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Add a logo or a watermark overlay to your video to make it consistent with your brand image. With, you can create a brand identity and watermark videos with a logo for free.

Easily Add Logo to Your Videos Online

Adding a logo to your video makes it look more professional. Including a logo in your video improves the authority and relevancy of your brand. In addition, it would make your videos stand out and make your audience identify with your video content quickly.

You can add a logo or watermark to your movie with our simple tool before uploading it. This vital function can be helpful with just a few mouse clicks. Import your logo image, position it on the video as desired, and you're ready to go. You can edit your logo's size, transparency, and position in until it matches the video design.

How to Add Logos to Your Video Online with online video editor is one of the best online solutions to add a logo to a video without any effort. It provides several ways to add logos to a video. Talk of professionalism, ease of use, and perfect touch, then you are in the right place. You could create your brand identity and ensure that your videos have your brand's personal touch and can easily connect with your audience.

  • upload

    Step 1: Upload your video file

    Open online video editor, click Upload to load a video. You can also drag-and-drop the footage or paste the YouTube URL link as an alternative to importing the video clip.
    Place the video in the timeline panel below.

  • add logo to video icon

    Step 2. Add text logo or image logo to the video

    Click the Text menu to add a regular text or fill text as the logo. Alternatively, you can upload a PNG logo image and place it on the track above the video.
    Drag the edge of the text logo or image to adjust its duration. You can also change the size, transparency, and location of the logo.

  • download

    Step 3. Save your video with the logo

    If satisfied, click the Export button, and online video editor will ask you to choose the resolution from 480p, 720p, and 1080p.
    Select one based on your needs and download the video to a local file or share it on Google Drive or Dropbox.

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Why Choose to Add Logos to Your Video?

handy tool online

Easy to use

The online video editor has an intuitive interface that makes adding logos to a video is super easy. You can drag the text logo or image logo anywhere in the video without hesitation.

ai vocals extractor

Add logos for free

There are no service fees when creating your videos using our free video editor. You can add your logo to watermark the video, and we will not leave our watermark on the exported video.

quality result

Customizable text logo online video editor provides regular text and fill text preset to add a text logo quickly. You can customize the font types, sizes, colors, layout, or make it stand out by using fade effects.

secure acapella maker

Add music to videos

Bring your video clips to life by uploading an audio file from your local storage. You can clip, split, and copy the audio track to make it seem more professional. Also, you can apply fade effects by clicking on the Fade button.

available for any device

Support for different social media video creation

Besides creating regular 16:9 aspect ratio landscape videos for YouTube, you can also create videos in 9:16, 5:4, 4:5, 2:3, and 1:1 aspect ratios for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter quickly, since online video editor provides different aspect ratio presets.

various formats support

Powerful all-in-one video toolkit comes with couple of tools to help you improve your videos for social sharing. Besides adding logo to video in the online video editor, you can also use its tools to compress, convert, resize, and crop the multimedia files for free.

FAQs About Adding Logos to Video

  • ?

    How to add logos to my video for free?


    You can add a logo to your video using our free online video editor. Just place the PNG logo with transparent image background or the text logo above the video track, adjust its location, size, transparency, etc. The video is yours, and we won’t leave our brand logo on your video.

  • Adding a logo has lots of benefits. Wherever your videos reach, your brand will get represented. It gives your videos a professional look, promotes your brand identity, and increases your visibility.

  • Yes! It’s recommended to add logos to your YouTube videos or other recorded footage. Adding a logo to your YouTube video can avoid copyright infringements in some way.

  • Yes, you can add text logo to video using The Text tool allows you to add a text logo to video quickly. You can even adjust the size, position, layout of the text logo to fit your needs.

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Carlos Galindo
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Now we can save money and time trying to add a professional touch to our videos. We can now make out videos stand out by ensuring that our logo stands boldly on all our videos. is a highly beneficial tool that has dramatically impacted my business's online presence.

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