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Brighten image online for free with a single click. Auto brighten dark photos instantly with advanced AI technology. Easily improve the overall look of an image to make it more visually appealing.

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How to Make a Photo Brighter

  • Upload your image

    Step 1. Upload Picture on Photo Brightener.

    Start AI Image Brightener, click Upload Images to lighten a picture online. The tool is compatible with a wide range of image formats, encompassing JPG/JPEG, PNG, BMP, and more.

  • ai lighten dark photos online

    Step 2. Let AI Lighten Dark Photos Online Free.

    Once the image is uploaded, click the Sharpener button and wait for AI to process. AI will automatically detect the lighting environment and adjust the image brightness to the most suitable level.

  • preview and download

    Step 3. Preview & Download Photo.

    The tool will display a preview of the effect. Upon your confirmation of the outcome, simply click the Download button to preserve the image. It's simple, swift, and just one click away!

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ai lighten dark photos online
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Distinctive Features of AI Image Brightener

Fix Dark Photos to Improve Details

Brighten the image with dim colors to restore it to a normal and appropriate level, ensuring that any details in the picture are not obscured or difficult to identify due to inadequate brightness or underexposure.

feature: fix dark photos to improve details

Photo Brightener & Portrait Enhancer

Enhance portrait quality by adjusting brightness to diminish facial imperfections highlighted by dim lighting. AI will brighten the picture to your desired level, addressing noticeable facial flaws and presenting a more refined complexion and even skin tone.

feature: photo brightener & portrait enhancer

AI Nails the Ideal Lighting

No need for any complex operations or adjustments. Simply submit your photo, click to generate, and let AI take care of the rest. AI will automatically adjust the brightness to the most suitable level, ensuring natural color reproduction and optimal brightness for the overall image.

feature: ai nails the ideal lighting

More than Just Picture Brightener

An all-in-one image processing solution. In addition to lightening image, this tool can also remove blemishes, enhance photos, restore old photos and provide other image processing functions to meet your needs.

feature: more than just picture brightener
Frequently Asked Questions of
AI Picture Brightener
  • To lighten dark photos online free, launch image brightener, upload your photos, click Sharpener button and let AI brighten the image for you.

  • Use Image Brightener. It doesn't require complex image processing operations like Photoshop; just one click and your image is brightened.

  • There is no watermark on the final downloaded and generated image. Watermarks can only be found on the preview image generated for you.

  • When you encounter situations where you need to upload your product images, social media pictures, or important informational images, if the brightness of the pictures is insufficient or does not meet the requirements, you can conveniently use this tool to enhance them.

  • Certainly, the downloaded images can be utilized for both personal and commercial purposes without the need for attribution.

User Review - What Our Users Say About Image Brightener

user review star user review star user review star user review star user review star

Absolutely love this image brightener! What sets it apart from other tools is its simplicity—no complex operations or adjustments required but still high-quality image. The lighting is neither too strong nor too weak; everything is just right. Highly recommended!

University Students
user review star user review star user review star user review star user review star

This tool supports various image formats and is easy to operate and get started with. When using Photoshop, I often spend a lot of time figuring out complex operations, but this tool greatly improves my efficiency. Even though it's free now, I'm willing to pay for it!

Creative Designer
user review star user review star user review star user review star user review star

One thing I like about this tool is its strong emphasis on privacy protection. All the uploaded data is protected using military-grade SSL encryption, and the images are auto-deleted after several hours of creation. Additionally, the clean, ad-free interface provides a great user experience.

Hellena M
Legal Analyst

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