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Transcribe Zoom Recording and Add Subtitles Automatically

Although Zoom enables users to organize and participate in online webinars, meetings, virtual events, etc., one thing people want to know is how to add subtitles to Zoom recordings. Captions and subtitles make a big difference in video accessibility for deaf or hard-of-hearing participants, and it's essential for international participants who speak multiple languages.

If you want to add subtitles or captions to Zoom recordings, you can use the auto-subtitle tool. It offers a quick and easy method to automatically generate a Zoom transcript, enabling you to export and download the entire Zoom video with subtitles for distribution and sharing.

How to Transcribe a Zoom Recordings Online? uses AI-enabled speech recognition technology to generate Zoom transcription. In addition, its free online video editor also allows you to add annotations, animated decorative elements, transition effects, and background music to make the final output look livelier and more professional.

  • upload

    Step 1: Upload a Zoom Recording

    Click Upload media on the video editor interface and upload the recorded Zoom meeting. Next, hover the mouse over the thumbnail and click + from the lower-right to add the recordings to the timeline.
    You can upload both recorded zoom meeting videos or audio files to video editor.

  • transcibe

    Step 2. Generate Zoom Subtitles Automatically

    Go to the Subtitles menu to select the language of the Zoom recording, and click the Start auto-subtitle button to start the transcription. will automatically generate transcription and add it to the Zoom video as the subtitle.

  • Edit

    Step 3: Edit and Format Subtitles

    Check the generated subtitles and fix some mistakes caused by unclear sounds or background noise.
    Switch to the Subtitle Style tab and customize the font style, size, color, transparency, border, etc., of the subtitles.

  • download

    Step 4: Download Transcribed Zoom Video with Subtitles

    Click the Export button from the top-right corner to export the Zoom recording video with subtitles, and then download the video for further sharing and distribution.

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Why Use Zoom Transcription and Subtitle Tool?

accurate transcription

Accurate Transcription uses AI-enabled speech recognition technology to generate accurate Zoom subtitles, and the transcription can reach up to 95% or more accuracy when your video has a clear voice.

AI speech to text transcriber

Support Multiple Languages

The AI STT technology that uses supports 89 languages, and therefore, the communication from a wide range of regions across the world can be transcribed within a couple of minutes.

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Format Subtitles Easily

In addition to automatically creating Zoom subtitles, also enables you to format the captions according to your preference and your brand theme.

simplify process of subtitling video

Full Video Editor

Besides adding subtitles to Zoom recordings automatically, you can use to edit, trim, split, or cut the recordings to smaller pieces before sharing. The recorder tools in allow you to record the Zoom meetings without permission as well.

freely reposition subtitles

No Watermark

Even if you are using a free subscription of, the output videos have no watermark whatsoever. You can export the videos in full HD (1080p) and can share them on social media platforms without any concerns.

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Safe and Secure

This is one of the most important factors that many Zoom users are concerned about. With, all your files are safe and cannot be accessed without proper authentication or authorization.

FAQs Regarding Zoom Transcription

  • Previously, Zoom didn't offer transcriptions for free account holders. To get a Zoom transcription, you must have an Enterprise, Business, or Education subscription.
    But things changed after October 2021. At the time of writing, even the free Zoom account can use the live transcription during meeting.

  • Yes, you can. However, Zoom allows live transcriptions, the only language that the application supports at the time of this writing is English. Further, the company itself confesses that the accuracy level of Zoom subtitles is not quite reliable, and therefore, the users are free to use any third-party service for the purpose. zoom video and audio transcription tool is one of the best choices.

  • Yes, you can. Follow the steps below to save and download the Zoom transcript for free.
    1. Click the arrow beside the Live Transcription menu, and then select View Full Transcript option.
    2. You will see all the generated transcripts in the meeting. Click the Save Transcript button and the file will be saved in txt format.
    3. To view and edit the transcript, click Show in Folder button to locate the file location.

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