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Easily create multiple viral TikTok clips from a long video with a single click. This best AI TikTok video editor supports AI transcription in 100+ languages, with no editing skills required. Plus, multiple AI tools that we offer ensure more than one solution for generating trendy TikTok videos.

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Make Viral TikTok Clips Online Faster & Easier

Are you still spending a lot of time and effort shooting and editing TikTok videos?'s AI tiktok maker can automatically extract highlights from your existing long video footage and cut it into multiple short video clips, while also adapting them to TikTok's video format and automatically transcribing and adding subtitles for you. With just one click upload, you can save time and energy. We also offer more solutions for those who want to edit autonomously. Keep reading to learn more!

The Best TikTok Maker You Will Ever Need

One-click to Generate 10+ Viral Clips

Simply upload your long videos and leave the tedious and time-consuming video editing process to AI, automatically cropping and making 10+ highlight clips from your videos with just a single click. This AI TikTok maker caters to both beginners with minimal editing experience and expert video masters. Here, everyone can utilize our product to efficiently generate multiple TikTok clips.

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Auto Transcribe 100+ Languages to Text

Our advanced algorithms allow for automatic voice recognition and transcription while generating TikTok clips, seamlessly presenting subtitles in your videos, supporting 100+ languages. Think about this: a tool that integrates both AI Speech-to-Text and AI Subtitle Generator functionalities, doesn't it bring you the utmost convenience? So, what are you waiting for? Click and try now!

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Customizable Video Content and Duration

While AI takes the lead in generating TikTok videos, you still have ample room for customization. You can set the desired length range for the videos to be generated. After the video generation process, AI automatically extracts the transcribed text from the video and summarizes it, providing a clear overview of the central themes for each video segment.

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Share Smoothly on Popular Social Media Channels

Once the generated video is confirmed, users can simply click the "Share" button below to share the video to multiple mainstream social platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube Shorts, and Snapchat. This way, we cover the entire video distribution process from making TikTok video clips to uploading them to social media.

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More than One Solution for AI Making TikTok Videostiktok ai video generator

In addition to using our AI clip maker to convert long video to short video, integrates a variety of AI tools to provide more than one solution for users with various needs. You can also use our AI script generator to intelligently generate video scripts with your text prompts, then create TikTok videos using the rich templates provided by our built-in video editor. Moreover, you can further edit with our rich editing features, and add voiceovers using the AI text-to-speech feature before exporting.

Generate AI Script: Input your prompts to define the video's theme and content with AI script generator, swiftly generate video scripts with AI, unlocking new realms of creativity beyond your confines.

Edit with Rich Templates: Select a prreferred template to start editing with online video editor, and then enrich your videos with a variety of editing features such as filters, video effects, transitions, animations, and text overlays using our online video editor, making your visuals more dynamic and captivating.

Add AI Voiceover: If you need to add voiceover to your video, try our AI TTS tool. Just input text, and AI automatically recognizes and generates video voiceover for you.

How to Make a TikTok Video with AI

Upload Your Long Video.

Click the Upload button to upload your video. Please note: the longer the video duration, the more clips we can crop. We support various video formats, including mp4, mov, webm, avi, mkv, and flv.

Auto Make TikTok Clips with AI.

AI automatically transcribes and analyzes highlighted content from your uploaded files, then performs video cropping based on the text. Sit tight for a brief moment as the fantastic clips are being generated.

Preview, Export & Share.

Once all TikTok video clips are generated, you can select the satisfactory results and click Export button to download them, or simply share them directly to the TikTok platform with just one click. The entire process is simple and convenient, right? This is the power of AI!

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The Free AI TikTok Editor for All Content Creators

user case: expand your brand reach

Expand Your Brand Reach

According to the latest statistics from 2024, TikTok is currently one of the most popular social media platforms globally, with over 1.7 billion users. Advertising on such a platform with a massive user base provides an excellent exposure channel for both B2B and B2C products. Compared to other social media platforms, it can effectively enhance brand influence. By using our AI TikTok video generator, you can greatly save on video production costs and time, increasing the chances of brand exposure and influence enhancement.

user case: boost user and sale growth

Boost User and Sale Growth

TikTok boasts not only a vast user base but also high engagement levels. According to statistics from 2023, TikTok has a high average engagement rate of 8% for brands, surpassing Facebook (0.09%) and Instagram (1.6%) by several folds, it's evident that user involvement on TikTok is significantly higher than on other platforms. By leveraging our tool to generate TikTok clips, you can swiftly distribute content, broaden the reach of various video categories, thereby increasing product adoption and driving sales growth.

user case: stay ahead of user needs

Stay Ahead of User Needs

TikTok's user base spans across all age groups, but it's predominantly composed of young people. Data from 2023 indicates that users aged 18 to 24 account for 38.5% of TikTok's advertising audience, while those aged 25 to 34 make up 32.5%. Engaging more with this younger demographic on the platform ensures that we stay ahead of user demands and stay abreast of the latest market trends.More generated TikTok video content also ensures more opportunities to engage with younger users.

Frequently Asked Questions about AI TikTok Editor
  • Yes. You can make TikTok videos with AI TikTok maker. Here are two methods for you:
    1). Upload a long video of yours and let AI make TikTok clips with ready-made subtitles, voiceover and highlighted content for you.
    2). Generate video script with AI, and start creating a new TikTok video by using rich templates via online video editor; add voiceover and more engaging elements.

  • AI TikTok video generator can help make TikTok video clips fast and easily with a single click.

  • Yes. This handy online tool allows you to create TikTok videos across multiple platforms with any browsers.

  • There are two solutions for creating viral TikTok videos:
    1). Upload a long video of yours and let AI make TikTok clips with complete subtitles, voiceover and highlighted content for you.
    2). Generate video script with AI, and start creating a new TikTok video by using rich templates via online video editor; add voiceover and more engaging elements.

  • Method 1: Use Slideshow maker. Just upload your pictures and music, and select the ratio fit for TikTok.
    Method 2: Upload a long photo video of yours and let AI automatically make the TikTok clips.
    Method 3: Use online video editor to make a TikTok video with pictures and music.

user review really provides me with a comprehensive solution! I can easily split my long video footage into multiple TikTok short videos with just one click, or I can generate an AI script from scratch and then edit videos using a variety of templates. user review

—— Sasha Cox

user review This tool is truly convenient, and I highly recommend it to everyone, especially for someone like me who often enjoys capturing life's moments on the go. It's incredibly practical. user review

—— Peter Max

user review This tool greatly saves me time and effort as my job often requires me to edit classic scenes from long videos and upload them to the TikTok platform. user review

—— Charlie Brown

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