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Convert audio to video and repurpose your audio files into engaging video content in minutes. No skills are needed.

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Make Your Voice Go Further

Sometimes you may want to convert MP3 to video so that your acoustics can have some visuals to engage more audience and convey the message more clearly on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and so on. However, due to the lack of technical awareness, many users fail to find an efficient audio to video converter and end up paying a hefty amount to those with experience in the field. Fortunately, video editor has your back. With this web app, you can easily convert audio files to a video and expand the scope of your reachability via almost all the social media and streaming platforms.

How to Convert Audio to Video Online?

Converting audio to MP4 video with is pretty straightforward.
All you need to do is upload the audio file in MP3 or other formats and the visual background, add subtitles, text, elements and effects if necessary.

Step 1: Upload Audio File and Visual Background

Open the video editor, and click Upload media to locate and upload the source audio file along with the images or videos that you want to show to your audience.
You can upload the audio file in MP3, WAV, FLAC, WMA, or other formats and select a photo, a GIF, or a video as a background for the video.

import audio and visual background to

Step 2: Set up Aspect Ratio

Choose an aspect ratio for the video project among the most popular presets: YouTube (16:9), TikTok (9:16), Twitter & Facebook (5:4/4:5), Pinterest (2:3), and Instagram (In-Feed and Stories). By default, the 16:9 aspect ratio is applied.  

set up project aspect ratio

Step 3: Turn Audio into Video

Drag the audio file to the timeline at the bottom. Then, repeat the process to place images, GIFs, or video clips in the order you want them to appear in the final output.
Optionally, select the audio file, trim, split, or cut it, add fade in and fade out effects accordingly.

add audio and visual background to turn audio to video

Step 4: Add AI-generated Captions

Go to Subtitles and choose your preferred language. Then, click Start auto subtitle, and will automatically generate subtitles for the audio and add them to the timeline, precisely synced with the acoustics.
If required, double-click a caption and make necessary changes to the text or its timestamp. Optionally, go to the Subtitle Styles tab and stylize the subtitles for further beautification.  

generate texts and subtitles for audio video

Step 5: Add Visual Effects

Add some Emojis, holiday stickers, and a sound wave visualizer in the Elements menu to the audio-video.
Go to Transition and drag the Fade transition effect between the two video clips in the timeline. Repeat the process as many times as needed.

add effects to audio video

Step 6: Export the Audio as Video

Place the play header at the beginning of the video in the timeline and click the Preview button to check the video.
Next, click Export, define a file name and an output resolution, and click Continue to export the audio to a video file with images, texts, subtitles and effects.  

export audio video with effects

AI music generator

Create Royalty-free Background Music with AI.

Endless music tracks matched your vibe, mood & style.
Turn unique ideas into resonant musical compositions instantly.
Ideal for diverse video themes: sports, dancing, singing, gaming, travel, vlogs, and more.

Why Choose to Turn Audio to Video?

feature: free YouTube video editor without watermark

Free Full Video Editor works on the web browser and still uses a timeline-oriented approach, making it a full-fledged post-production program. An added advantage of using this web app is that you can export the video at 1080P HD without a watermark left.

feature: support multiple language

Auto Subtitles and Captions

The Subtitles tool in the Video Editor automatically generates subtitles for the audio. In addition, also adds them to the timeline with precise timestamps, so you don’t have to do such tedious tasks manually.

feature: generate  subtitles  for YouTube video automatically

Over 89 Languages

At the time of this writing, can recognize and generate subtitles in up to 89 different languages. So just choose the language spoken in your audio to convert it to subtitles and captions to reach a global audience in minutes.

feature: high accuracy for auto-subtitle

Add Styles and Branding Elements

You can even stylize the captions according to your brand theme for better consistency and to follow your brand-specific conventions. Furthermore, you can also import your custom logo and use it as a watermark in the video for further promotions.

feature: generate subtitle for published YouTube video

Various Aspect Ratio Presets has as many as six aspect ratio presets for you to choose from. Selecting the correct preset enables you to generate videos for the target web platform on which you want to publish them.

feature: cross-platform

Tons of Formats Supported supports almost all audio and video conversions, including MP3, WAV, FLAC, OGG, AU, M4A, M4R, MP4, etc. With these file types, the Audio to Video Converter tool allows you to convert audio to video for commercial distribution or your listening pleasure.

Why Convert Audio to Video?

Increase Audience Reachability

As mentioned earlier, not all platforms support audio and therefore, the files must be converted to video before publishing. When you convert a file from audio to video, it becomes eligible for most streaming media portals. As you post your outputs on such websites, the scope of your brand visibility naturally increases.

Increase audience reachability

Automatic Subtitling is a complete toolkit that allows you to add subtitles to audio video automatically and save it as a video with captions burnt in.

This widens the scope of your target audience even further. Because not many people may understand your regional language, adding globally understandable subtitles (for example, English) enables you to cover a larger crowd to convey the message that your videos have.  

auto subtitle

Repurpose Content for Different Social Media Platforms

Unlike other conversion tools, has aspect ratio presets for various social media portals where you want to publish your videos. This saves you ample time that you would otherwise have to waste in defining the width and height of the canvas before you can even import the source files for editing.

repurpose content on different social media platforms

FAQs About Converting Audio to Video

  • When using, you can upload an audio file along with the images or video clips you want to use for the visuals. Next, drag the audio to the timeline and then place the visuals (videos and images) too in the correct order. Once everything is done, you can export the output in MP4 video format.
    If you don't need any visual background for the audio file, you can try the free audio converter to transfer the audio file to a video.
    You can try the Music Visualizer tool if you are looking for a more straightforward way to convert audio to video.

  • At the time of this writing, no file limit has been defined. This means you can add as many audio files to the timeline as you want in a single session and convert all of them to video. But keep in mind that the exported video's maximum duration is 2 hours.

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I was looking for a cheap program that doesn’t add any watermark to the output. At first, I thought I should go for a paid application but I was low on budget. One day, while searching the web, I stumbled upon and thought that I should give it a try. After I finalized the project and exported it as a video file in full HD, I was amazed to see that it didn’t add a watermark even when I was using a free account.

Jacob Barnes
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I am new to video editing and before investing funds in an expensive computer, I thought I should have some hands-on. I tried a couple of free desktop tools and many web portals but none of them were efficient enough to give me significant experience. When I tried, I noticed that it has almost everything that a PC video editing application should have.

Miller Davis
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I work as a freelancer and am associated with a couple of schools in my local area. As a part of my association, these schools send me raw/unedited video files right out of the camera and I have to edit and prepare them for seminars, webinars, and distributions. Because desktop programs are quite expensive and many of them even require a monthly or annual subscription, I ditched them all. Instead, I now use as a full-fledged video editor because it has all the features that I need. The best part is that I can export the videos in 1080p without any watermark.

Ariana Anderson
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Initially, I wasn’t aware that web apps could be so efficient. However, once I started using, I realized that its interface is quite similar to what other expensive post-production applications offer. Now I have stopped renewing my subscription for those pricy editing tools and am using to do all my projects.

Serena Cooper
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When I got my first project where I was required to edit a simple video, I didn’t have a computer with updated hardware. Because of this, I was forced to search the web for an alternate solution and that is when I came across When I started using the Internet app, I found its interface quite intuitive. After I exported the final output and sent it to my client, who also happens to be one of my neighbors, he was quite happy with the results and offered me a few more tasks. At this time, I’m working as a professional video editor and do most of my post-production assignments on, which many times also include converting MP3 to video.

Carmen Burke
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Maximize Your Audio Content

Feel free to explore the features that Video Editor has offered. Besides converting audio to video, this free online video editor provides much more features to expand your audiences, such as elements and transition effects, video templates, a royalty-free music library, and auto-subtitle.
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