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Free Video Text Editor

There are 1,001 reasons to add text to video. For example, you can add text to a video and use it as a meme caption or watermark. Another reason to add a video text overlay is to use it as a subtitle. So, whatever the reasons, use Online Video Text Adder to apply text over a video. It's a simple online tool that runs smoothly on iPhone, Android, Mac, or Windows browsers. While adding text to a video, you can add a filled or transparent text before customizing the font type, size, color, positioning, etc. You can even trim the video to apply the text overlay on specific scenes and add text fade effects.

How to Add Text to a Video?

  • upload

    Step 1. Upload Your Video File.

    Open Editor and then click Upload to open a local video file on the program. Or, click the From URL button and add a YouTube video link.

  • resize

    Step 2. Add Text to Video.

    After uploading a video successfully, click the Text button on the left pane and choose the text mode as Regular Text or Fill Text. Whichever the case, find the lasso tool on the preview window and enter the captioning before resizing and repositioning. You can also customize the font type, color, size, and so on.
    Meanwhile, you can apply a caption to a specific video area. To do that, place the playhead on the scene you want to cut and tap Split. Then, resize the captioning track to fit with the new clip.

  • download

    Step 3. Export the New Texted Video.

    Play the texted video to preview it and then hit Export. Now choose the resolution and click Continue. Online Video to Text Adder will process your video and prepare the download file. Enjoy!

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Why Choose Online Video to Text Adder?

resize numerous photos at once

Online Video Text Editor

It is the most straightforward add text to video online converter. Just upload a video, choose the text type, and caption your video.

support various image formats

Static/Animated Text

With this text generator, you can add the traditional static texts to videos. It also allows you to create dynamic captions and watermarks by adding fade effects.

clean interface

Various Text Parameters

After adding texts to a video, allows you to customize it with rich elements. For example, you can change the styling, color, opacity, positioning, and more.

quality output

Intuitive Interface brings with its user-friendly interface that makes text editing pretty smooth. Easy to navigate. You don't need to download complicated video editing softwares!

custom photo size

Designed for Social Media

This online text editor support a multitude of video conversions, like MP4, MOV, MTS, 3GP, MKV, VOB, and more. Post your videos with texts on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram to engage your viewers.

secure guaranteed

No Ads & Watermarks isn't your ordinary video editor. It lets you export captioned videos without those obtrusive company logos. Also, the UI is devoid of pesky adverts.

Why Add Text to Video Online with No Watermark?

attract more likes on sped-up video
highlight details
make funny video effects
disaplay perfessionalism

Grab More Eyeballs by Overlaying Text on Video

According to a recent study, 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. So, if you’re a digital marketer, this is a point worth noting. Therefore, don’t only share mute videos. Instead, you can add texts to videos to guide users as they enjoy the content. Just think of it as another form of caption or subtitle. If you like downloading video templates on platforms like Crello and InVideo, you’ll realize that most of these videos are captioned. The thing is that a well-crafted video text makes it almost impossible to scroll past the video. So, for example, you can add vibrant texts to the intro part of the video to show viewers what to expect.

Highlight Key Points by Text Adder

Have you noticed the way long how-to tutorials are presented on YouTube or Vimeo? Typically, video creators would add text to specific sections to highlight something. This is also common if the creator wants to introduce a step or a point and then explain it in detail. So, in short, you can use video captions as titles and subtitles of a tutorial.

Create Brand Identity

Branding your videos is vital in this era with lots of copyright issues. So, to prevent someone from illegally downloading and sharing your well-thought-out video, add a video caption as a watermark using You can even add dynamic texts using the fade effects feature. However, I recommend using Watermark Adder for more professional outputs.

Customize Duration of Text on TikTok

If you’re an avid TikToker, you already know that the platform only supports 15-second clips that can be merged up to 3 minutes. So, to show your viewers that they are transitioning into a new scene, you can add dynamic texts. It's simple, actually. Add the caption between video clips on the timeline and apply the fade-in or fade-out effects.

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FAQs About Adding Text to Video Online

  • There are lots of programs to add texts to videos. But few are as intuitive as Editor App. Just launch it, upload your video, and choose a text mode. Then, enter the text on the lasso function and export the video. Remember to trim the clips and reduce the text playback duration.

  • You can easily add text to TikTok videos at varying durations. You can add texts directly on the TikTok app or use third-party software like That's because allows you to add moving texts and boasts more text customization options. Here's how to do it:

    On TikTok:
    Step 1. Open TikTok and clip "+" to upload or record a video.
    Step 2. After capturing enough content, click the Text button and enter your text. Then, of course, you can customize the text further.
    Step 3. Finally, click Done to save the video.
    Step 1. Launch Editor App and then upload your video.
    Step 2. Drag and drop the video on the multi-track timeline and click Text on the left pane.
    Step 3. Choose the text type and enter the actual text on the preview screen. Also, you can drag and reposition the text track on the timeline. Now click Text again and repeat the procedure to add another text track.
    Step 4. Now preview the video and tap Export. Lastly, choose a video resolution and process it.

  • You can add dynamic texts to videos quickly and easily using Add Text to Video. Follow the TikTok steps above and apply fade effects to your text track on the timeline. For example, you can add a fade-in effect at the start of the captioned video and fade out at the end of the playback.

  • To add text to video quickly, use It has a simple user interface with clearly marked buttons and features. Another thing, the captioned video doesn't have any unwanted watermarks.

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Antony Suarez
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Every time I try to add text to videos on my iPhone, this fantastic website quickly does that. It’s easy to use and free. Excellent!

Ray Jackson
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An amazing video editor, to say the least. Adding texts to videos is self-explanatory, and the rendering process is fast. And it has a wealth of other video editing tools.

Dinesh Kaur
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This video editing app is a must-try, to be honest. I use it to edit videos on my mobile or PC with amazing quality. The video text editor is also intuitive and feature-rich.

Abubakar Ayan
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I've had a great experience with this program so far. I can easily add text to video on iPhone before sharing it on Facebook and TikTok. It saves me lots of time.

Walter Steve
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A friendly online application by all means. The editor app is simple and not jammed up with confusing buttons and features. Very straightforward!

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