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Easily create free song covers online to imitate the voice of your favorite musicians, singers, politicians, or anime characters. Our AI singing voice generator will quickly change your audio into lifelike singing voices for diverse creative projects.

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Change Singing Voice with AI

Are you in search of a perfect AI singer voice generator? Look no further than AI free song generator. It's an online voice-changing tool that lets you create realistic human-sounding voices to produce vocals and song covers without advanced knowledge. Whether you're a songwriter, producer, karaoke enthusiast or simply enjoy singing, has got you covered.
All it takes is uploading your audio file, and's cutting-edge AI tachnology will transform your voice into the sensational stylings of multiple AI singing celebrities and artists. Don't miss out the chance to unveil your inner superstar - just give it a try today!

How to Enable AI to Sing Your Song Online?

pick ai vocal model
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Choose An AI Voice Model.
Launch our AI vocal singer generator on any mobile or desktop browser, then choose your preferred voice model.
upload audio
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Upload Your Audio File.
Next, proceed to upload the audio file that you want to convert into an AI singing cover song. is compatible with many audio formats.
download and share new cover
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Preview & Download the AI Singing Song will automatically scan and transform your audio into an AI singing song. Now preview the generated song and download it as MP3, WAV, or FLAC.
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Standout Features of Free AI Singing Voice Generator

simple to use
Instant to Use

You don't need any learning curve to generate AI singing voices with It's a beginner-friendly program that lets you instantly generate AI vocals online on any device, including Android, Ios Windows, Mac, Chromebook, and Linux. No download needed!

Extensive AI Voice Models
Leading AI Technology is extensively trained to analyze a vast collection of human singing datasets. This allows it to learn and accurately mimic realistic vocal patterns and voice characteristics of different tones, styles, emotions, and nuances.

abundant ai singing voices
Numerous AI Singing Voices

Our artist voice generator has no shortage of AI singing voices to explore. This tool lets you sound like famous artists like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Drake, and Adele. You can also sound like popular politicians, cartoon characters, and anime.

auto vocal extractor
Auto Vocal Extraction

With this voice-changing program, you don't need to upload your voice-only acapella or remove vocals before uploading audio. Instead, upload your audio, and will automatically and seamlessly replace your voice with the singer's. It's that easy!

many song styles
Unlimited Vocal Styles/Genres

Besides allowing you to sound like famous celebrities, offers unlimited vocal styles and genres. For example, you can sound like Drake and compliment your voice with the celebrity's rap or hip-hop style.

beyond singing voice generator
More than an AI Vocal Generator is more than just an AI cover song generator because it has other helpful tools to exploit. For example, you can use the AI Music Generator to create instrumentals or melody based on your preferred mood, style, theme, and length.

Leverage AI to Be a Pro Singer/Vocalist

original song production
create funny social media contents
ai vocals for game characters
  • Level Up Your Original Song Production
    This innovative AI song generator is a game-changer for musicians and songwriters alike. Whether you're making demos with amazing vocals, seeking inspiration for songwriting, or exploring various vocal style variatioss like rap for remixing, is your go-to tool. It helps create versatile and realistic vocal tracks to bring your musical ideas to life. Dive in, let your creativity flow, and take your music journey to the next level with ease!
  • Generate Buzz with Song Covers
    Hey creators in the social media and AI world! This is the perfect time for aspiring and established artists, to shine. If you're on a platform like YouTube or TikTok, you can amp up your game by making cool AI song covers. Put your own spin on these cover songs and add them to music memes, short clips, and lyrics videos to enhance the visual experience for your audience. Get ready to wow your followers with unique singing voice you'll create.
  • Interactive Storytelling in Your Game
    Imagine your players being captivated by the heartfelt lyrics of game companions inspired by beloved artists like Taylor Swift, thanks to the realistic vocal performances generated by AI song generator. It offers you a variety of artist voice models that can fit your character's personality and style. Just input an original voice, and watch AI do its voice-changing magic in seconds. Don't miss out on this opportunity to add an extra layer of depth and authenticity to your game's world.
Frequently Asked Questions of
AI Singing Voice
  • Yes, is the best free AI music singer for mobile and desktop use. With it, you can generate AI singing voices without any subscriptions or hidden payments. Just upload your audio and start creating AI singing voices.

  • Head over to Free AI Singing Voice Generator to swap your voice with that of celebrities. You can transform your music file to sound like Drake, Adele, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift. Remember that this App keeps adding more voices daily.

  • You can make an AI sing your favorite song using an App like AI Singing Voice Generator. It's a simple-to-use app where you only need to upload your audio, and will automatically transform your voice into an AI singing voice. The AI can sound like famous artists, politicians, cartoons, and anime.

  • Yes. can use AI voice-transformation technology to mimic the lyrics of your uploaded audio without altering the message. It can copy the singing style of your favorite rapper, like Drake, and generate your own original rap songs.

  • There are several reasons why you should choose over other AI voice singing programs. Below are some of the main reasons:
    • Cross-platform compatibility on mobile phones and computers.
    • is 100% free without any hidden subscriptions.
    • Numerous AI voice categories and celebrity choices to explore.
    • It's fast and straightforward as you don't need any special training.
    • Music generated using this online tool is royalty-free.
    • Additional AI music creation tools like song generator and vocal remover.

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