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Instantly turn old photos into stunning new ones for free with AI photo restoration. Remove damages like fading, scratches, tears, and discoloration in one place.

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How to Restore Images Online in Seconds?

  • upload

    1. Upload Old Photos.

    Click Restore Photo Now button to upload old images from your mobile or computer device. (JPG/PNG/WEMB/BMP etc. are accepted)

  • restore

    2. AI Repair Old Photos Online.

    Sit back and watch as our AI algorithm automatically detects and restores your old damaged photos, leaving you with high-quality clear new pictures.

  • save

    3. Download the Restored Photos.

    Preview and save the restored pictures. You can also share them on social media platforms.

    👏👀 Sidenote: It goes beyond merely auto fixing old photos, with added more new features like image brightener, resolution improver, face retoucher, color matcher and more.

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Take Your Old Photos to the Next Level

With photo restorer, you can repair old photos and enhance them for crystal clear effects.
Bring old damaged pictures back to life and turn them into vintage fashion.

Best Photo Restoration Service Near You is among the best photo restoration online service. This AI picture restore software will help restore images by removing scratches and stains and bring out more details with a fresh look. Use it with any device to capture the picture easily and restore a photograph without third-party software download. Thus, make prints, enlargements, or frames for the photos to use them in all their splendor.

Turn Old Damaged Photos into Retro Fashion

Enhancing old photos is the most crucial advantage of However, time is of the essence since the earliest photographs not printed on archival paper or given a protective coating to shield will fade. Thus, stop further degradation by using an expert photo restorer or editor. Do note that pictures stashed in the attic or basement, away from direct sunlight or humidity, may also lead to deterioration and fading.

Colorize Black and White Photos Effortlessly

Professional photo restorers have developed AI digital techniques for restoring your old photographs because old photographs tend to degrade over time. These techniques allow professional photo restorers to eliminate scratches, cracks, tears, and fading and repair other damage to the picture. Apps such as will soon make it possible to restore black-and-white photographs effortlessly using the Photo Colorizer.

What is Picture Restorer & Enhancer?

Online Free Restoration
As a versatile online tool, helps you fix old photos without downloading software like Photoshop.
Stunning Results
Quickly turn your old damaged photos into an amazing new ones with just a couple clicks.
100% AI-Powered
Powered by AI picture restoration technology, you don't have to do the tedious tasks manually.
No Ads & No Spam
Trusted by over 10 million users from over 100 countries, is a 100% trustworthy website.

FAQs of Old Photo Restorer

  • Yes, you can restore old, damaged photos using with its best functions:
    Quick, easy, and evident in its operation.
    A clever and cutting-edge algorithm.
    Software that is free of malware, viruses, and advertisements
    Capability to fix damaged, corrupted, blurred, or grayed-out photographs.
    Help with various file formats, including RAW image files, JPG, and PNG.

  • Similar to, AI photo restoration tool allows you to restore any old and blurry face photos in seconds. Just upload your old photos from your phone or computer, and let AI work its magic to bring the photos back to life!

  • Step 1: Go to, and click on "Upload Images" to add a photo from your device or the image URL.
    Step 2: Click on "Restore" and the process of recovering the photo will start automatically.
    Step 3: Once done, click on "Download".

  • The cost might be as little as $50 or as much as $500, depending on the nature of the job. Additionally, many expensive online tools can recover photos. However, is a free-to-use photo restoration tool that works effortlessly.

  • 1. is a browser-based, free picture restorer with an AI photo enhancer. Its newest AI technologies can enhance and expand photo quality on the move for free and upscale JPEG pictures to 4K. Make smaller, more explicit photos online for free without losing quality.
    2. Snapseed: is a powerful and complex program for restoring photos on mobile devices. Auto-filters, extensive editing capabilities, a simple UI and slider controls make the program perfect for novices and professionals. Plus, all professional features are without in-app purchases.
    3. Adobe Photoshop’s: minimal learning curve makes it perfect for novices seeking picture embellishments, crookedness, grain, and color correction capabilities. The assortment of professional editing tools will modify shots and revive old memories. Add text, stickers, borders, frames, or collages to images to share on social media.
    4. Adobe Lightroom: Users seeking a fast and efficient editing solution that does not demand an extreme picture-refining makeover will succeed most with Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom is often good for tweaking a picture and performing minor healing modifications over regular Photoshop because Lightroom's editing tools are more accessible. It is an excellent choice for retouching the appearance and feel of a picture.
    5. Darktable: aims to repair and polish photographs with less effort than other programs. The interface and feature set of darkrooms are comparable to those of Adobe Lightroom, which benefits those already familiar with editing in other Adobe apps. Widely acknowledged throughout the photography community, Darktable is one of the most capable and user-friendly free editing solutions.

  • Here are the free online and offline old photo restoration programs.
    Online Restoration tool
    1. is a free picture restoration tool that, with AI, improves photo quality and upscales JPEG images to 4K resolution. This AI-driven image enhancer creates photographs online that are smaller but more detailed without degrading their quality and for free.
    2. Photo Retoucher: Restore old photos online with this software developed by SoftOrbits that improves scanned photographs by removing flaws, repairing damaged areas, and conducting fundamental retouching. Use this program to accomplish these goals.
    3. FixThePhoto Editor & Retouch: Get a professionally edited version of an old image in only a few hours from the retouching experts and promptly restore images. Just upload, provide specific instructions about the elements into focus, and let the restoration service do its work. The free trial is an extra perk.
    Offline Restoration tool
    1. RAKVIS Retoucher is a viable option for AI-powered solutions to remove unnecessary features such as date stamps and cups, among other things. It claims to be able to reconstruct lost portions of an old photograph by using the information from the sections that are next to such regions.
    2. Picture Glory is an artificial intelligence (AI) photo restoration program to recover faulty vintage photographs, whether old family photographs, historical images, or ancient architecture. Readily repair scanned pictures, with scratches, wrinkles, stains, or rips. It also colorizes old black-and-white images instantly, applies tone effects, edits, and crops aged and fading photographs.
    3. Luminar is well-known for various picture editing tasks, including restoring antique photographs. Although it is software, unlike Photoshop, it performs much of the work automatically apart from managing settings and uploading pictures. Users that need professional software for day-to-day usage are most likely to benefit from using Luminar.

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