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Increase the accessibility and engagement of your content by transcribing MP3 files to text! Convert .mp3 files to more than 89 languages with a single click online!

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Transcribe MP3 to Text Online for Free

Relying on audio files is not enough as search engine crawlers can only index text. Therefore, generating transcripts for your audio files in captions and subtitles can get you a higher ranking. In addition, you can convert podcasts and recordings of meetings to text to share the record with your colleagues.
No matter the reason, MP3 to text converter has covered you with its AI-drive text generator, which can analyze the audio, speech, and voiceovers to transcribe into text within a few clicks. Furthermore, you can edit and alter the transcribed texts and download the text scripts separately in the .srt file.

How to Convert MP3 to Text with

Converting MP3 files into text has never been more accessible with the MP3 to text transcriber. Besides mp3, you can transcribe a video to texts without downloading any 3rd party software since this online tool works on most browsers.

  • upload

    Step 1: Upload Your MP3 File

    Launch the video editor on your browser and click the Upload Media button to import your MP3 files. You can upload from local storage, Google Drive, Dropbox, or even record your live voice.

  • edit

    Step 2: Transcribe MP3 Audio to Text Automatically

    Drag and drop the MP3 files to the timeline and go to the Subtitles menu from the left pane. Choose the language among the 89 choices and click on Start auto-subtitle to initiate the transcribing process.

  • edit subtitles

    Step 3: Edit your Captions/Subtitles

    Once the speech-to-text process is done, you can edit the transcribed texts by clicking on the subtitle line box. You can also stylize the fonts, adjust the font size, and change the overall subtitle appearance from the Subtitle Style tab.

  • download

    Step 4: Save the Text File

    Click on the Download button from the Subtitles menu to export the transcript separately in .srt format.
    You can also create a video from audio with visual backgrounds and subtitles burned.

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Why Choose to Use to Turn MP3 to Text

ease of use

Multilingual Supported stands out from the crowd due to its multilingual support! It can transcribe the MP3 files to more than 89 languages, including English, French, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Sweden, and more. So there’s no chance you’ll miss targeting any country with your content.

offer tons of subtitle styles

Edit Transcript Easily is not only a voice-to-text tool that generates YouTube subtitles, captions, and transcripts, but you can customize them as per your choice. You can edit, type, and even stylize the captions in one click.

easily edit subtitle timing

Share Audio As Video

Besides transcribing mp3 audio to text, you can convert the MP3 file to a video in different aspect ratios presets and share your voice on varius social media platforms.

convenient to share subtitled video

Multiple Formats Supported

One noteworthy attribute of is that it supports multiple formats for speech-to-text conversion. It is compatible with MP3, M4R, OGG, FLAC, MP4, MOV, 3GP, and more.

edit sub for any video and audio

Safe to Use

Many of you don’t want to preserve your content before publishing, and understands the privacy! Speech to Text converter uses SSL encryption to secure or protect all the conversions.

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No Installation Needed

There is no need to download any software on your device and go through a painful installation process. is an online toolkit that works with any browser on your tablet or PC to convert audio to text seamlessly.

Why Convert MP3 to Text?

Make Content More Accessible

Transcribing the audio to text will help you make your content reach more audience! For example, people suffering from hearing impairments or those unable to turn up the volume can always read the text— and there’s a 35% increase in engagement for the subtitled content.
Additionally, the crawlers of search engines can index the subtitles and captions in text form to increase the engagement of your content.

Improve Accessiblity

Speech Highlights

Highlighting any important detail in any podcast or speech will require transcribing the audio files first! brings the AI-drive speech recognition technology, which analyzes and transcribes the audio to text and highlights the text you want from the subtitle style tab.  

Speech highlights

Reading Over Listening

Many students and even professionals would love reading over listening! For example, suppose you have a voice recording for a lecture and didn’t understand any phrase due to a different accent; you can always transcribe the audio file.’s Speech to Text converter is also a blessing for people who prefer reading over listening and can comprehend details better during reading.

read over listen

FAQs Regarding Converting MP3 Audio to Text

  • Yes. Many audio to text converters allow you to easily convert an MP3 file to texts. And brings the MP3 to text converter backed by AI-driven technology to recognize the audio and speech and convert it into text. So you can quickly transcribe MP3, WAV, or other audio to text.

  • The time needed to transcribe and convert MP3 to text varies depending on the playback length and internet connectivity.

  • Depending on the tool or software, you can transcribe MP3 files into any language you want. For example, covers you with its multilingual support and can transcribe the MP3 file into 89 different languages.

  • Yes, an MP3 file can easily be transcribed to texts and subtitles with The AI technology recognizes the speech and audio and converts them into text, and adds them as subtitles and captions to the video automatically. You can also download the text file format.

  • The accuracy in converting MP3 to text depends on the software or the tool you’re using! Mostly, all the tools provide an 80 to 95% accuracy. is backed by AI technology to identify speech and analyze audio files to precisely generate the transcripts with fewer mistakes.

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I am a teacher by profession and love providing text notes with recorded lectures to my students. It has helped them comprehend the details. With, it takes only 2-3 minutes to generate the text from an MP3 file.

Amelia Reeves
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Many times, we used to write the captions manually with the audio files to highlight some phrases, and has solved the problem.

Victor Porter
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I have tried many tools to transcribe MP3 files to text, and is definitely on the top. The interface is easy to use and takes less time to generate text.

Oliver Waters
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As a content creator, I know the actual need to create subtitles and captions for SEO ranking. However, has solved the problem, and now I can transcribe video and audio spoken in different languages quickly and accurately.

Emma Patrick
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What I loved the most about speech to text converter is that it supports almost all popular formats such as MP3, MP4, FLAC, and more.

Elijah Baldwin
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