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Watermark your video to give it a recognizable, consistent look. Easily add logos, texts, PNG watermarks to a video in seconds.

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Add Watermark to Video

A video watermark is an overlay that includes a logo, text, or a copyright statement that is integrated into the video itself. Branding identity and content protection is the primary goal of this feature. Subtle branding may be achieved in internet videos by adding watermark. For security and brand identification, it is positioned in the top or bottom right corner of the frame. Although opaque watermarks are still used, transparent ones are favored since they prevent video interference. The date, brand logo, website URL, and so on can all be used as watermarks.
You can use online video editor to aadd watermarks to your videos and since it safeguards and recognizes the copyright of the video material. The videos with watermarks make it difficult to copy the content, and it's easy to tell who created them.

How to Add Watermark to Video Online?

Adding watermarks to your video is a simple one with the help of free online watermarking tool. Follow the mentioned steps to add watermarks to your video.

  • upload

    Step 1: Upload a video

    Click on the Upload menu to import the video from local file or click the From URL option to paste the YouTube video link.
    Drag and drop the imported video to the timeline panel below.

  • add watermark

    Step 2: Add watermark

    Click the Text menu to add a text watermark, or you can click on Upload option again to import transparent PNG or JPG image and apply it to your video as a watermark.
    Adjust the size, duration, transparency, positioning, etc. of the watermark.

  • download

    Step 3: Download the final video

    You can simply click on the Export option located on the top right, name the video and choose the resolution to save the final video with watermark. Easy-peasy!

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Why Choose Free Online Watermark Editor?


Intuitive Interface & easy to use is accessible to users of all skill levels and there's no need to master video editing abilities or download a program when you use our free online video editor.

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Create a customized watermark

You can add fully customizable text watermarks or upload your own graphics and logos to watermark the video. Change the location, size, transparency, and other aspects of the watermark per your need.


Run on any OS platform

You can produce a watermarked video straight in your browser without downloading and installing any application or extension, on your Windows, Mac, Linux or even Chromebook devices.


Supports all major video & image formats online video editor is compatible with popular image and video formats, including PNG, JPG, YouTube, MP4, MOV, MKV, WMV, AVI, 3GP, and so forth.

no watermark

No unnecessary extra watermarks

Your video will not be cluttered with any of our logos or branding. Your video would be completely original, just as you created.


Processing in a safe environment provides a safe and secure video editing platform without annoying ads, and your information is safeguarded by industry-standard security procedures.

Why Watermark a Video?

Protect Your Video Against Content Theft

People can save your work with a simple click and after then, it's completely up to them what they do with it. People that devote time and money in creating original material risk losing income and commercial possibilities if they don't have sufficient security in place. Theft of digital content can be discouraged or prevented altogether with the use of watermarks.

Secure Your Content Against Potential Illegal Use

Sometimes you can record a shaky facecam video on your smartphone or tablet. Or, you can capture a webcam video on your PC with some blurry or shaky moments. The best way to cope with the issue is to trim, split, and delete the unwanted video scenes, like some silent or noisy video scenes.

Shield Your Content Against Piracy

Content piracy is a big issue for many content providers and video makers. Developing videos and content that provide customers with entertainment or instructive resources is made more challenging because of this. Video content may be protected from unlawful duplication with the use of video watermarks.

Using Video Watermarks as A Marketing Tool

You can make your videos and use them to do your marketing with the help of watermarks. In addition, watermarking may be used to further promote your brand and remain competitive in the marketplace after you've made the video. It will seem more professional and make it easier for people watching your video to discover you, contact you, and do business with you if you have a video content logo.

protect content
secure content
shield privacy
use watermark to market

Bonus Tips for Adding Watermark to Video

Tip 1. Pay attention to the position of the watermark

Make sure that your watermark does not interfere with the video. For example, ensure that your watermark does not conceal vital parts of the video, such as people's faces, marketed items, and other significant visual information, while determining the best location for it on the screen.

Tip 2. Avoid using too many watermarks in a single video

Overloading your video with too many watermarks can make your video content appear cluttered, which you do not want. After all, who likes a messy video? Two watermarks are generally sufficient to draw attention to your brand while also displaying important information.

Tip 3. Take advantage of your watermark to provide helpful information

You can use your watermark logo as a video watermark to identify you. Furthermore, you can also utilize the watermark function for various additional purposes, like displaying your contact information throughout the video, notifying viewers of a special deal, and promoting your social network profiles.

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FAQs Regarding Watermarking Video

  • A video watermark is basically some branding elements added to a video. Usually, it's placed at the top or bottom-right corner of the video frame to prevent video theft and enhance brand recognition. A watermark can be anything you want to add, including the date, brand logo, website URL, and so on.

  • To add images to videos professionally, you need a watermark logo maker like online video editor. Its drag-n-drop UI is simple to navigate and supports almost all video formats. Remember, you can only add PNG and JPG logos.
    Step 1. Launch online video editor and then tap Upload media to load a video and the image that you'll use as the logo.
    Step 2. Place the watermark image above the video track in the timeline.
    Step 3. Now customize your logo settings like the size, positioning, and opacity before tapping Add Watermark to save the logo.

  • If you ask Google about "the best watermark app", you'll probably get hundreds of suggestions. But as good as it sounds, finding a watermark editor that ticks all boxes can be a challenge. A good watermark editor should have simplicity, cross-platform compatibility, and broad format support. That's why I recommend online watermark editor. It's free, easy to use, and boasts all features you may need from a watermark adder.

  • There are two ways on how to make a watermark for your videos. First, you can opt for the basic option of inserting text and image watermarks into your video. In this case, an online program like There are two ways on how to make a watermark for your videos. First, you can opt for the basic option of inserting text and image watermarks into your video. In this case, an online program like Watermark Adder will come in handy. With it, you can design and add watermarks to video formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, MTS, VOB, etc.

    Another way to watermark your video is by adding a signature. Wonder how? Start by drawing your signature on plain white paper and then scan it to your PC. Then, use an online image converter to convert the scanned image into PNG/JPG and make the background transparent. After doing enough customization, use online watermark adder to add the signature into your video.

  • Unfortunately (or fortunately), YouTube creators can't just add watermarks anyhow. That's because the platform has guidelines regarding the size allowed. That said, the maximum watermark size you can add to a YouTube video is 150x150 pixels. Also, if you're adding an image, it should be of the PNG format, transparent, square (1:1 aspect ratio), and no more than 100MB.

  • YouTube allows video creators to add watermarks to their uploaded videos directly. Although this process is a bit complicated, it's relatively easy once you get the hang of it.
    Here are the steps:
    Step 1. Sign in on YouTube and tap your profile icon at the top-right corner.
    Step 2. Click Settings and then tap "View additional features".
    Step 3. Now click Branding on the left pane and then choose Add watermark. You can now select an image watermark from your local storage and save it.
    Pro tip: Instead of going round in circles with YouTube's inbuilt watermark adder, why not just use online video editor to add watermark? Here, just click the YouTube icon and paste the video's URL link to upload it. Then, proceed to add and customize your watermark. It's easier!

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