Instrumental Maker

Make Instrumental version from any popular song online in a few taps. It will accurately remove unwanted human voice.

Create Instrumentals Online

Do you want to extract instrumentals like bass, piano, guitar, and keyboard from a song? Use Vocal Remover. This instrumental maker is simple, fast, and the output quality is 100% crisp clear. With it, you can create instrumentals from video and audio formats like MP3, M4A, OGG, MP4, VOB, MTS, AVI, MKV, among others. The instrumental music maker uses advanced machine learning to auto-separate instrumentals from vocals. In other words, you'll just upload a media file and wait for the AI system to do the rest. Upload a file and try!

How to Make a Song Instrumental Online?

  • upload

    Step 1. Upload a Music File.

    Click on Choose Files to load a music file or simply drag and drop it on the UI. You can also tap the YouTube symbol to load a YouTube URL link or upload it from Google Drive and Dropbox.

  • extract

    Step 2. Wait for Your Instrumental File. Vocal Remover will analyze your video or audio file and auto-separate vocals from instrumentals. However, the separation speed depends on the file size.

  • download

    Step 3. Download the Instrumentals.

    Play the Instrumentals to preview it. Then tap the Download button to save it. That's all!

upload audio or video file
remove vocals from your file
download the instrumentals version

Why Choose Instrumental Maker?

handy tool online

Simple Online Tool is the exact opposite of Audacity vocal remover. That's because this vocal remover software boasts a straightforward UI that doesn't need any prior audio editing skills to use. No download required!

ai vocals cleaner

Automatic Track Separation Vocal Remover uses intelligent machine learning technology to auto-separate vocals from instrumentals. Just say, it uses AI to detect vocals and instrumentals before separating them automatically. This saves you much time and energy.

any instrumentals support

Create Any Instrumental Music

This vocal remover for karaoke can separate any type of instrumental from a music file. It can extract bass, keyboard, piano, guitar, synths, etc.

various formats support

Multiple Audio/Video Formats

This instrumental music maker supports 1,000+ file formats. It can generate instrumentals from MP3, OGG, AU, FLAC, FLV, MTS, MP4, MOV, 3GP, etc.

high quality result

High-Quality Result Vocal Remover doesn't compromise the overall quality of your instrumentals. Instead, it completely erases vocals from instrumentals, leaving you with a crisp, clear file. No echoes at all!

various formats support

Free Karaoke Maker Vocal Remover is 100% free to use. It can be used as an excellent karaoke maker. You just need to upload a music file on this instrumental music creator and get going. No registration or signup required!

You don't need further convincing to know that Vocal Remover is the best instrumental maker for beginners. It offers excellent cross-platform compatibility on mobile or PC and works with any music file you upload on it. In addition to this, Vocal Remover makes it a cakewalk to remove instrumentals from music, thanks to advanced AI technology. Time to give it a try!

FAQs Concerning Instrumental Maker

  • You can easily remove vocals and instrumentals from a song using Vocal Remover. Here is how:
    Step 1. Open Vocal Remover and then drag and drop your music file on the program. Or, tap Choose Files to load media.
    Step 2. Vocal Remover will automatically analyze your uploaded file and separate vocals from instrumentals.
    Step 3. Play the Instrumentals or Vocals track to preview it and tap Download to save it on your device.

  • With, you can make a unique instrumental ringtone for your iPhone or Android phone. To do that, simply load a music file on the Vocal Remover tool and download the instrumentals file. Then, upload the downloaded instrumental file (s) on the Audio Cutter tool to trim, merge, and convert audio to M4R (iPhone ringtone) or MP3 (Android ringtone). Remember that iPhone ringtone playback duration cannot exceed 40 seconds.

  • Apart from using to generate instrumentals from music, you can also directly download instrumentals files online from some websites that allow you to access thousands of viral royalty-free instrumentals and vocal sounds, like,,, etc.
    However, most websites are not free. There is a price to pay, so, the most cost-effective option to access instrumentals you like could be online instrumental maker. It doesn't cost you a penny to use.

  • Yes, use Vocal Remover to convert YouTube links to MP3 on any web browser. Apply these steps:
    Step 1. Open Vocal Remover and then tap the YouTube icon to paste the YouTube video's URL link.
    Step 2. Click Add to process the URL link. will automatically do that for you.
    Step 3. Finally, download the instrumental track to your device and enjoy.

Jolie the Don
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Ever since I discovered this vocal remover for karaoke, I simply can't live without it. It helps me create remixes of my favorite tracks without bursting my brain out. Recommended!
Lloyd Divan
review review review review review
This is the only instrumental maker that does what it says. Forget those overrated mobile apps; this website delivers clear instrumentals without a single echo.
Brown Bear
review review review review review
This website helps me unlock my music creativity and inspiration. It's definitely recommended for any upcoming artist.
Jedi Harrison
review review review review
If you want to enjoy some creative freedom, here's the best app for you. It works just as advertised, and the output is of high quality. Kudos!
Incan Shah
review review review review review
I've tried practically all mobile apps to create vocals and instrumentals. But even paid ones can't win this online instrumental maker. I just wish it could independently separate bass, piano, guitar, and other instrumentals. Other than that, I love it!
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