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Change or add white background to image is a matter of seconds with AI photo editor. It lets you remove, replace a image background without expensive software or skills required. FREE!

whiten image backgroung online

Make a White Background Online

It's possible to change images background to white quickly and easily. does the job for you!
Sometimes you may want to make a color picture monochrome to focus on the main subject and remove unwanted distractions in the background.
This is true if you want to create a professional-looking PFP for your LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, or other social media accounts. AI Background Remover & Changer is designed to create white or transparent image backgrounds. It's a bit similar to the popular Photoshop or GIMP tool called "Magic Wand", but it works much faster because it deploys the latest AI algorithm. Just upload your picture file, and will automatically separate the main subject from the background. Interestingly, this AI-powered tool allows you to replace the image background with a color, royalty-free image templates, or a local picture.
And plus, you can crop the image and add a shadow effect. Upload a photo and try!

How to Whiten Image Background in 1 Click?

  • upload

    Step 1. Upload Your Photo.

    Tap Upload Image Now button to load the image that you want to whiten background.

  • change

    Step 2. Add White BG to the Photo. will auto-identify the main object in your photo and separate it from the background. After that, click on Edit icon to choose and apply White color.

  • download

    Step 3. Download Result Image.

    Optionally, to make your photo stand out, crop and add a three-dimensional shadow effect. When completed, click Download.

upload image online
remove/add/change/whiten image background
export the edited photo

Why Give Your Photo a Fresh Start with Background Whitener?

whiten iamge app

Online Photo Editor

With, you can easily whiten image background or change background to black (i.e. transparent BG) to do much things, like using your own photos to create unique collages The cloud-based service works well on any devices. Compatible with Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows browsers.

AI background remover

Auto Background Changer's smart background removal technology makes it fast yet accurately alter your image background to other any colors without destorying detail from the main element. No any skills in photograpny or designing required! Just upload a photo and pick white color it has already made for you.

Level Up the White Background

Level Up Your White Background

This auto background changer does more than just whiten the image background. You can replace the image background with a color or a picture template, add a cool shadow, and crop the image to make it truly flawless. All in a matter of seconds without any manual effort!


100% Safe and Secure is absolutely safe program to modify your image background on the fly. It auto-deletes all your edited images after an hour. This way, no one can access your uploaded or processed files.

intuitive to use

User-Friendly Interface makes photo editing editing easy, intuitive and effective. You don't need advanced image editing skills to use Background Changer. Just load your picture file, and the powerful AI will do the heavy lifting.

Output High-Quality Photo

Output High-Quality Photo processes photos with lossless quality. You can download the recolored pictures in SD or HD quality.

Why You Need a White Background Picture?

Create a Passport Photo.

You probably know the strict requirements of an acceptable passport photo. If you don't, let me remind you of one of them; the background should be light blue, white, or gray. Also, you can't mix colors or add shadow effects. So, keep a photo background clean.

Create a Passport Photo

Make cool social media PFP.

To a great extend, your social media profile picture can determine the number of followers or likes you get. And let's be honest, most of us don't know how to choose the perfect background setting when taking photos. Whether you've taken your picture in the kitchen or on a crowded street, you can freely use a simple image optimizer, like, to erase the unwanted background and replace it with something catchy.  

Make cool social media PFP

Upload or Share Your Signature.

In this internet era where documents are signed online, you may desire to share a photo of your signature to authenticate a document or product. Now imagine sharing a signature with a background full of flowers and other distractions. The recipient will barely see your signature. Therefore, an intelligent way is to make the picture background white, which clearly display your signature.

make signature of white BG

Highlight Your Product.

Marketers know the advantages of a photo background whitener quite well. If you make a white background on your photo, it will highlight your product and give it the much-needed attention on billboards or social media pages. In other words, you can showcase your product without any background distractions.  

Highlight Your Product

Meet Image Requirements
for eCommerce Platforms.

Did you know that you can only upload pure white or transparent pictures on Amazon and eBay? Also, Google Shopping Campaigns only accept photos with white or gray backgrounds. So, if you're an online marketer who's always doing photo editing, making the background of your photos transparent is a good idea for future editing.

Meet Image Requirements

FAQs of Making Photo Background White

  • Yes! The free Background Changer is a fast tool you can resort to editing photos and change the image background in new solid color in a matter of few mouse clicks.
    Adobe Photoshop is indeed the most popular photo editing software. In fact, some people simply call edited photos "Photoshop". But despite of its evident abilities, this program can be intimidating to beginners. Also, the $20.99/month subscription can be way out of touch for many casual photo editors. It would be a wise choice to apply an instant online service.

  • Editing an image online for free is super simple with Photo Background Modifier. After erasing the background of your photo, lets you customize it with plain colors, royalty-free image templates, or your own local images. That's not all. You can crop your photo and add various shadow effects.

  • If you want to remove the white or transparent background from a PNG photo, follow these steps:
    Step 1. Launch and then tap Choose Files to browse and upload your PNG photo.
    Step 2. will auto process your PNG photo in just seconds.
    Step 3. You can hit on Edit icon to fine-tune the result. Once satisfied, tap Download at the top-right corner to save your photo in HD or SD quality. And there is that!

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This is the perfect online photo for making the background transparent and cutting photos. It accurately so that and even allows me to replace it with a new photo. It's excellent!

Sajna K
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I love the way using this background whitener is self-explanatory. It just took me seconds to create my new Facebook profile picture. I'm subscribing!

Daniel Myers
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I've used this program to create my 4th wedding anniversary slideshow, and I love it. I could quickly whiten the background of my photo before replacing it with something more captivating. And the Slideshow Maker is good too.

Carl Jenkins
star star star star star is, without a doubt, the perfect photo editor for any beginner. Although it's not as sophisticated as Photoshop, it certainly beats most desktop photo editors out there. Highly recommended!

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I've tried multiple photo editor background apps, but I'm often disappointed with the results. But this online tool saved me that pain. Fast and efficient.

Charlotte M
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