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Animate your face photos online for free with expressive quality. Let our AI Face Animator breathe life into your still portrait photos within seconds. Upload your picture, and our face animation AI will do the heavy lifting.

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How to Animate Your Face Photos Online

  • Upload audio sample

    Step 1. Upload Your Audio File.

    Open Face Animator on your desktop or mobile browser, then add the audio you want to apply to the moving photo.

  • add a still photo

    Step 2. Add a Still Photo.

    Personalize the voice style with numerous templates like cartoon, anime, or celebrities, ect. Then, select a preset still photo or upload a new image from your local storage.

  • Preview and export

    Step 3. Download the AI Face Animation Video.

    Once the AI has finished animating your face photo, preview the animation, then tap Download if you are satisfied with the results. That was fun, right?

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Make Your Face Photos Come Alive with Fun

Animate Faces in Your Family Photos

Family photos are some of the most precious gifts you can have. Usually, these pictures are passed down to generations, allowing you to see what your great-grandparents looked like. With that said, you can experience your family history differently with face photo animation. AI Face Animator can help you transform your family pictures into talking photos, thanks to its sophisticated AI and machine learning technology. You only need to record your brother singing or talking and animate his still photo instantly. It's also a fun way to imagine how your ancestors smiled or blinked in the past.

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Make Still Photos Move & Talk

With's advanced facial recognition technology, you can easily convert still photos into talking avatars and make them come alive. It's simple: take any photo using your smartphone camera, give it an expressive voice, and let our AI face animator turn the still images into dynamic animations in no time. Get creative by creating AI song covers and dancing to the tune using your still selfies. You can also craft animated statues, celebrity animations, singing pets, and other animations. The options are endless!

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Bring 3D Cartoon Faces to Life

Add life to your 3D cartoon characters using AI Face Animator. You can create realistic and expressive cartoon animations with little or no skills. Then, after creating your cartoon facial expressions, incorporate them into your advertising or marketing materials to stand out from the crowd and captivate your audience. You can also use the talking 3D cartoon faces in educational content like explainer videos, online tutorials, and interactive games. And here's an exciting idea: anime your chatbots with these animated cartoon faces to enhance your company's customer service experience. This will make them more fun and engaging to interact with.

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Create Dynamic Videos for Social Media

Almost all smartphone owners are on social media nowadays. This is an excellent place to watch entertaining videos and chat with like-minded people. But if you're a content creator or influencer, the pressure to consistently create fun and engaging videos is always there. So, to stay ahead of the pack, use photo face animator to churn out videos for entertainment or marketing purposes. It can help increase your influence on platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, Twitter Stories, and Snapchat.

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Why is AI Face Animator
simple to use
Free & Breeze to Use

Generating a talking still photo with Face Animator is free and straightforward. Upload your song or speech and choose a portrait photo to create a talking avatar. And yes, it's compatible with mobile and desktop platforms.

Lip Sync Animations
Lip Sync Animations can help you make still photo characters express themselves convincingly by synchronizing mouth movements with the voiceover. This way, you can effectively break the illusion of life and deliver the story's emotional impact.

realistic facial motion
Realistic Face Movement

Our AI face animator online free uses the most advanced technology to deliver accurate and realistic facial expressions. It accurately infuses facial movements like eye contact, lip movements, winking, and more.

Facial Privacy Protection
100% Privacy Guaranteed Face Animator guarantees you 100% privacy of your animated photos. This powerful photo face animator is protected using SSL encryption, and all animated photos are deleted hours after creation.

Frequently Asked Questions of
AI Face Animator Online
  • Yes, there are numerous AI face animators online free to use on your mobile phone and desktop. An example is AI Photo Animator, which allows you to animate still photos for free without any subscriptions. Just upload your audio and still photo, then download the generated AI-animated photo for free.

  • You can easily add motion to still image using Face Animator. It's an online tool that doesn't require special skills to create an animated photo. Follow these quick steps:
    • Launch AI Face Animator, then upload your recorded audio.
    • Next, choose a still photo that you want to animate.
    • Now download the AI face animation video and enjoy.

  • You can take a selfie, lip sync it, and add dancing motion using AI Face Animator. It comes with many still-face animations, including Justin Bieber, Adele, Drake, Taylor Swift, and more. Upload a photo, pick a song, and let animate the face image.

  • Enhancing the quality of your face photos can make them look even more attractive and engaging after adding the talking animation. Our 1-Tap Photo Enhancer gives your still images a professional look by increasing the resolution, sharpening, performing color correction, and more. It's an AI-powered tool extensively trained to study vast facial datasets and remove wrinkles, black spots, graininess, and more.

Happy Users from Our AI Picture Animator

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I've been using this tool for several days and think it's a wonderful addition to my image editing collection. So far, I've done 50+ pictures that I took using my smartphone and love the output. The mouth movements and voice narrations are perfectly synced to convey the message.

University Student
star star star star star

This face animator is absolutely fun to use. It gives me numerous still-face options to work with, and the sound output doesn't sound robotic like other apps I've used before. I also love the fact that I can upload any audio length.

Creative Designer
star star star star star

This AI face animator works just as advertised by the developer. It's a relatively simple program, as I only needed to upload my audio and still photo to add a talking effect. I see massive potential in this free tool!

Hellena M
Legal Analyst

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