle

    Step 2: Generate Subtitles and Captions

    Drag and drop the imported YouTube video to the timeline and click on the Subtitles menu from the left pane.
    Select the target language from 89 different languages and click on the Start Auto-subtitle button to automatically generate the subtitles for the YouTube video.

  • edit generated subtitles and captions

    Step 3: Edit Subtitles for YouTube Video

    Once the subtitles are generated, double-click on any subtitle line to correct, modify or replace the words (if needed). You can click on the Trash icon or Plus icon to delete or add a new subtitle line.
    Note: You can also change the font style and adjust the font size for your subtitles from the Subtitle Style tab.

  • download

    Step 4: Export and Share

    Click on the Download icon from the Subtitle menu to get the SRT file for the subtitles. You can upload this time-stamped SRT file to YouTube when posting the video.
    Click the Export button to save the YouTube video with subtitles and captions burned.

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 Auto subtitles for YouTube
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Why Choose YouTube Subtitles and Captions Generator?

feature: free YouTube video editor without watermark

Free YouTube Video Editor is nothing less than a professional video editor with an arsenal of editing tools other than an auto subtitle generator. You can create, edit, merge videos, and add music to make them look catchy and attractive— and that too without any watermark.

feature: support multiple language

Multiple Languages Supported brings the multilingual support for an auto-subtitle generator that supports 89 different languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Indian, etc. You can add subtitles and captions to a YouTube video in different languages effortlessly.

feature: generate  subtitles  for YouTube video automatically

Generate subtitles and captions automatically Auto-Subtitle Generator will save you from the struggle of hiring a professional or spending hours transcribing lengthy YouTube videos. Just one click and the subtitles will be generated automatically.

feature: high accuracy for auto-subtitle

Create Subtitles with high accuracy

Using, you can generate subtitles and captions via the advanced machine learning technology that'll recognize audio in any accent and produce an accurate response. You don't even need to edit the subtitles in most cases.

feature: generate subtitle for published YouTube video

Add straight from URL

Even if you've already uploaded the video to YouTube but want to generate an SRT subtitle file— Auto Subtitle Generator has got you covered. Paste the link by clicking on From URL in the Upload section, and you're good to go!

feature: cross-platform

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Any HTML5 web browser would run the Auto-Subtitle Generator without any compatibility issues, whether you're using the Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook device.

Why is it important to add subtitles to a YouTube video?

Improve SEO for YouTube Ranking

Subtitles and captions enhance the SEO for YouTube videos and are more likely to rank higher in the searches for the keywords used in the subtitles and captions. The study also revealed that the YouTube videos with captions and subtitles have a higher viewership due to being more searchable on the search engines.

increase ranking

Get More Engagement

More than 36 million Americans suffer from hearing disabilities, and a total of 5% of the World's population will be unable to hear your YouTube videos. Here, the captions and subtitles provide an equivalent experience and make the videos accessible to a wider audience— including those with hearing loss, speaking foreign languages, and those who watch without any sound— increasing the overall engagement of your YouTube content.  

get more engagement

Better Communication

Not everyone speaks and understands every language in the World. There are 7000+ languages in the World and making videos in any particular language limits your content. You can add subtitles in different languages to have another communication channel and improve viewer information retention.

better communication

FAQs About YouTube Subtitles

  • Yes, you can add subtitles to a YouTube video once published.
    Step 1: Sign in to your YouTube studio and click on the Subtitle menu from the left pane.
    Step 2: Select any video to add the subtitles and then click Add Language to specify the language in the video.
    Step3: Click the Add option under the Subtitle column, and you will see three options to add subtitles, i.e., Upload file, Auto-sync, or Type Manually. Choose one that fits your situation.

    If you have automatically generated the subtitle or caption file with the video editor, you can upload the generated SRT file directly to YouTube Studio.

  • YouTube supports multiple types of basic and advanced subtitle file formats, some of which also includes the position and style info to help the dead people understand. Some supported file formats are: .srt, .sbv, .mpsub, lrc, .cap, .smi, .rt, .ttml, .cin and more.

  • Yes, you can upload your own subtitles to YouTube videos as YouTube supports various file formats. Go to content>Subtitles from the left pane and Add subtitles.

  • Of course. As a viewer, you can change the position of captions or subtitles on the video pane. When the subtitles/captions are enabled, drag, and drop the position of it wherever you want.

  • You can adjust the font style, color, size, background color, window color, and opacity of the subtitles/captions from the settings. Go to the Settings button>Subtitles/ CC > Options to adjust the style of YouTube captions.

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I am a YouTube content creator and have tried hundreds of subtitle generators, and nothing gives me more accurate results than the subtitle generator. It's accurate as well as timesaving.

John Liam
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I've been using this subtitle generator for over a month now, and I saved more than 20 hours a week, which I spent transcribing the videos before.

Oliver Hudson
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My viewership was limited to only a few regions before adding the subtitles and captions (as seen from the YouTube analytics) and believe me; it has improved 10-12% recently— all thanks to for generating subtitles.

William Lucas
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What I love most about this subtitles generator is the wide range of options. There are 89 languages to choose to generate subtitles and multiple font styles and sizes to make them look aesthetic.

Elijah James
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I've never been a fan of subtitle generators, and I came across this subtitle generator. The UI is self-explanatory, and you don't have to edit the captions much due to accurate responses from the tool.

Benjamin Hughes
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